Whenever we think of beautiful views of the skyline or the whole city, we think of ever tall built Buildings. All the countries in the world aspire to construct a tall independent-standing building to display the architectural and engineering progress and also the control and wealth. All the significant places from history until today and even the future will see tall buildings to signify the importance of that place.

Most of the tallest buildings in the world are of great importance in many ways such as a form of modern art or the historical value they carry. The tallest building in the world is Burj Khalifa, UAE. India is also benevolently progressing towards building tall and strong skyscrapers. In the last few decades, India has built many tall buildings which are above 800 ft. Most of these buildings are luxury residential apartments and flats.

Most of the tallest buildings in India are in Mumbai and the highest is in Kolkata. Many even taller projects are under construction such as the Three Sixty West Tower B (aimed to be 1,185 ft), Sky link Tower(to be 988 ft) and many more. Most of the tallest buildings in India are built by the private sector and others by combined efforts of public and private sectors.

If you re interested in knowing all about the Top 10 Tallest Residential Buildings in India, we have compiled the following list for you:

1. The 42

Beautiful view of The 42
The 42, Kolkata

The first name in the list of India’s tallest buildings is none-other than “The 42“, in the city of Kolkata. It is the tallest residential building and tower. It has a total of 62 floors. The 42 completed its construction in the year 2018. It has a total height of 268 meters (879 ft). It was a project of the famous architect Hafeez Contractor.

All the apartments or flats in this tower have a three-level balcony. Also, they provide a 360-degree view of the whole city. The night view from this skyscraper is worth all the fuss!

2. The Imperial

Twin towers of The Imperial
The Imperial, Mumbai

The second tallest building on this list is The Imperial. The Imperial has been the tallest building until the completion of The 42. It is a twin-tower and is residential. They are present in Mumbai, India. Both the towers are of equal height and floors. The total height, of each tower, is 256 meters (840 ft). The total number of floors is 60, in both the towers.

The Imperial is the ninth tallest twin-type building/structure in the world. It was also a project by architect Hafeez Contractor and developed by the Shapoorji Pallonji & Co Ltd.

3. One Avighna Park

Luxurious One Avighna Park
One Avighna Park, Mumbai

The ‘One Avighna Park‘ is the third tallest building in India right now. The prime location and beautiful architecture are its prime catch. It is situated in the heart of Mumbai City, India. It has been constructed by the Avighna India Ltd. It consists of more than 61 floors. It is about 251 meters(818 ft) tall.

It has been rated as 7-star and is a high-class luxury apartment. Many stars and other prominent public figures have a flat here. It has also been graded as a Platinum.

4. Ahuja Towers

Twin residential towers at Ahuja Towers
Ahuja Towers, Mumbai

The 4th tallest building in India is the Ahuja Towers. It is present in Worli in the city of Mumbai. It was constructed and developed by the Ahuja Corporation. It has a total length of 248.5 meters (815 ft). You can buy here flats of 4BHK and Penthouses of 6BHK. The beautiful architecture is the main go of the Ahuja Towers.

These apartments are also a great option for those who love to experience world-class facilities and lifestyle but also really love recreational activities.

5. Lodha Altamount

Beautiful architecture of Lodha altamount mumbai
Lodha altamount, mumbai

If you love luxury loaded residence, the Lodha Altamount is among the top choices! The Lodha Altamount is a luxurious residential-tower and it is the fifth tallest in the country right now. It was developed by the Lodha Group and the style was conceived by German-Iranian architect Hadi Teherani. It has a height of 240 meters (787 ft).

The tower has about 40 floors with some recreational floors and others. The Lodha Altamount is situated on the Altamount Road, Mumbai which is among the 10th most expensive streets in the world.

6. Auris Serenity Tower

four towers of Auris Serenity Tower
Auris Serenity Tower, Mumbai

We all want space were we get world class facilities or just to say which can challenge any top class resort, well that is what Auris Serenity Tower! It is a 235 meters (771 ft) tall residential tower. It was constructed by Transcon-Sheth Creators Pvt. Ltd to provide a world-class residential facility. It has about 69 floors as of now.

One of the other prime features of this tower is its prime location. It is placed optimally from all the top places in Western Mumbai. It is expected to have 4 towers complete soon enough.

7. Two ICC

luxurious ICC Towers
Two ICC, Mumbai

The Island City Center is the next tallest building in India today. It has a height of 223.2 meters (732 ft). The main show stopper feature of this building is the luxury reception. All the apartments are world class and very costly. It has about 65 floors as of now such that with each lift there are about 3 flats. A great piece of architecture.

It is a twin tower and thus the name as “Two” ICC. A unique feature that defines this luxurious haven is its eco-friendly take on everything possible, such as water harvesting, organic waste converter etc.

8. World Crest

Tallest world one tower, Lodha World Crest
Lodha World Crest, Mumbai

The next tallest building in this list is one of the towers of the World One project, that is, World Crest. The World One is being built by the Lodha Group. This project consists of two towers the: World View and World Crest. The World View is expected to be taller than World Crest and is still under construction. This project will complete with a total of three towers and are the next tallest projects.

The World Crest is of the height 222.5 meters (730 ft). It is a world-class skyscraper and the interiors of this project are designed by Giorgio Armani himself.

9. Lodha Venezia A

architecture by Hafeez Contractor of lodha venezia
lodha venezia, mumbai

The second last name on this list is yet again by the innovation and construction giant, the Lodha Group, that is the Lodha Venezia A. It is also another luxurious haven that comes with world-class facilities. It is the second last tallest name on this list of tallest Indian buildings. It has a total length of 213.5 metres (700 ft) with about 68 floors.

It was recently completed and entered the list of top 10 tallest buildings in India. Prime features of this building are its safety centered construction and optimal location.

10. Lodha Bellissimo Tower

Night view of Lodha Bellissimo
Lodha Bellissimo, Mumbai

The final name on our list is yet again by the building experts the Lodha Group, which is the Lodha Bellissimo Tower. These are twin towers known as Lodha Bellissimo Tower 1 and 2. They are both 197.5 meters (648 ft). They are currently working for 48 floors but are to be expanded to 53 floors.

The most attractive features of this oasis of luxury include Italian marble floors, private pools with living rooms, Swedish wooden flooring and many other exquisite features!

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