Best Property Websites in India

The business of real estate is the profession of buying, selling, renting of land, buildings or house. Property agent/broker in India currently do not need a license to operate, and all the legal work related to property requires a professional lawyer. Real Estate is an area for growth in the country. Many cities are now leaning from Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad on how to make profits from real estate business. Apart from the development of high rise buildings in the Delhi (which is today the top realty destinations in India) infrastructure such as schools, malls and hospitals is coming up in a big way that even nearby territories such as Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and Faridabad are now seeing much land development with its continuous expansion for big residential and commercial projects.

The Internet has became major lead generation method in real estate marketing, eclipsing local newspapers and all other sources. As the consumers most preferred method to learn about homes for sale is by following major web property portals. There are few terms in Indian Real Estate probing like: Co-operative Housing Societies (CHS), Condominiums, Builder flats, Chawls, Villas, Kothis, Havelis, Independent Floors, Lal Dora (Where people carry out commercial and residential activities both). And the size is measured in Gaz (square yards), Quila, Marla, Beegha, and acre. Below are the best and top 10 real estate websites to surf and search for property in India.

  1. best property websites in india
    99 Acres - - is an web portal in India dedicated to meet every aspect of the consumers needs in the real estate industry. It is a forum where buyers, sellers and brokers can exchange information, quickly, effectively and inexpensively. You can advertise a property, search for a property, browse through properties, build your own property Microsite, and visit other Indian and International sites. Alexa Rank in India - 143
  2. best property sites in india
    Magic Brick - - is a high-end property portal that caters to a global market with its unique services and novel online features. Having been launched in the year 2006 by Times Group, Magicbricks has quickly risen to being the best Property Portal in India. It has successfully hosted 75 domestic and over 15 international property shows around the globe. Alexa rank in India - 150
  3. property websites in india
    Housing - - is one of the India’s fastest-growing online real estate platforms. They aim to give home-seekers and home-owners relief from endless onsite visits, consultation, formalities, fake listings, and more. With simple yet innovative interface you can easily search flats in your locality and take a virtual tour of every property. Alexa rank in India - 170
  4. real estate websites in india
    IndiaProperties - - the country's first and largest exclusive online portal for real estate agents. This provides a one stop solution to easily find agents, a vast database of properties across India for both buying and selling with features as search by regional / city classifications and property types. Alexa rank in India - 183
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    Makaan - - is an online real-estate service committed to helping people to make wise and profitable decisions related to buying, selling, renting and leasing of properties, in India and key global geographies. Alexa rank in India - 742
  6. best real estate websites in india
    Indian Real Estate Forum - - It's an online discussion forum that is all about sharing information on Indian real estate. IREF is open to guests and registered members and is built on the principles of truth, honesty & transparency. Alexa rank in India - 1,057
  7. real estate sites in india
    Property Wala - - is a Real Estate-web based portal created, tested and maintained by a dedicated team of software professionals. The service is designed to cater for latest fast growing needs of owners/customers and dealers/promoters/builders in India. Alexa rank in India - 1,490
  8. best property websites in india
    Bharat Estates - - offers brokerage free online real estate services to its users. is an online platform which connects prospective buyers to Property owners and Builders without the involvement of real estate dealers or agents. Alexa rank in India - 1,989
  9. top real estate websites in india
    Real Estate India - - they are serving the needs of the real estate industry in India since 1997. Their single platform is designed to meet the needs of buyers, sellers and brokers of India properties. Alexa rank in India - 3,572
  10. top property websites in india
    Abodes India - - is a famous real estate and property network in India for buying property, selling property and leasing property anywhere in. Alexa rank in India - 7,483

Note: Every week and month ranks keep on changing and we constantly keep on updating our top 10 list. Keep visiting our site once a week or month to see any changes. In case, we are missing something you can definitely share your opinion by contacting us.

Some Useful Tips for Online Property Search

  • First, do your thorough research. Know the real value of the property you are interested in, and then sort out the property list (commercial or residential) as per your budget. You can even take guidance from any real estate agent in your city which will serve your purpose better.
  • Always make sure that key facilities like water, electricity, parking along with, location, connection with all roads are faultless and proper.
  • Check all Legal documents properly, and do it from a lawyer. It’s very essential to see the title clear of the property. Also ask for all the required documents which show property is free from any outstanding liability.
  • It is advisable to make multiple site visits with expert architects or civil engineers to ascertain that the claims, like, earthquake resistant or strong structure are factual.
  • Do ask about expenditure including further hidden charges while buying your property.
  • If all goes fine, don’t show the owner that you are keen to buy his property otherwise chances of price negotiable will vanish.
  • Lastly, Cash transactions must be avoided. It is better to pay for your property through a bank, using a check or bank transfer. This will ensures that you have legal proper transaction record incase of any fraud or pestering. It is also be secure for succeeding generations.

Best Property Websites in India