Brief Intro: The first contemporary maps of India were produced by Survey of India (which was established in 1767 by the British East India Company). And from that period Survey of India is still today administrative mapping authority in India. Like in other parts of the world, India too conducts photographic surveys and employs the latest digital printing as modern map-making techniques. In this Satellite imagery, aerial photographs and video surveying techniques are also used. The Indian IRS-P5 (CARTOSAT-1) was outfitted with a high-resolution panchromatic device to enable it for cartographic purposes. And with the help of such techniques Maps of India are drawn to a scale (expressed in the form of a ratio or any unit of measurement by physically measuring with that entity).

You are at the perfect place, if in case you are looking for maps of India. We have selected the top 14 most important maps of India. All below Maps are based upon the Survey of India Map and every internal and external boundary including coastline are also according to the Survey of India Map. These maps are most hunted on Google for educational or entertaining purposes. For example, Political Map of India is required mainly by the students of School or College and Road Map is essential for a Tourist Guide. We have sorted and made a compilation of all vital maps for you in one place.


1.) Road Map of India

This map is specially planned for motorists, tourist guides and for other travel adventure seekers, showing the roads of a country or any region. Click to enlarge Map below.

India Road Map

2.) India River Map

The India River and Lake Map depict various rivers, lakes and water bodies present across the country. Click below to view the Larger India River Map.

Indian Rivers and Lakes Map

3.) Sex Ratio Map of India

This map shows human sex ratio for the total population in India. Sex ratio is basically the number of males for each female.

Sex Ratio Map of India

4.) India Wind Zone Map

This Map tell us about the wind and cyclone risk areas in India. Click the figure below to see the enlarge map.

Wind Zone Map of India

5.) Population Density Map of India

The map highlights the state-wise population density in India. Enlarge the map to see and find the least and highest population density states.

This is a Population Density Map of India

6.) India Literacy Rate Map

Below map shows the total Literacy Rate in India. Moreover, it depicts the state-wise Male and Female Literacy Rate in India.

Literacy Rate Map of India

7.) Physical Map of India

The map basically show an interpretation of the geographic area of India. It provides the physical location of Indian subcontinent. It also highlights bodily features, such as lakes, rivers, mountain ranges, and other land-forms. Below is the Physical Map of India. You can click on the map below to see it in large image.

Physical Map of India

8.) Political Map of India

The Map show us the boundaries defining neighbouring countries and states or territories within India. In simple terms, this map purpose is to show borders (imaginary lines that divide two places). Below is the Political Map of India. Click on the map below to see it in bigger resolution.

Political Map of India

9.) Earthquake Zone Map of India

The below map shows all five seismic zones given in the earthquake-resistant design code of India.

Earthquake Zone Map of India

10.) Flood Zone Map of India

The map below depicts us as the most flood-prone areas in India. You will notice major flood zone areas in India are the river banks and deltas.

Flood Zone Map of India

11.) Indian Disputed Map 

There are several disputed territories of India, Pakistan and China. And the map below shows the entire disputed length of the frontier.

Indian Disputed Map

12.) Climate Zone Map of India

India has a large variation in climate from region to region. And Map below is showing climatic zones in India.

Climate Zone Map of India

13.) Annual Temperature Map of India

Map showing average annual temperature map of India.

Annual Temperature Map of India

14.) Annual Rainfall Map of India

The map shows the distribution of annual rainfall over India indicating the volume of rain different regions in the country receive.

Annual Rainfall Map of India

Top 3 Websites to Search for Indian Political Map and Physical Map.

Maps of India are often either Physical or Political. The most significant principle of the Indian Political Map is to show Territorial Boundaries of States or Major Cities (with or without names) and the purpose of the Indian Physical Map is to show geographical features such as rivers, mountains, soil type, crop production or terrain use including infrastructures such as roads, railroads and buildings. There is also one Topographic map and Geological map. Topographic maps show elevations and relief with contour lines or shading and are mostly used by the Indian Army Corps of Engineers. Geological maps show not only the physical surface, but characteristics of the underlying rock, fault lines, and subsurface structures and are mostly used by Indian Navy.

A variety of features shown on an India Map are represented by Conventional Signs or Symbols. For Example, colours can be used to point out a classification of rivers or roads. Those signs are typically clarified in the margin of the map, or on a separately available characteristic sheet. Here, It is essential to identify that even the most accurate maps forfeit a certain amount of correctness in scale to deliver greater visual usefulness to its consumer. Below are the top 3 websites where you can see the most accurate India Map.

1.) Google India Map – – Google Maps is one of the best and most accurate desktop and mobile web mapping service application and technology provided by Google. It offers satellite imagery, street maps, and Street View perspectives, as well as functions such as a route planner for travelling by car, foot, or with public transportation. Google Maps provides a route planner under “Get Directions” making this world’s most popular app for Smartphones. Google Maps uses JavaScript extensively and users can easily take out prints.

Google Indian Map

2.) – is a top leader in premium-quality digital map data, Navigation, Tracking and LBS products, and GPS & GIS-based systems integration services. The Company has IP ownership for the largest, most comprehensive, accurate, feature-rich and updated digital map data of India which forms the bedrock for the various services and products offered by MapmyIndia. Even after the entry of local and multinational competitors, MapmyIndia remains the preferred source of digital map data for consumers, industry and government, given their superiority in terms of quality, coverage, comprehensiveness and freshness.

3.) – is one of the largest online storehouses of maps on India since 1998. The site provides business mapping solutions and thematic map images of India, its states, union territories, districts, and cities in form of Political Map, India Outline Map, Distance Between Cities Map and Physical Map. It is an established brand, servicing businesses, institutions and individuals across the globe. It is a free site to download Indian Maps from a directory of over 6,000 pages of maps and content.

Maps of India: Includes Political & Physical



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