India is a country where Bollywood actors are considered as Gods. Those who are from India already know this. For example, let’s consider south Indian Actor Rajinikanth. He has been given names like Thalaivar which means the boss or the leader in Tamil. So, is his fan following in the Tamil province that he is as revered as a God there. So, is the stardom of Shah Rukh Khan in Mumbai. Every year on his birthday on the 2nd of November, the crowd that gathers around his house just to bid him a happy birthday and receives a wave back from ‘the king khan’ is in such a huge number that it is in itself a testimony to the influence Bollywood stars have on masses. 

Various names such as ‘Nawab’ given to Saif Ali Khan, ‘the king khan’ given to Shah Rukh Khan, ‘perfectionist’ given to Aamir Khan, ‘Bhai’ given to Salman Khan, ‘Baba’ given to Sanjay Dutt and many such nicknames are a medium used by Indian Fans to show love towards their favorite celebrities and anything that belongs to these celebrities is of high value. Their Cars’ collection, bikes’ collection, the tux they wore at the IIFA or the Filmfare Awards, the hairstyle they recently rocked, and every such thing that apparently belongs to a celebrity as per the fans is considered Holy. Yes, you read that right. Holy. As mentioned earlier, Indians consider celebs as their Gods. 

The one such thing that fans love to boast the knowledge of, is the homes these celebrities have. All the celebrities have a home, which at times can be a mansion or a bungalow or an apartment, which serves as the shrine to these fans for their so-called Gods. The fans gather around these homes on their birthdays when their newly released movie becomes a super hit or young B-Industry aspirants to fuel their inspirations to work harder to achieve the goal that’s standing in front of them as an ‘achieved by someone else’ reality.

So, today on our list, we would be focusing on all the splendid celebrity homes that are known to represent these celebrities in the house version. We hope we mention your favorite celebrity’s home here.



Arguably one of the best in Mumbai, Aamir Khan’s home is one of the prettiest in itself. Located in the Bella Vista Apartments in Bandra over an area of 5000 sq. feet, it has all the elements of the European as well as Asian in their state-of-the-art interior designs. Aamir Khan lives here with his wife Kiran and his son Azad there and loves spending time there when he is spending his leisure time. Shining white with a hint of sky blue this house is a treat to the eyes.



Situated on Mumbai’s Carter Road, this bungalow is a shrine to all the Rajesh Khanna fans. Rajesh Khanna has been a heartthrob to the B-Town girls for a very long time now. And his house is no less than a visual treat, just like the person who owns it. Valued at 100 crores+ when Rajesh’s live-in partner, Anita Advani claimed rights to it, the controversies around it caught heat. Originally, it was valued at 60,000 and was sold at 90 crores to a business in 2012 after Rajesh Khanna’s death. It’s undergoing renovation these days.



There’s a story behind this building. Back in his days as a struggler, when Akshay wanted to click a few photos for his portfolio with the wall of the Bungalow in the background. Somehow, he was shooed away back then but today when the tide of the time turned its course, Akshay Kumar owns that very house. Today after some renovations to that piece, Akshay today lives in this sea-facing building with his sister, wife, kids, and mother.



The man that never ages, as said owns a house that also looks young just like him. A perfect combination of splendor and personalization this house looks very family place from the outside itself. A lot of green lawns and a fully equipped gym are some of the specialties of this house. Wonder how Anil Kapoor is so young and has a body that toned? He lives here with his wife Sunita, an interior designer, and daughters Sonam Kapoor and Rhea.



Although he isn’t married himself, Salman Khan is pretty much a family man himself. He has an extended family of brothers his father and other family members and for the past forty years, he has lived in this building in his Galaxy Apartments. Rumour has it that he is deeply connected to one of the rooms sets in his house that he finds is falling short of its ability to hold his accessories and other stuff and expresses his concern to shift to a bigger place soon.  

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The house of ‘the king khan’ needs no introduction. Mannat which stands for ‘Vow’ is the luxurious palace in which SRK lives. SRK bought this site from a heritage trust and then renovated it as per his own requirements and has turned today into no less than some 5-star hotel with all the amenities that one can possibly imagine. It has a huge library, a gym, a swimming pool, a mini theatre, and a basement parking that can store several cars at once. A bar, a lounge, a club, and everything else. No less than a mall, one can say.



Contrary to the image of the house you’re imagining right now, the one dearest to Amitabh ji and the one dearest to him is the one that’s more on the serene side. He lives alone in his mansion named Prateeksha that hasn’t seen much improvisation over the years. His family including Aishwarya and Abhishek live in their other home Jalsa, in Juhu.



Fortune Heights in Bandra is the residence of the ‘chote nawab’ of the industry, Saif Ali Khan. He also has a few other houses in Bhopal and his Ibrahim Kothi in Gujarat. But he loves spending time in his Bandra residence with his family, wife Kareena Kapoor Khan, and kids.



Note: We all know that Mukesh Ambani is not an actor but he is an established business and his mansion is one of the richest around the world (which makes him count on big celebrity).

Located in South Mumbai, Antilia is the residence of Mukesh Ambani, the richest businessman in India. This residence is 173 meters, 27 story building which was undertaken possession of in 2012. It has three helipads, an air control team, and 168 car garages. Well, frankly speaking, if I start mentioning all luxuries this house has, another dedicated article will fall short of words. So long story short, Mukesh Ambani has the royal most house in India, probably Asia and arguably the world. Yes. In India.

So, these were our picks for the best celebrity homes in India. Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section. Did we mention your favorite celebrity’s house? If no, tell us about them and their houses that you like. And if you’re rich enough are you planning on buying or building one, then I hope these will serve as enough inspiration. That’s all for today.

Till then. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

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