Best Websites in Meghalaya

Brief Intro - Meghalaya is a state in the north-east India. The name means "the abode of clouds" in Sanskrit. About one-third of the state is forested. The Meghalaya subtropical forests ecoregion encompasses the state; its mountain forests are distinct from the lowland tropical forests to the north and south. The forests are notable for their biodiversity of mammals, birds, and plants. It was previously part of Assam, but on 21 January 1972, the districts of Khasi, Garo and Jaintia hills became the new state of Meghalaya.

The list below includes top and best websites from Meghalaya State, ranking starting from 1 to 10 in sequential order. Every week and month ranks keep on changing and we constantly keep on updating our top 10 list. Keep visiting our site once a week or month to see any changes.

  1. Official Website of the Chief Electoral Officer - - Information on elections, electoral rolls, forms, voting procedures and schedules, news and events.
  2. Meghalaya State Government - - Official website. Details of administration, political leaders, and local links.
  3. Jaintia Hills District - - Includes information, on history, people, tourism, wildlife, industry, agriculture, and statistics, as well as maps.
  4. Meghalaya Agricultural Marketing Portal - - Information for farmers and growers; includes market reports and prices, price trends.
  5. Cultural Pursuits - - Offers travel agency and tour operator services.
  6. East Garo Hills District - - Includes local information on history, people, tourism, wildlife, industry, agriculture, and statistics, as well as the administration.
  7. East Khasi Hills - - Information on the district and its administration.
  8. Ri Bhoi District - - District administration website, includes information on location, people, and statistics.
  9. RNB Group of Industries - - Makers of cement, lime and related products for the construction industry.
  10. Soil and Water Conservation Department - - Information aiding conservation of these resources, and information about government policies.

You must have noticed that above list includes Government departments Sites. They are providing the most useful information to common public, e.g. a place to download Tax forms or showing you the latest vacancies in your state. There is no doubt that lots of visitors follow facebook for good time-pass and also somewhere follows officials sites to get state updates or any indispensable information.

Best Websites in Meghalaya

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