Most of us are running after the 9 to 5 job since we all feel that in order to accomplish our goals we need to be financially strong and for that we need to succeed in our job roles. Frankly speaking not all of us get the job satisfaction we need, but still we do compromise with it as firstly, even after changing several jobs we still do not get what we desire and secondly due to tough completion and rat race in market we seldom get the chance to choose a job really, so we have to contend with what we get. However, amongst all this, there is still the opportunity for the individuals to change, if of course, they are willing to take the risk, have the capacity to invest, be bold enough to be optimistic, then starting a franchise business is just ideal for you. There are a few reasons as to why one should look to buy a franchise based business opportunity:

  • Firstly, franchisee business has more chances to succeed rather a completely new start-up business done individually
  • As you are already getting a major support from the major company chances of surviving successfully is almost doubled
  • Franchisee business can be best used as a business expansion model
  • Since it is already a proven system, it will give you detailed guidelines about licensing fees, trademarks etc. which otherwise you may struggle to find in detail starting anew.

Interested? Thinking about from where to start your journey?  Here is a list of 25 most popular franchise business opportunities that you can try your hands on:

(1) McDonald’s:

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With its headquarters based in Illinois, these restaurants exist from way back in 1955, the US-based food-chain has a huge demand all over the world. Its immense popularity can be understood by the fact that it has 36,900 franchises all over the world. The investment cost varies from: US$1 million to$2.3 million. They offer mainly four types of business opportunities: Traditional Restaurants like that in buildings, food courts etc, Satellite locations like in the airport, universities hospitals etc, small town locations include franchises given to small retailer’s in rural areas, and business facilities lease was given to business establishments. The training program is generally operated by the Hamburger University which is the international training center of McDonald’s. The courses vary from time to time as per the need of franchises. Generally, in an agreement of 20 years, these outlets are restricted to sell only McDonald’s authorized products and use the premises as McDonald’s restaurant only. There competitor’s include KFC, Subway, Burger King’s, Wendy’s etc.

(2) KFC:

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Popularly known as Kentucky’s Fried Chicken, it is a reputed entity worldwide. The popularity can be drawn by the simple fact that it has about 20,605 branches existing all over the world. Recently this business has been shaking way up its food selection and broadening, helping themselves in getting a lot of attention from the media as a result of which different new business personnel’s are willing to collaborate with them to be a part of this successful journey. As the name suggests it has headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky they usually offer agreement of 20 years and a dedicated qualified manager is assigned to each franchise that spends his entire time in monitoring the outlet. The cost involved in opening the franchise is US $1.3 million-$2.5 million. Franchisees must offer all Needed Items as the franchisor regularly designates. They may not provide any item from the Store or anywhere. Franchisees may provide and create product sales at unique occasions, only if franchisees fulfill the franchisor’s providing and function procedures. Other primary competitors include Chick-Fil-A, El-PolloLoco, Greenpeace, Popeyes etc.

(3) Baskin Robbins:

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Incorporated in the year 1946 with its headquarters located in Canton Massachusetts, this is also a well-renowned restaurant that offers ice-cream and other products that can be frozen and grants franchisee to locations in all over the world. One of the leading and branded ice-cream restaurants, it has immense popularity across the globe irrespective of ages. The X-factor of this company is that it generates strong effort in developing a solid relationship with its franchisees by providing a strong training and operation related support thereby helping the franchise’s to increase profitability immensely. This famous brand has about 7730 units all over the world and the franchise fees are about US$102,900-US$388,600. Other obligations include that the franchise is restricted to use the premises for selling products that are Baskin Robbins’s related only that are prescribed by the franchisor and not anything else. For performing any other functions the franchise would need a prior letter of approval from the franchisor. The competitor’s of this brand are The Burton Corporation, Intermix, Inc., and Converse, Inc etc.

(4) Kidzee:

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One of the most popular brands not only in India but also all over Asia. This organization is a leading children education, training, and development center that have expanded its franchises in more than 14 years in India. With an overwhelming network of spread across over 1700 centres and more than 550 cities, this association dedicatedly have succeeded in changing the lives of more than 4, 50,000 kids in India and strongly working for more as they believe that every child has something ‘special’ that can be groomed and nurtured to something really meaningful. Requiring a minimum area capacity of about 2000-3000 sq feet, the initial one-time investment is about INR.12,00,000/- to INR.15,00,000/- that also includes the necessary materials and the types of equipment cost that will be needed at the start of the franchise. All the franchisee’s need to undergo a training program about the Kidzee curriculum for operating the business successfully. There competitor’s are EuroKids International Ltd., Treehouse Playgroup – Ambernath and Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd.

(5) Pizza Hut:

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Based on Texas and offering franchisee since 1959, it is a fast food restaurant that offers several Italian food items like the Pasta, Pizza under the name of Pizza Hut. This company has huge demand worldwide so much so that it stands out as a leading restaurant in delivering quality pizza way above any other pizza delivering restaurant. Having about 16,410 units all across the globe they offer franchisee for mainly three types of restaurants: Red-Roof Restaurants, Delivery Restaurants, Carry out (Delco or Delco-lite Restaurants).The initial investment to run this franchise is approx: US $297,000-$2.1 million. The USP of this brand is that it has a reliable reputation along with a strong assistance structure with regard to franchises to assist its proprietors successfully operate their shops. Every Unit is monitored by an on-site administrator who has efficiently finished the compulsory coaching program. Each unit must also sign the agreement that states to abide by all the rules and regulations and also to conceal any confidential information if required. There top competitor’s includes: Domino’s Pizza, Dunkin Donuts, Subway, Starbucks etc.

(6) Domino’s Pizza:


The direct and perhaps the greatest rival’s of Pizza Hut, this is another top restaurants, that is offering the same multi-flavored pizza, Italian pasta items like the Pizza Hut, as a result of which it is it’s direct competitor. The continuous development of this food chain in the last few years again can be a clear signal about the effectiveness of this fast food in dining establishments should never be undervalued. Being involved in the franchise business since 1967, with its headquarters located in the state of Michigan, the cost of this franchise ranges from US$119,950 to $461,700. They usually offer franchisee for a period of ten years which is renewable. There are usually three types of restaurants on offer like the traditional, non-traditional, carry-out facility etc. Usually they provide a mandatory 2 day on-site training program for the outlets however they need undergo other training schedule from time to time also as and when required. The franchisees are authorised to sell only those products that are approved by the franchisor, these products can be changed by the franchisor periodically.           

(7) Subway:

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Although it has been surrounded by controversies in the recent years, this continues to be the leader of the pack globally when it comes to sandwich restaurants. They are introducing food products which are healthier, tastier, less calorie and nutritionally great and as a result of which it is acquiring more and more customers regularly. Since it is expanding globally more people are looking to be a part of their family. With its headquarters located in Florida and in this business since 1974, they awesome 44,780 units based all over the world. The cost to obtain this franchise would be about US$119,950 to US$461,700. They offer franchises to locations like airport terminals, school lunch program locations, satellite locations, national parks. A special feature of this franchisor is that they also finance certain amount which can be from US$10,000 to US$15,000(negotiable) as a loan to the franchises. There is a strict training curriculum that the follow, firstly there should be perfect attendance from the franchise, secondly, they need to score 80% on an average in the inside store course and also 80% in classroom quiz. The classroom training consists of 53 hours and on the job training in nearby restaurants happens to be for 33 hours. The usual length of agreement is 20 years and outlets need to follow all rules and regulations of the franchisor. Competitors are Pizza Hut, KFC, Papa John’s, Taco Bell etc.

(8) 7 Eleven:

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The 7 Eleven is a well-known brand that is spread across the planet operating in more than 63,000 units approximately. This store is mainly about multiple products like coffee, candy, prepared foods, gasoline, dairy, different verities of beverages, chocolates etc. The significant aspect of this store is that it is widely known to all and simply presented. They follow a very simple business model that is very easily understandable. Moreover the selling method that they follow is quite attractive. The USP of this brand is most franchisors require royalty payments on the basis of a portion of revenue. With the 7-Eleven system, you pay royalties based upon the store’s total profit, that is, net revenue invoices minus the general cost of the products you can sell. The cost of operating this franchise is about US$37,200-US$1.6 million. To be a part of this brand, one has to successfully complete the 300 hours training program that is conducted in its headquarters at Irving, Texas. Once training is successfully completed there is an agreement of 10 years which is renewable as well. The outlets must carry all the inventories that are specified by the 7 eleven store and they should be all fresh foods. However they can keep a stock of any other food items apart from the specified products provided that is mentioned separately in writing.

(9) Khadim’s:

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One of the leading brands the Footwear Industry, Khadim’s is brand that is in the franchise business for more than 22 years in India. Operating since 1965 this vast and immensely successful name in the footwear industry is spread over more than 486 franchise outlets in India. The quality in footwear that is on offer here is on tremendous demand and as a result of this, it has expanded its branches to over 600 retail outlets in the current years covering more than 21 states that include over 200 distributors that are serving Eastern India alone operating in over 10,000 multi-branded outlets. In return for the franchise fee that is in the range of 20 lakh to 30 lakh rupees INR, the franchise gets the brand name and logo, continuous ongoing support for best results, great returns-on-investment.  The support staff make sure that all the new franchise outlets undergoes extensive training programme that will enable them to work smoothly and in the process generate substantial amount of profit. Although Khadim’s is a very popular and a leader in the footwear industry, this company however is not devoid of competitors. Still today it faces stern competitions from existing footwear companies in India like Bata, Sreeleathers, Half-n-Half, Ford etc. In spite of all this Khadim’s still continues to be one of the most popular franchise business opportunities that exist.

(10) GNC Franchising:

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With the rapid development of healthcare industry all over the world, GNC franchising is a famous name that is the leader of the pack. With a stupendous and proven track record, this brand has vitamin and food supplement chain that has its branches spread far and wide across the globe. More and more business entities are looking to get connected to them because of its brand name, great reputation for service, and for providing support for every individual franchisee outlets. As per the current date, GNC has its franchisees based in approximately 4000 centres all over the world. Its operating costs amount up to US$167,900-$294,500.The GNC Franchising offers also provides financial support to people opening new outlets but that depends upon consideration. Franchisees are allowed for more than one unit, with generally an agreement offer of 10 years. Training is available at their headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA which lasts for usually one week but if the need arises further training can be available at their corporate stores. With stiff competitions arising from online stores, big box and other overseas retailers, GNC still continues to holds its position by providing quality service and assistance to its consumers as well as the outlets too.

(11) Dunkin’ Donuts:

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Another hugely accepted brand worldwide, this brand is successful for the simple reason that coffee is by and large a commodity that is very well accepted everywhere and also in most cases brand loyalty matters with the customers as they do not switch to different brands that quickly. They are mainly a bakery company that sells coffee, doughnuts, bagels, croissants, pizzas, snacks and other sandwiches and beverages etc. Established in Canton, Massachusetts, and offering franchisee since 1955, the cost of operating this franchise is US$216,100-$1.5 million. The popularity of this brand can be understood by the fact that it has an eye-catching figure of 11940 units spread across all over the world. The Core Preliminary Training program requires a minimum of twenty days to accomplish the classroom/instructional phases. This does not consist of online coaching, in restaurants (typically in the franchisee’s home market) or journey time and exists a minimum of twenty-five times annually at Dunkin’ University in Braintree, Massachusetts, or in a designated exercising Restaurant. Like other brands, the franchise term is for 20 years. A significant obligation of this franchise is that they are not allowed to distribute or sell the products or service through the Internet.

(12) RE/MAX:

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Established in Denver, Colorado and offering franchise business since 1975, this organization is engaged brokerage of real estate and is spread across the United States, Canada etc. As this is a leading company in the real estate market and it is acquiring new customers, hence all the new franchisees in order to obtain this particular franchise must comply with all pre-requisites that include, relative experience in this field, education as well as licensing, background past document of conformity with regulations, financial capability, skills and other required characteristics. The length of agreement that is offered by them is generally for a period of 5 years which can be extended depending upon the performance of the outlet during the term of the contractual agreement. Operating in franchise business for more than 8 years now, it has about 7220 units spread all over the world. The investment amount in this business varies from a range of US$38,000 to US$219,000. There is a mandatory 41/2 day training program that the manager /owner of the franchisee must complete which is held at the headquarters of franchisor at Colorado. When the franchise or perhaps a principal proprietor does not straight supervise any office or have a legitimate real estate agent license, the actual franchise is going to be required to save the services of the validly certified real estate dealer under in whose license work will be carried out and that will be responsible for the particular management of the Office.

(13) British Academy for English Language:

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Operating as a leading franchise business in India for over 10 years, the BAFEL is a renowned name when it comes training development in corporate industry. Started back in the year 2001 and spread in more than 100 signups across India. The rapid success of this organization is due to few factors like the high standards set for the quality of training, an industry that is rapidly expanding, the eagerness of the agency to welcome and train people of all ages and all society levels, the USP of this organization is that they offer a wide ranges of English Language courses to choose to study, an expert research and development team that is continuously working to upgrade the business model of BAFEL as well as their courses. A very strong brand name as well as big reputation for winning multiple awards for becoming the best English academy. The minimum investment to start the franchise business is about 15,00,000 rupees INR however if the need arises the company itself can provide financial assistance to its franchisees as well. An extensive training program is conducted by the business experts of the BAFEL that will be thoroughly based on the franchise policies and the course curriculum for the better understanding of the new start-ups. Currently their competitors include Studymate, FIITJEE Limited, and Aakash etc.

(14) Antal International:

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An International Recruitment company that is located in London, UK and in the franchise business in India for more than 24 years now, Antal International. Their offices are spread across in more than 135 offices that are in Asia, UK, Europe and America helping talented employees all over the world to show the path to achieve long-term growth and success. The success story behind the company is that there is they provide support in marketing and PR, the franchise gets their own three-page mini website on They have a huge international online database that is categorized by sectors, country, and discipline. They have proven track record of following a methodology that is award winning and they do have a global brand that is recognized worldwide. The significant part of Antal is that there business model is quite flexible and it can be altered depending upon each country’s economic development and culture. The start-up cost of the franchise is about 12, 00,000 rupees INR. There are no essential pre-requisites as such to take this franchise apart from the fact that English speaking is a must. Global conference is held to provide training and also to share business experience and ideas with people in India and abroad. There competitor’s are: InterQuest Group, Vaco Technology, and Workforce Strategies Inc.etc.

(15) Cafe Desire:

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 One of the oldest and fastest growing brands in the history. They are mainly in the manufacturing business and they provide and install coffee vending machines and are in charge of supplying mixes of beverages quite regularly at all kinds of shops, small, medium and large offices, various bakeries, schools, colleges, hospitals, cinemas and more places. Operating franchisee business in India for the last 15 years, they have made a brand name of their own. Their success records prove that they are not only just about tea and coffee but also about some desirable drinks that are mind-blowing and are sure to delight the taste buds. Not only that but also the hospitable services that their employees provide are something to be remembered. They have a proven track record of providing one of the finest materials and upgrading their own state of standards from time-to-time so that the customer’s expectations are always met. The minimum investment to start this business is about 2, 00,000 rupees INR. They do have a training program that is designed in a model that will help to bring the customers and the franchises together, so that both of them are in a win-win situation. Their competitors include Barista, Café-Coffee-Day etc.         

(16) Hertz:

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This car-rental company is operating all over the world and is in the franchise business since 1925. Based in Estero, Florida, they are enterprises that rent s or let out cars, not with drivers as well as for insurance cover for car or truck replacement needs (including rentals or perhaps leased motor vehicles that are reimbursed by different party). Carrying a hallmark in the car rental business, many rental companies are looking to collaborate with them for a beneficial business opportunity as a result of which they are offering franchisee for car rentals on the Hertz’s name. With its brand spread over 9700 units, that includes all the brands under this group, and its investment cost nearing about a minimum of US$564,300, this is about one of the most popular franchisee opportunity going around. All the franchisees, at their own expenses that includes both living and travelling, must attend all the mandatory training programs and complete them satisfactorily and not only that, they also need to undergo that training programs that are periodically conducted by Hertz to upgrade business as and when required. The initial term of an agreement is for 5 years, however, if all the criteria’s are met by the franchise then the agreement can be renewed in 3 segments for 5 years each. Competitors of Hertz are the companies like Avis Rent a car, Avis budget group, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and so on.                   

(17) Papa John’s:

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 The major talking point about Papa John’s International is that they are expanding their business. The restaurant that is charge of delivering superior quality of Italian food like the pizza, pasta, etc. This restaurant majorly operates in delivery or carry-out basis, however they are also open to non-traditional venues like the sports complex and food courts. Operating in the franchise business since 1985 with its headquarters based in Louisville, Kentucky, they are also major business franchises that are continuously expanding in India for the last eleven years. Currently, they have units approximately of 5100 in number operating not only in India but all across the planet. Generally the length of agreement ten years which is renewable provided that they have met all the prescribed requirements. As far as the training schedule is concerned the franchise owner or at least the manager need to attend the training program held at Papa John’s University located in Louisville, Kentucky. It may so happen that there may be any extra training schedule that the franchise owner needs to attend if the franchisor thinks it to be appropriate. The cost of this franchise is about US$129,900-US$844,200. Most common competitors are KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino’s etc.

(18) Taco Bell:

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Operating in India for more than 7 years, the Taco Bell is well known for its supreme brand like several other top franchisees. Because of their brand they have a huge customer base and they keep on acquiring more people with the passage of time. This food chain has a huge network of about 350 franchises, out of which 35 percent have an experience of more than 25 years. They have an incredible support in building business network. Based on Louisville, Kentucky, and operating in the franchise business since 1964, this restaurant is known to provide quality and mouthwatering Mexican food that are certainly going to tickle the taste buds and area foodies delight. They offer different types of restaurant facilities like traditional, drive through restaurants that are referred as ‘End-Caps’. Buildings that already have a gas station available can be used as an outlet for this franchisor. Around 6605 units based all over the world and with an investment cost that is approximately about US$1.2 million-US$2.6 million, the Taco Bell has training curriculum that can be segregated in two parts. Firstly there is a 3-day training course that trains franchisees as how to become a successful Taco Bell outlet, and secondly, the manager/owner of the franchise needs to successfully complete a 7 weeks program that includes web-based as well as on job or classroom training which may extend to 8 weeks depending upon requirements. Franchisees must provide for sale promote all in support of the food, drinks and other items described within the franchisor’s guide.

(19) Anytime Fitness:

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With the heavily rising trend of health consciousness, running a fitness center can be quite a profitable business it is assumed. One of such famous brands that has made immense name is Anytime Fitness which is running there franchisee business in India for the last 5 years quite successfully. With about 3535 units that are running all around the globe and with a customer base of more than 2 million, what makes this brand successful is that customers have 24/7 access 365 days a year. The key point that makes Anytime Fitness unique is that they have a very strong security system, supremely upgraded fitness machines and the customers are always comfortable in visiting any such locations but that do not charge them anything extra. The X-factor of this company is its financial strength, being stable, its rate of growth and the size of the organization. The operating cost of running this business is US$78,700 min and can extend up to US$371,000.The initial agreement period is about 10 years, however if all the conditions of franchisee are met then it can be extended to another 5 years. The franchise needs to attend the training that is conducted for 2 weeks that generally carry for 10 business days. However they may not need to attend them consecutively it is divided into two halves for the franchisor’s benefit. The franchise is restricted to market only those products that are authorized by the franchisor.

(20) Wendy’s:

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Also one of the leading fast food joints, this is offering franchise opportunities for new enterprises since 1972 with their headquarters based in Dublin, Ohio. They offer a menu of different types of fast foods and snacks that includes hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and other compatible items. With several locations in Gurgaon, Bangalore this is becoming a popular brand in India due to the popularity of their quality of different types of snacks that are on offer. Usually with a agreement term of 20 years which can be renewed for 10 years, they offer an extensive training program that will go up to 20 to 24 weeks which offers both on job and classroom training. With over 6540 outlets based all over the world, the investment on this business amounts in the range of US$2,008,500 and maximum of US$3,644,000 that includes the cost of land, building, equipments etc. The individual franchisee might face competitors from other  franchisees of Wendy’s, through Wendy’s Restaurants that are owned by the company, or even from other stations or competing brands possessed by affiliate marketers of Wendy’s.

(21) Intercontinental Hotels Group:

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Operating in India as a major franchise business group for almost 43 years, this exotic group of hotels has their headquarters in Denham, UK and is operating in more than 100 countries with having 5174 hotels all across the globe. The main USP of this group is there world-class infrastructure, most importantly this includes its hugely spacious rooms, that are 766,000 in number, that consists of world-class suites, lounge rooms, gardens etc, quality food both international and national are the key features that draws new people to collaborate with them for a successful venture. Although this is quite a successful brand, taking franchisee might be expensive for some as the initial franchise fee is about US$50,000 however net investment overall can run from US$5 million to near about US$100 million, hence the one willing to invest must have very strong financial support. A well-organized training program is held in seminars in the IHG that has both classrooms as well as on-job training, that initially trains about the fundamentals of success in the hotel business, business profitability and then the second half is about customer service, hospitality etc. Surely one most popular Franchise Opportunity if one has a sound financial base.

(22) InXpress:

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If you are looking for a start-up business but doesn’t want to invest huge amount and also not willing to take a lot of risks, then perhaps the safest way is to take up the courier franchise business opportunity. One of the leaders of the pack is InXpress which is a UK based company that is running their successful show in India for over 18 years and operating in 80 units. They are partnered by “DHL” and hence their pick-up services are supremely world class. To join them is to remain hassle-free, as they will be the one who will take care of all different aspects in logistics that will begin from pick-up to delivery to the destination place. To work with InXpress is to remain free of tension. The main aim of this company is to succeed together, that is the company itself and their respective franchises hence they have a well structured training format that includes field visits with the respective mentors, as well as classroom sessions with feedbacks from other franchisees, interaction with the leaders etc. However after the training all units are provided with continuous support online and offline. Franchisee fees come across a one-time charge of US$50,000. However, the infrastructural cost may vary depending on the set-up choices of the business.

(23) Dairy Queen:

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Coming back once again to fast food franchises Dairy Queen is certainly one of the leaders. Established in Minneapolis, Minnesota, it is operating the franchise business since 1944 they are one such restaurant offering several grilled food items, beverages etc. They have about 6840 units all over the world and they generally like most other franchises offer an agreement of 20 years, which can be extended up to 10 years if all the franchising criteria’s are met. The training is divided into few components like The Management Training Readiness Assessment, a certification called SERVSAFE, the other training includes Product Training, Management Training, People and Profit Training. Last but not the least, a cake decoration certification course. The initial franchise comes around US$35,000, infrastructural and equipment cost extra. Like most other franchises, this particular franchise also is obliged to sell only the products that are approved by the Dairy Queen and they are permitted to sell these products only from the approved premises that are the restaurant. Their competitors are McDonald’s, Ben  &Jerry’s etc.

(24) Mio Amore:

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Popularly known as Monginis, it is one the biggest and the oldest brands that are providing quality chocolates and cakes that is very popular not only in India but also all over the world. Started from way back in the year 1960, it has a wide range of business spread is most parts of India. As much as it almost 500 franchise units that are running in India and are looking to expand even more. This is certainly one very much popular and profitable franchise business opportunity in India that is certainly worth a try for the start-up concerns. Due to its immense popularity and customer satisfaction, chances of acquiring more and more business is increasing gradually. The initial investment is not much. To start this business, investment cost is about 10 lakhs INR, along with it there is an additional amount of 1lakh INR that need to be paid which is refundable. The franchise fees amount to 50,000 INR. The agreement time period is generally 3 years which can be renewed subject to fulfilment of terms and conditions. Special training is provided to the franchises from expert personnel’s of Mio Amore from time to time and along with it there marketing support also provided and other types of assistance granted to make sure the outlet earns maximum profit. Other competitors include Chocolate Hut, Kathleen’s etc.

(25) Lakmé Salon:

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Lakme is India’s pioneer brand when it comes to beauty products. Not only India, but this brand is immensely popular all over the world. The high quality and branded beauty products that are on offer is a huge demand especially for women during the wedding season, festivals and other occasions. The products are widely accepted by all ages because of their genuine products that are devoid of any harmful chemicals and are free from side effects. The supreme brand and huge customer base is drawing different franchisees to join them from different parts of the country. There are Lakme Salons that is established in more than 70 cities across India. The start-up cost to open this franchisee showroom is 25 lakhs INR. There will be training provided by trained executives of Lakme on beautification and on their products so that the customers are served flawlessly. They also ensure that by auditing every franchisee unit periodically, every unit is maintaining the desired standard and quality that is expected of them. Although such a popular brand it is not devoid of completion, it is currently racing against brands like Revlon,Yardley,Garnier,L’Oréal etc.

It may seem to you that most of the above-mentioned franchisee businesses do require heavy budget and hence they are out of reach. Well, don’t worry, here is a list of 10 popular franchisees based business that is certainly suitable for most budgets and is worth a try:

(1) DTDC:

This is a very popular courier company in India which requires a small investment of 1.5 lakh rupees INR. Also, it requires a small space to start.

(2) SmartSchool Junior:

A well known pre-school (for kids) franchise-based business that is very affordable for beginners. It requires an initial investment of about 2-5 lakh rupees INR and 1000-2500 square feet space to start.

(3) SMC Global Securities:

A well-known name in the share market, online trading, mutual funds, IPO etc, they offer franchise opportunity that can be obtained with an initial investment of 2-5 lakh rupees INR and a space of 500 square feet.

(4) Career Launcher:

This is also a franchise based business in education field which requires an investment of 3-10 lakh rupees INR with about 1500 square feet space to start.

(5) Jawed Habib:

A popular salon franchise that requires an investment of about 5 to10 lakhs rupees INR and a minimum of 600 square feet space to begin.

(6) First Cry:

A very popular brand in kid’s clothing and garments, it requires an investment of 10-15 lakhs rupees INR and space of approximately 1000 square feet.

(7) Aptech

Another famous brand in the education sector this also requires around 20 lakh rupees INR to start with a space of approx one thousand square feet.

(8) Dr.Batras:

It is a well-known brand in the healthcare business. It requires an amount of approximately 20 lakh rupees INR and needs about four hundred sq. feet space to start.

(9) Lenskart:

It is a company that provides optical lenses. The startup cost is about 20-30 lakh rupees INR and requires about one thousand square feet space.

(10) Café Udupi Ruchi:

A renowned restaurant that offers very tasty and high-quality vegetarian food to their customers that is 100% natural. It requires an investment of 20-30 lakh rupees INR with a space of 4500 square feet.

So, All the Best…



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