Affiliate Program in India

Foremost, let us understand Affiliate meaning and how much successful is affiliate program in India. Affiliate in short means a member, partner, associate or link. Various companies around the world select webmasters or other individuals as an affiliate for advertising globally their numerous products and services via world wide web or other medium. Affiliates, in turn gets predetermined commission or incentives from these companies, depending on sales generated along with company norms. Interested user/buyer join such program which is known as affiliate program.

Presently, affiliate programs are visualized by many people as the best source of income by using various marketing modus operandi, especially with their website. Almost all affiliate programs provide banner, button, text links etc. to be used by their associates for the advertisement purpose in their website and also to track their results.

In India, affiliate program are quite common. But, If you planning to participate in an affiliate program, there are a number of steps you can take to help your site stand out for a success, like:

  • Affiliate program content should form only a small part of the content of your site.
  • When selecting an affiliate program, choose a product category appropriate for your intended audience.
  • Use your website to build community among your users. For example, discussion forums, user reviews, and blogs all offer unique content and provide value to users.
  • Keep your content updated and relevant. Fresh, on-topic information increases the likelihood that your content will be crawled by Googlebot and clicked on by users.

Types of Affiliate Program in India

Affiliation can be of many type. Its procedure entirely depends on the company. A company can either pay affiliates by using Pay per-lead process or by pay per-click methods. Roughly there are many types of affiliate programs and the prime emphasis of these programs is to promote their products and services internationally. To make products renowned lots of affiliate programs uses following different ways to attract affiliates:

  1. Pay Per Lead or Pay Per Click - Not much affiliate programs opt pay per-lead technique to connect users. In it a bounty is reserved for an affiliate for each new successful sign-up of a user even if that user never makes any purchase. Pay-per-click is quite similar to pay-per-lead as affiliate get a small share for each new member sent to the aimed site inspite of any purchase.
  2. Pay Per Sale - also known as Commission-based affiliate program is the most common used method by many affiliate programs. In it there is predetermined share of an affiliate for every successful purchase or sale made, normally affiliate programs enhance commission for affiliate's good sales performance. Few programs manage to give incentives too.
  3. Single-tier, two-tier and multi-tier affiliate programs - Single-tier is rare used technique today. Fixed share is given to an affiliate for every new purchase, but, no share in indulging new members and further member's purchase. Whereas two-tier affiliate program is most popular method today. In it affiliate gets a decent share for every new purchase made by an affiliate or further by a new drawn in affiliate. Multi-tier in short is multi-level program/network that follows hierarchy or modular approach e.g. if Lisa recruit James and James recruits Rita and Rita further recruits Ahmed, then Lisa get a proportion of James, Rita and Ahmed's income.

Affiliate Programs in recent times have emerged as one of favourite tool among webmasters, bloggers and even common users who are interested to make money online, as it is of the best and sometimes highest paying process. Earlier, the majority of the web affiliate programs were of company outside India but today there are many Affiliate Programs for Indians and many by Indian companies. Below an attempt has been made to list top 5 most popular affiliate programs in different categories. Each link addresses provides affiliation from different categories such as matrimonial, hotels, jobs, music, dating, art and craft affiliate programs, etc. A number of these programs are selected through Google search engines and then compared with Alexa Ranking. We hope it will be convenient and helpful to all webmasters to find top Indian affiliate programs of their own choice at one place. Moreover, all these affiliate sites are based on impartial decision, we have face to face judged each site with their affiliate procedure. You must join any one of the following that suits your website content. If you think there is some other affiliate site that falls under mentioned categories better and has the potential of being listed on this affiliate page then kindly contact us.

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Affiliate Program in India