Kabaddi is one of the most basic and popular sports among people in India, especially in the village’s young children and even adults play this game. Kabaddi is a sport that requires physical contact between players like some other sports such as Martial arts or Rugby etc. Kabaddi was recognized as a game in the 1936 Berlin Olympics and it was introduced in India at Calcutta in 1983 at Indian Olympics. The standard rules for kabaddi were compiled by the All India Kabaddi Federation in 1950, meanwhile another Federation “Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India” was founded in 1973. Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India organized First men’s nationals in Tamil Nadu. Kabaddi has been a consistent game which is played by the Indians, in 1998 Asian games (Bangkok) Indian Kabaddi team clinched the gold medal. Since now there have been only 3 Kabaddi world cups to date and all 3 are won by India.

Kabaddi has four forms which are Amar, Suranjeevi, huttuttoo, and Gaminee. In the international team version of kabaddi, there are two teams consisting of seven players each, each tea occupies halves of the field of 10 y 13 meters in the case of males and 8 by 12 for females. Kabaddi is now an international sport and is conducted on international levels. Kabaddi world cup is organized at the international level meanwhile the pro kabaddi league is organized at the national level. At domestic levels the Federation cup is organized to promte kabaddi as well as the kabaddi nationals also bring the talent.

Films like Kennedy club and panga are examples of fast spreading of the sport and the love people have for it. Nowadays the craze for Kabaddi has increased quite a lot, games like le panga and other sports activities are promoting kabaddi. Kabaddi is now watched and played by almost every Indian state making it a subject of more interest. Here are some of the Top Kabaddi players in India.

1. Pardeep Narwal


Pardeep Narwal born on 16 February 1997 plays in the VIVO pro kabaddi league and the Indian National Kabaddi team. Known as the Dubki King Pardeep was born in Rindhana village of district Sonipat of Haryana and is married to Swati Beniwal. Pardeep plays in VIVO pro kabaddi league from the side of Patna pirates and is currently the highest raider in the league. He is the first raider to score 900 points in the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) in season 7. Pardeep Narwal has played for the Indian National Kabaddi team since 2016 and has won 3 gold medals out of the four tournaments he has played in. He was also a part of the kabaddi world cup 2016, Asian kabaddi championship 2017, Kabaddi masters Dubai 2018. Pardeep was VIVO’s most valuable player in 2016, 2017, he has also received the best raider award in 2017, 2018.

2. Rahul Chaudhari


Rahul Chaudhari who is also known as showman or Raid machine is an Indian professional kabaddi player. Born on 16th June 1993 Rahul Chaudhari started his early carrier at the age of 13, he started his carrier as a Defender but now is one of the most successful raiders of the kabaddi league. He was born in Binjor, Uttar Pradesh, and was a member of the Indian National team. In VIVO pro kabaddi league he used to play from the side of Telgu Titans for six seasons but now plays from the side of Tamil Thalaivas. He was a member of the Indian National Kabaddi team that won a gold medal in 2016, he was also a part of South Asian games and also played kabaddi world cup in 2016.

3. Deepak Hooda


Deepak Ram Niwas Hooda was born on 10th June 1994 in the Rohtak district of Haryana. He is an Indian professional kabaddi player and also the captain of the Indian National Kabaddi team. Hooda was born in a farmer’s family and lost his mother when he was four, he lost his father when he was in 12th grade. He was now a sole breadwinner due to which he had to leave his studies and become a part-time teacher. For 2 years after completing his job at school he would go for kabaddi practices. He pursued his graduation from where he played for the All India University tournament, he left his studies to pursue his career. Deepak Hooda was a part of the Haryana team in 2014 which bagged a gold medal at Senior National level tournament, he played for the National team in 2016 South Asian games where his team won the gold medal. Hooda has been a part of the 2016 Kabaddi world cup, 2018 Asian games, 2017 Asian Kabaddi championship, 2018 Dubai Kabaddi Masters, and south Asian games. Deepak pays from Puneri Paltan in the VIVO pro kabaddi league.

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4. Sandeep Narwal


Born on 5 April 1993 Sandeep Narwal is an Indian Kabaddi player from Sonipat, Haryana. Sandeep Narwal has completed his graduation from Jat College, Sonipat, and belongs to a farmer’s family. Sandeep Narwal started his career as a corner defender but now is an All-rounder, although he is appreciated for his aggressive defense by everyone. He was a part of Patna pirates in season 3 where he played a major role in the team’s defense. He now plays from Puneri Paltan, apart from this he has played for the Indian National Kabaddi team at the Kabaddi world cup in 2016. He was a part of Indian Contingent at South Asian games 2016 where his team won a gold medal. Narwal is currently working in the Income Tax department.

5. Rishank Devadiga


Rishank Devadiga is an Indian kabaddi player who plays in the VIVO pro kabaddi league. Rishank was born on 3rd February 1994, he has been ranked amongst the best raiders in the league consistently. Rishank started playing kabaddi when he was seven years old, he struggled in the initial years of his life as he wasn’t well off and forced him to end his studies and take a job as a waiter. Rishank’s determination didn’t let him give up and he succeeds in getting a chance to represent the Mumbai district kabaddi team. After that, he got his first break with Dena bank, where he won the best player award in his first tournament. Rishank made his VIVO pro kabaddi debut from the U Mumba team where he along with Anup Kumar made Mumbai a potent raid force. In season 5 of VIVO pro kabaddi, he was signed by UP Yoddha, he created history when he led Maharashtra to the 2017-18 Senior National Kabaddi championship after 11 years. He was a part of the Indian team that won kabaddi Maters 2018 in Dubai.

6. Anup Kumar


Anup Kumar is an Indian professional kabaddi player who is also known as the “God of kabaddi”. He was born on 20th November 1983 in the Palra district of Haryana state, India. Anup started playing kabaddi as a youngster to pass-time during his schooldays but his interest in the game took him to play kabaddi world cup in 2016. Kumar was also the captain of the Indian National team and is one of the most successful raiders of all time. In VIVO pro kabaddi league he spent Five years with U Mumba and later he moved to Jaipur pink panthers. In 2012 Government of India conferred the Arjuna award on him for his achievements in sports. He is employed as Deputy Commissioner of police in the native state of Haryana. He also represented India in the 2010 Asian Games (Gold medal), 2014 Asian Games (Gold medal), and South Asian Games (Gold medal).

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