Top 25 Most Popular NRI’s (Non-Resident of India) in the world

I think most of us have a fair idea as to who an N.R.I(Non-Resident Indian) is. However, for those who do not know much about them I just want to briefly explain about these people so that the readers have a fair idea while going through this article and they are able to understand how significant have been the contributions of those people for the development of economy as well as in the other fields of not only India as well as the whole world. So who are the N.R.I’s? They are those people who are born in India or in other words of the Indian origin but they live outside of the Republic of India for business purpose. They mainly carry on their business outside India and stay abroad for an uncertain length of time. Their duration is uncertain because of their nature of the business which does not have a definite time period. It is important to know that the Non-Resident Indian’s are treated on equal footing with the citizens of India. In other words, they are also considered as citizens of India. The categories of N.R.I’s include Indian citizens working in foreign government agencies like:- United Nations Organisation (UNO)World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), etc., those official people who have transferred abroad on a temporary basis with special duties that include India diplomat missions to the offices assigned abroad.

Following are the list of 20 such influential Non-Resident Indian’s who have made our nation proud all over the world:

(1)Lakshmi Mittal:

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Lakshmi Mittal

The chairperson of the ArcelorMittal which is the largest Steel manufacturing organization in the World. In the year 2005, he was ranked the third richest person in the World. But everything did not come easily in his life. Having born in a village devoid of electricity, water he came to Calcutta with his family and started with a small steel firm with his father Mohan Lal Mittal. He took up a firm in Trinidad and Tobago in 1989 which was running in heavy losses and made it into a profitable one. His biggest strength was that he could make a losing venture turn to a profit-making machine. His own company ISPAT INDO turned into ISPAT INTERNATIONAL and later on collaborated with INTERNATIONAL STEEL GROUP which currently operates in 14 nations and has a net worth of about 22 million USD. Mittal Group runs in shipping and delivery, electrical power, oil, coal and so on. He was awarded as one of the “100 more influential persons in the World” in 2007 by TIMES.

(2)Narinder Singh Kapany:

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Narinder Singh Kapany

Born in Punjab, Narinder Singh Kapany is well known for his contributions in fiber optics and how it has helped in transmitting information in today’s era. He has specialized in innovating and managing technology and its transfer as well. Kapany was an AMP Partner, heading the Entrepreneur + Technical Experienced Program and even serving when Chief Technologist for Universal Communications Online business. Not too long ago he was the founder of K2 Optronics. He was also on the advisory board of various agencies. He was a part of the Youthful Presidents Group and later on became a member of the World Presidents Organization. He has also earned a lot of fame as scholar and researcher as he has written more than 100 scientific papers and four books on optoelectronics as well as entrepreneurship. Also known as a philanthropist, he has actively participated in arts and education. A chairman of the Sikh Foundation who has for more than 50 years funded various activities. Kapany also gifted USD $5, 00,000 to the Asian Art Museum that is in San Francisco in order to build a new gallery in its building that will display the collection of Sikh art that has been donated by him. His contribution has earned him many International accolades.

(3)Salman Rushdie:

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Salman Rushdie

This 70-year-old author, who was born in Mumbai, is an Indian author of the Kashmiri origin who was well known for his contributions in the field of English literature. Rushdie, towards the beginning of his career, started working as a copywriter for an ad agency by the name of Ogilvy & Mather. His significant contributions include the second novel “Midnight’s Children” which won him the Booker prize in the year 1981. In 1993 he also won the “Booker of Bookers” prize for the same book. His fourth novel, which was the epic one, “The Satanic Verses” which was published in 1988 created a lot of controversies as it provoked several protests from Muslims from different counties. So much so, that he received threatening calls of Death from several activists for which he was taken under police protection by UK Government. Rushdie has so far written 11 novels and many short stories. His novels were translated and released in more than 40 languages. He was ranked 13th on the all-time greatest 50 British writers since 1945. He was also awarded knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II and was appointed Commandeur de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres of France in the year 1999 for his efforts in literary fields.

(4)Satya Nadella:

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Satya Nadella

He is currently the C.E.O of the largest software company is the World that is Microsoft. He hails from Hyderabad and is also an India n American Business Executive. Nadela is responsible for leading many significant projects that involved cloud computing and has played a major role in developing the biggest of cloud infrastructures. Nadella changed the company’s route after he was empowered with the CEO position. During his term, he was instrumental in emphasizing visibility to cooperating with companies plus technologies which Microsoft likewise competes, which include Apple Inc., Salesforce, IBM, and even Dropbox. Compared with previous Microsoft campaigns contrary to the Linux operating system, Nadela announced officially “Microsoft Linux“. In the year 2016, Microsoft joined the Linux Foundation as a platinum member. Under the leadership of Nadela, Microsoft acquired many high-profile companies like the Mojang, a game company from Sweden, who made the popular game Minecraft, Microsoft Xbox, also he brought Xamarin, as well as Linkedin. In the following years after him becoming the CEO, Microsoft’s stock has risen to more than 60% which has been registered as highest of all time, which is an indication of him being a successful leader. In 2013, Satya Nadela was awarded as the Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum. Currently, he is drawing US$84million per annum as basic becoming one of the highest paid employees in the world.

(5)Amartya Sen:

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Amartya Sen

Mr. Sen is a renowned economist and philosopher who, since 1972 has worked in India, the United Kingdom, and in the United States as well. Sen has been instrumental in contributing towards welfare economics, theory of social choice, economic and social justice, economic theories on famines, and the indexes of measuring the well-being of the citizens of developing nations. His greatest achievements being the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences which was awarded to him in the year 1998 for his outstanding contribution in welfare economics and also the Bharat Ratna in 1999. His other notable works include the impactful work in formulating the Human Development Report which is released by the United Nations Development Programme. This yearly book that positions nations on a wide range of financial and public signs owe much to the efforts by Sen among other public theorists advocates in the area of the financial statistic of inequality and poverty. He was awarded Johan Skytte award in the year 2017 for his success in the field of political science.

(6)Vinod Khosla:

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Vinod Khosla

Vinod Khosla is a co-founder of Sun Microsystems, which created the JAVA programming language and the Network File system. He was also the founder of the Daisy Systems in the year 1981. In 2009 September, Khosla brought up two funds for investment for start-ups in cleantech and information technology. The Khosla Projects III properly secured US$750 thousand of trader responsibilities to spend in conventional early-stage and growth level companies. Khosla also brought up $250 thousand for Khosla Seeds, which will spend in higher-risk possibilities. He is a part of the Panel of Trustees of the Blum Middle for creating financial systems at the School of Florida, Berkeley. The center is concentrated on finding alternatives to deal with the problems of utmost poverty and illness in the underdeveloped sectors. He is also one of the consultants for HackerRank, which has designed a system for technological companies to examine candidates’ skills in programming. Khosla has dedicated approx. US$ 450million from his personal property to the several “green” projects that include solar-power parks, factories of ethanol etc.

(7)Sabeer Bhatia:

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Sabeer Bhatia

His name has been made famous all over the world as the founder of ‘Hotmail’ which is India’s free web-based mail service. He worked as the President and CEO of Hotmail till it was taken over by Microsoft for a very high amount of US$400million in the year 1998.Sabeer then left Microsoft and started another venture which is known by the name Arzoo Inc. that is a firm based on e-commerce. His efforts is signified by the fact that in 2011, Hotmail registered 360 million authenticated users which is next only to Google’s GMail services. Recently he started a messaging service completely free which is known as ‘JaxtrSMS’ It is similar to the e-mailing services of Hotmail. According to him, this SMS service would be immensely beneficial for users in the sense that will be benefited from the data plan the user buys. He was awarded as the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ in 1997 by Draper Fisher Jurvetson which is a venture capital firm. Sabeer Bhatia was also chosen as one of the members of 100 young investors who had the biggest impact on technological advancement and presented him with the ‘TR100’ award.

(8)Zubin Mehta:

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Zubin Mehta

A World famous name in Western classical music he is the biggest thing that has happened to the orchestra world. He was the Director of Music with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra right from 1961 till 1967, and Music Overseer of the Seattle Philharmonic Band of Los Angeles from 62 to 78, being the very youngest song director possibly for any North American band. In 1969, he was signed in as Adviser of Music to the Israel Philharmonic Band and in 1981; Mehta had become a long-term Director of Music for Life. Right from 1978 till 1991, he was in the position of Music Director of the Philharmonic of New York. From 1985, he has also been a main one conductor in music for the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino in Florence, Italy. His mastery on the orchestra has earned him the title of “Honorary Conductor” from several famous orchestra’s all over the planet. He has received many awards and accolades that include the Kennedy Centre Honors in September 2006, and in March 2011 he was awarded with the 2,434th star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood and was given the lifetime achievement award on October 2011 in Berlin. Zubin was also the recipient of the Tagore award 2013 on September which was granted to him by our honorary President Mr. Pranab Mukhejee for his contributions in world music.

(9)Pranav Mistry:

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Pranav Mistry

This genius computer scientist heads the think-tank group of and is the Vice President at Samsung for the Research team. He has significantly worked and proven his efforts in the fields of Wearable Computing, Augmented reality, Ubiquitous computing, gestural interactions, Artificial Intelligence, Machine vision, Collective Intelligence as well as Robotics, Mistry is best known for his focus on SixthSense. Among some of his other projects, Pranav has developed Mouseless – an unseen pc mouse; SPARSH – a easy way to copy-paste information between electronic devices; Quickies – brilliant notes that can be explored, situated and can be used to deliver messages and reminders; Blinkbot – a look and flicker managed robot; a pen that can attract in 3D; and a community map that can act as Search engines of actual globe. Because of his significant contributions he was awarded the Young Global Leader in 2013 by World Economic Forum, 50 Most Creative People of the Year 2010, TR35 2009 award by Technology review, The Invention Award in the year 2009 y Popular Science etc. Truly one of the top and popular NRI’s in the World.

(10)Sunita Williams:

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Sunita Williams

An astronaut in America who is also a Navy Officer in the United States. She was one of the members of the Expedition 14 and Expedition 15 conducted by   International Space Station. In the year 2012, she also acted as a flight engineer on subsequent journeys to Expedition 32 and was the commander in Expedition 33.Sunita was also the first person to run the Boston marathon from the Space station on 2007, April 16th. She used to hold the record for seven spacewalks which was the most by a woman and also the highest spacewalk time by a woman which is 50 hours and 40 mins. Sunita was a member of the STS-116 launch and she participated in the mission to third planet session of the extravehicular activity or the (EVA). She was also the part of the United States Navy in 1987. In September 1992, she led the H-6 detachment as the officer-in-charge which was sent to Miami, Florida for the relief operations in USS Sylvania. This capable lady was subsequently assigned for USS Saipan as the Jet Handler plus the Assistant Air Boss. Williams was working on Saipan in Summer 1998 any time she ended up being selected by NASA as astronaut programmer. She has logged more than 3000 airline flight hours in more than 30th aircraft varieties.

(11)Rohinton Mistry:

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Rohinton Mistry

A well-known writer who has earned his fame internationally due to his literary works won two Hart House literary prizes during his University days. He was the 1st person to win two such prizes. Mistry was also the winner of the Canadian Fiction Magazine’s annual Contributor’s Prize for the year 1985. Mistry’s notable contribution came in his first book that was titled as Swimming Lessons and Other Stories from the Firozsha Bag which was published in the year 1987. His second book, the novel ‘Such a Long Journey’, was released in 1991. It bagged the Governor General’s Award, the Commonwealth Authors Award for Best Book, and the W.H. Smith/Books in North America(Canada) First Novel Award. This famous book was also shortlisted for the Booker and for the Trillium Award. It has been translated in languages German, Remedial, Norwegian, Danish and Japanese. A film was made on this book titled ‘Such a long Journey’ in 1998. Mistry’s third book which was his second novel “A Fine Balance” was published in 1995, that won the Giller Award in 1995, and the Los Angeles Periods Book Award for Stories in 1996. It was chosen for Oprah’s Book Team in Nov 2001 and marketed millions more duplicates throughout Northern United States. It won the 1996 Commonwealth Writers Award and was shortlisted for Booker prize in 1996.

(12)Pan Nalin:

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Pan Nalin

Nalin is a famous and well-known movie director, film writer and a maker of documentaries. His contributions are significant in the filmmaking where he has won many awards for remarkable films like Samsara, Valley of Flowers and Ayurveda: Art of Being. This is his first ever film that won him over 30 International awards. A tragicomedy script that was made by Nalin, Slightly Sane won the CJ Entertainment’s Prize for The Best Worldwide Venture at Pusan Worldwide Movie Event, Southern part of South Korea. Nalin is also working on British language pictures; the line-up has a movie on life of Buddha, an action-adventure impressive project, The First Soldier and paranormal thriller named H2O. His feature film Valley of Flowers was sold in 35 countries worldwide as is considered a huge hit. Nalin was also awarded Spain’s award Vida Sana in 2006 for his contributions in the ecology. In 2007, TMG (David Flint’s Triangular Press Team UK) granted Pan Nalin as one of the Top 50 Go-getters in International Popular Press in the industry of movie, drama and theatre.

(13)Venkatraman Ramakrishnan:

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Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

He is a famous structural biologist’s   who won the Nobel Prize in 2009 along with Thomas A. Steitz and Ada E.Yonath “for studies of the structure and function of the ribosome” He is the head panel of U.S. National Academy of Sciences. In 2007 his immense contribution towards Medicine earned him the Louis-Jeantet Prize. Ramakrishnan is also well-known for his work in on histone and chromatin framework. He was also in the supervision of many PhD students and post doctoral researchers. As per the news in the year 2015, his research papers are the most that have been published in top-rated magazines like the ‘Nature’, ‘Science’ and the ‘Cell’. The main recognition of Ramakrishnan has been due to the determination of the structure (atomic) of the 30S ribosomal subunit. Due to continuous passionate work towards achieving excellence he was also awarded the Padma Vibhushan in the year 2010 which is considered as the second highest civilian award. His research works towards Molecular Biology also earned him knighthood in the year 2012. Lately, he was included in 25 Greatest Globally Living Indian’s in the year 2013 by NDTV.

(14)Mira Nair:

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Mira Nair

She is a well known an internationally acclaimed filmmaker who is known for short films, and documentaries. Her first feature film was Salaam Bombay! that earned her the Golden Camera award at the Cannes Film Festival in the year 1988. The same film was also nominated for the Academy Award for the Best Foreign Language film. Nair is also the maker of several notable films like: –Monsoon Wedding, The Namesake, Mississippi Masala etc. In the year 2002, Nair directed the film Hysterical Blindness which won the Golden Globe award. In the year 2012 Nair directed the film: The Reluctant Fundamentalist which was opened in the Venice Film Festival in the year 2012 and was released all over the world in the year 2013. Nair has also a film-makers lab in Uganda by the name of Maisha Film Lab. In the year 1998, Nair used the profits made from the film ‘Salaam Bombay!’ to set up the ‘Salaam Balak Trust’ which is working with the streets children in India.

(15)Ajit Jain:

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Ajit Jain

Mr. Jain currently leads various types of reinsurance businesses and is also the President of Berkshire Hathaway Insurance group at present. Initially, Jain started his career with IBM as a salesperson for their operations in data processing. He was awarded as the ‘Rookie of the Year’ in his field in 1973. In 1978 he joined McKinsey & Co. but however he left this company in the year 1983 and joined Warren Buffet and started working on the operations of Insurance. Warren Buffet once said that Jain’s mind is an ‘Idea Factory’ and Jain is been thought to succeed as taking over the baton from this World famous American business tycoon. Ajit is also known for his philanthropic activities as he founded the Jain Foundation in the year 2005 that is located in Washington. It is a non-profitable organization whose main function is to find a remedy to the limb-girdle muscular dystrophies caused by dysferlin protein deficiency which was unfortunately the condition Jain’s son was in. He is certainly one of the most popular NRI’s in the World.

(16)Bobby Jindal:

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Bobby Jindal

He is a famous politician of the Indian origin who was the Governor of Louisiana, the 55th one, between the years 2008 to 2016. He was also appointed as the U.S Congressmen and was also the vice-chairman of the Republican Governors Association. In 1996, Jindal was hired as an assistant of the La Division of Wellness and Medical centres and in 1999, at age 28, he was hired as the newest chief executive in a record of the School of La System. In 2001, President Bush hired Jindal as major advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Wellness and Individual Solutions. He competed for the position of the Governor again in the 2007 election and at the age of 36 he was appointed as the Newest Governor of Louisiana after Huey P. Long. He was again elected in 2011 where he won more than 65% of the votes. He was the first Indian United states Governor, and the only one until Governor of Southern Carolina Nikki Haley took over that year. Jindal provided as a Congressperson for two tenures until his selection as the Governor.

(17)Anita Goel:

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Anita Goel

Dr. Anita Goel, a physicist as well as a doctor is one the very best 35 trailblazers by MIT (Massachusetts Start of Technology’s –TR35). TR is one of the popular magazine handles technology as well as focuses on growing technologies and also examine their own -”commercial, monetary, Socio-political encroachment”. After attaining PhD in Physics from Harvard University along with  Doctorate in Medicine from Health Sciences and Technology (HST) department through the Harvard-MIT. She actually is presently a friend of the WTN (World Technologies Network) plus scientific consultant to India-Nano Technology.Goel is the creator and Chief Executive Officer of Nanobiosym. She has already been honored with a number of famous awards from US from the departments of – Defence and DARPA, DTRA, AFOSR and ALL OF US”.
She has been called to speak on President Obama’s – “Strategy for Innovation in America” and also to prepare a guide for bridling nanotechnology to replenish the economy of the United States back in of the year 2010. Goel and even former Minister associated with UK Tony Blair discussed a combined view on dealing with the Global issues in Madrid, Spain in the year 2011.

(18)Manu Prakash:

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Manu Prakash

A very reputed biophysicist in the modern day, Dr. Prakash is currently the assistant professor of bioengineering at Stanford University, USA. Dr. Prakash operates a lab devoted to tasks as diverse as affordable paper microscopes that cost only 50 cents or Rs. 30 approx., water computer systems and biophysics. His unique theory of Physics of moving droplets of water to make a clock that is required in a pc is certainly very famous. He later discovered the actual remarkable physics of a lily pad beetle for genuine scientific interest. He explained the research because “just traditional natural historical past,” having a large dosage of physics. Through the use of parts coming from a music box, Dr. Prakash has created a computer device that can be hard-wired to mix specific amounts of compound fluids in a fashion that is useful intended for both research analysts and students. The design uses metal hooks that traverse punchcard report in order to relieve chemicals via individual programs. His type can be recreated for just US $5. Dr. Prakash is best known for his revolutionary work in producing high-tech resources using affordable components – an effort he terms as ‘frugal science’. His technology may have been designed to deal with complex problems, but their low cost and simple styles make them available to everyone. He has received many awards for his works like the TR35, MIT Technology Review in 2014, India Abroad Face of the Future Award in 2013, Brilliant 10, Popular Science Brilliant 10 in 2014.etc.


<img src=

An expert in many fields, K.K.Raghava is one of the top 10 most amazing people in the World as named by the CNN. He is really a multi-disciplinary performer, working in styles of artwork, film, set up, multimedia, overall performance, and his personal wedding. He started his career as a cartoon drawer in the year 2007 with top Indian publications. The work he does conceptually grapple while using construct with identity, male or female sexuality, and the lack of interpersonal situation in today’s world for online identity-related performance. He has spoken at the University of New York and in several other institutes all across the planet. He also went as a guest in the city of Nimes in France to showcase his work at the Carre d’Art Musee d’Art Contemporain. Raghava‘s artwork piece, Anthropomorphism: When Works of art Dance had been premiered within California in 2005 via a grant through the American Indian Foundation. He also has an art library in the Robin Hood Foundation at the New York. Recently Raghava launched an iPad app, which motivates open-mindedness at the very early stage, at Art Level, Singapore and the Summit of Indian Art at New Delhi.

(20)Indra Nooyi:

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Indra Nooyi

Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi who is presently heading as the American Business Executive that is an Indian and Chairman of PepsiCo, food and beverage business that is number 2 in the world when it comes to net revenue. She is frequently been included the list of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the World from 2008-2017. Since she joined PepsiCo as the CFO, the annual revenues of the company rose steeply to 72%. In the year 2000, the year she joined the net profit of the company has doubled since then. Nooyi‘s strategically re-direction of Pepsico has been most effective. She segregated Pepsico’s items into three categories: “fun for you” like the snacks and soda, “better for you” that is diet or low-fat editions of treats and sodas, and “good for you” items like the oatmeal. Her effort was secured with adequate financing. She shifted business investing away from unhealthy meals and into the more healthy solutions, with the aim of helping the fitness of even the “fun” offerings. Nooyi received much recognition in her life for her achievements but none better than the one she received in the year 2013 where she was awarded as one of the 25 Greatest Global Living Legends by the current President of India, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee. She was also the CEO of the Year 2009 awarded by the Global Supply Chain Leaders Group.

(21)Naveen Jain:

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Naveen Jain

Naveen is an executive businessman, an entrepreneur and also founder along with CEO of the company named InfoSpace. This company became the biggest web-based companies in the North West of America. Of late Jain became the co-founder of the Moon-Express where was designated with the Executive Chairman Post and also the VIOME where is assigned as a Chief-Executive-Officer. Jain co-founded InfoSpace with half a dozen employees, generally from Microsoft, and commenced developing email-based and mobile phone directories. InfoSpace provided written content and providers, such as telephone directories, routes, games and also the precise product information on the currency markets, to websites and portable device companies. The company became at low priced without money using co-branding strategies. As opposed to trying to get in order to an InfoSpace website, internet sites like Lycos, Excite and also Playboy inserted Infospace‘s capabilities and information into their website and included an InfoSpace icon with it. InfoSpace and then earned funds by taking a small % of a warrant, subscription or perhaps advertising costs. By the year 2000, this company has already worked with 1500 sites on the web, 60 % content generators, and about 20 telecom companies. It capped at peak with its market revenue about US$31 billion and was accoladed by Wall Street analysts for its efforts. Jain has been honored several times for his entrepreneurial success; his achieved awards include “Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Silicon India’s “Most Admired Serial Entrepreneur,” and the “Albert Einstein Technology Medal.” He was felicitated with the “Lifetime Achievement Award.” He was one of the “Top 20 Sequential Entrepreneurs” to achieved this feat. This legendary and innovative icon’s next venture is traveling to the MOON using the resources of the lunar that are available on earth.

(22)Sukhinder Singh Cassidy:

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Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

She is the executive of technology as well as an entrepreneur. Among the famous companies, she has worked include Google, Amazon and News Corp, Yodlee (YODL), Polyvore, and Junglee. She was appointed as the founder and the chairperson of JOYUS which was India’s first video shopping platform for women. After leaving Google in the year 2009. Cassidy joined the firms Accel Partners as the CEO-in-Residence and later on she was appointed as CEO of Polyvore in the year 2010. Because of her innovativeness her and passionate work that JOYUS was rated one of the “Hot 100” e-retailing websites through Internet Merchant in this and one from the “Top twenty-five E-commerce Businesses to Watch” by Brand name Innovators within 2013. JOYUS was a champion of the 2013 Brightcove Development Awards along with a winner in the 2013 L’Oreal Next Era Digital Honours. JOYUS had been featured simply by Apple among the best Way of life shopping applications for the 2014 holiday season. Cassidy commenced her corporation because the woman sensed to be able to converge a profitable business model in addition to technology using an experience that could delight ladies and make them happier. She has received several accolades for the ‘Power Women’ by Forbes in the year 2014, “44 Female Founders Every Entrepreneur Should Know” in 2012 etc.

(23)Suma Chakrabarti:

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Suma Chakrabarti

Suma Chakrabarti, the exact high-profile chief executive of the London-headquartered European Traditional bank for Renovation and Growth (EBRD), who have taken at the belt last year for the four-year period, definitely possesses India in the radar.Though India is simply not a shareholder in EBRD yet, Chakrabarti believes how the increasingly part of India on the entire world stage demonstrates the nation’s big corporates can work while using the bank to help you it obtain the require of promoting the development of marketplace economics.Chakrabarti is an alumnus of Oxford University along with lives in Birmingham. He was some sort of senior bureaucrat in GREAT BRITAIN administration ahead of taking up the very assignment with EBRD spectacular job was while a permanent assistant in UK’s ministry involving justice. In 2001, coming back to the Department for International Growth (DfID), the heir body to the ODA, Chakrabarti became DfID (Director-General for Local Growth Programs), handling 1,200 staff in African-American, Japan, Southern European countries, the Caribbean and Latin America. On 8 Dec 2009, he gave proof to The Iraq Query, talking about arrangements for the 2003 intrusion of Iraq. He held the offices of the Permanent Secretary of the Department of International Development in from the years 2002 till 2008, after which he took over as the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice from 2008 till the year 2012.

(24)Kalpen Suresh Modi:

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Kalpen Suresh Modi

He is a famous actor who is an American by profession, a producer, a chef, as well as a civil servant who is very well known by the name of Kal Penn. Penn started his acting career with his first movie released in the year 1998, Express: Aisle to Glory, his other movies include: American Desi, Van Wilder, the final episode of The Lonely Island, Malibu’s Most Wanted, A Lot Like Love, Dude, Where’s the Party?, Love Don’t Cost a Thing, Superman Returns, Epic Movie, The Namesake, the Harold & Kumar series, Deck the Halls etc. He has been universally recognized for his notable performance in the movie: “The Namesake”. Penn has also been a visiting lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania for the subject of Cinema Studies Program. Apart from movies he has also taken an active part in with Obama’s Federal Government as an Associating Director within the White Home Office associated with Engagement of Public. Penn acted as an advocate in President Barrack Obama’s campaign that initiated in 2007 and 2008.

(25)Dev Patel:

<img src=
Dev Patel

Patel is known to be an English actor. In 2008, he acted in the lead role as Jamal Malik in Danny Boyle‘s movie Slumdog Millionaire, which won the Academia Prize for Best Film, and for which he was selected for the BAFTA Prize for Best Acting professional and the SAG Prize for Best Assisting Acting professional. He was also a leading actor in a very successful comedy-romance drama “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” that was released in the year 2012. He also played in The Last Airbender (2010), and the sci-fi criminal activity thriller movie Chappie (2015). His expression of Neal Sampat on the HBO tv sequence The Newsroom (2012–2014) gained him an NAACP Picture Prize nomination for Excellent Assisting Acting professional in a drama series. In 2015, Patel appeared as the math wizard Srinivasa Ramanujan in the biopic “The Man Who Realized Infinity”, and the following season he performed Saroo Brierley in the drama Lion (2016). For the latter, he won the BAFTA Prize for Best Assisting Acting professional and was selected for the Fantastic World, Critics’ Option Prize, SAG Prize, and the Academia Prize for Best Assisting Acting professional.

There are few other legends that had made our country really proud unfortunately who do not exist anymore. Who could forget Kalpana Chawla, the first and most famous Indian American astronaut whom we lost at a very early age at a space disaster in the year 2003. Mr. S.Chandrasekhar who was the winner of the Nobel prize in 1983 for his famous book on mathematics titled “Theory of Black Holes”. Har Gobind Khorana, another Nobel Prize winner in 1968 along with Robert Holley and Marshall Nirenberg for cracking the code for Physiology or Medicine. I hope India continues to produce many such influential people in the future who will make our nation stand proudly in the World arena as it does today.

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