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Welcome to the India's leading Pincode directory. You can enter any proper Pincode above and find the approved matching city name. We have sorted largest Pincode record of total 1,45,000 cities, small towns and villages of India. Here, we have smartly formulated results that user always wants. For example, if you require finding pincode of 'Rampur' city and there are more than one city result (let's say 8 records with same name) then you can simply trace it out with District Name and State. User can even search any pincode according to city or district.

The full form of PIN is "Postal Index Number" which is of exact 6 digits (neither higher nor lower). First number of the PIN code indicates the region. The 2 number indicates the sub-region. The 3 number indicates the sorting district within the region and the last three digits are allocated to individual post offices across India. PIN system was introduced on 15 August 1972 in India. It is important to know that this PIN structure is divided into 9 combined regions of India (Including union territories).

They are:

Below we have listed all Important Cities Pincode of India

As you can see we have listed PIN CODES of more than 1000 major Cities of India. You can search any Pincode just by pressing CTRL + F keys and simply typing the name of any major city across India. The result will be highlighted as soon as you start entering the name. We have tried to make easy for you to search any zipcode!

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