“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”

Miuccia Prada

As we are moving forward to live a life influenced by the western world, it is becoming necessary to dress like in that particular way too. Earlier, in India dress sense didn’t matter as much as the world recognized us by the saying “simple living, high thinking”. But as we came under the colonial rule, they taught us the western culture and how the dressing has been an integral part of life. Nowadays, our life is not happening if we don’t have the range of some good clothes. And from good clothes, I mean some really expensive clothes. Now, clothes have become a symbol of your status. let it be men or let it be women, everyone wants to dress well. India has so much variety in terms of clothes from Punjabi Kurtas to Dhotis to Jeans and for women, it can be saree, palazzo or suit.

These traditional clothes are now influenced by the western culture which makes it an urban trend. Women have been influenced by social sites and they try new dresses to make their profile look more gorgeous. Nowadays, a lot of companies have entered the Indian market are competing for the first place. With e-commerce sites like Myntra, Jabong, Club factory, more varieties have been introduced to the Indians and women seem to be enjoying the most benefits from it. Here, we are going to mention the top 10 amazing brands for women in India.

1. BIBA Apparels:


This brand is famous for ethnic clothing among women. This brand was started by Meena Bindra in the capital city of our country that is New Delhi in the year 1998 from her home. The fusion of Indian and Western clothes will just blow your mind. These Indo-western outfits are quite popular among all the age groups. From gorgeous Kurtis to mind-boggling salwar suits, this brand has a lot to offer. To date, it has around 150 brand outlets and around 225 multi-brand outlets. It made a profit of around INR 600 crores in the year 2014-15. You can visit them on this site http://www.biba.in/

2. H&M:


It stands for Hennes & Mauritz. This is a Sweden based clothing-retail company with its presence in around 74 countries. It has around 5,000 outlets in these countries. It occupies the second position after Zara in the world and in recent times it has increased its online presence and recently it tied up with Myntra to increase its reach in India. This brand is famous among youngsters. It was founded in 1947. They launch products based on the likes of teens. In India, it has now taken the number one spot after displacing Zara as the fastest-growing clothing brand. One can visit them on https://www2.hm.com/en_in/index.html

3. ZARA:


It is a brand which offers you nearly everything from casual clothes to formal clothes. It is one of the expensive brands as well. If we talk about its position it is no. 1. It is the world’s largest apparel retailer. This company is based in Spain and it was founded in 1975 and it has 10,000 stores worldwide with a total revenue of $18.9 billion per year. You can find its products on this site http://zara.com/. In India, it offers trousers, jumpsuits, knitted t-shirts, etc.

4. W for Women:


This brand offers you a stylish range of Kurtis and other clothing accessories like palazzos. This brand is a little expensive but it is worth buying. This brand was started by Mr. Trilok Chand and Mr. Narender Singh in the year 1972 but now it has become a household name. It is a famous fashion brand between the ages of 20 to 50. You can visit them online on https://wforwoman.com/



This is a brand that is quite good for a medium budget. You can get some good quality clothes in an affordable budget. It was founded back in 2009 and it is a subsidiary of TCNS CLOTHING CO. LIMITED which is run by Mr. OS Pasricha and Mr. AS Pasricha. This brand truly re-defines the Indian Ethnic by mixing or fusing the realm of traditions with modern ideas of fashion. The work culture of Aurelia is all about inclusion, collaboration, high prioritization. It is a great experience with a consistently good quality product with great fit and sharp pricing. One can visit them on https://shopforaurelia.com/

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6. Global Desi:


Global Desi is a very catchy name and now it has become quite a famous name in every household and it is one of India’s Original fashion brands. It was started by Anita Dongre in the year 2015. She is an Indian fashion designer. She makes gorgeous ethnic wear, especially bridal clothes. This is one of the brands you would never miss on to. It is a very different kind of eastern fashion style of clothing. You can find it on this site https://www.globaldesi.in/

7. FabIndia:


Their collection consists mainly of Neer Collection, Fabels, Tops & Shirts, Jacket & Coats, Dupattas and Stoles, Saris. It is also one of the largest brands in India. You can visit them at https://www.fabindia.com/ They are even popular outside of India. Many tourists from abroad keep on visiting their stores. This brand will give you that local desi touch in their clothes as well as accessories. This brand was founded in the year 1960 and it generated average revenue of around $64 million. It was founded by John Bissell. The company sources all of its products from rural places to increase employment from villages. They have an estimated 40,000 craftspeople across the whole country.

8. Madame:


This is an Indian brand of clothing. It was founded in the 1980s in Ludhiana which is in Punjab state. Today, it has become one of the finest Indian clothing brands for women. In 2009, they had 64 stores in total and around 600 multi-brand outlets. Their first exclusive store was opened in the city of Dreams that is Mumbai (earlier Bombay) in 2002. They also have four exclusive stores in Saudi Arabia. They have consistently expanded their empire. Basically, this brand targets teenage girls and young women. You can visit them online on https://www.madameme.in/ They are known for their amazing work with the fabrics and within some decades they have been one of the most desired bridal clothing brands. They are continuously expanding their stores across India.

9.Bombay Selection:


They offer great products like Bridal lehenga, Traditional Casual, South Indian Lehenga Saree, Ethnic Royal, Indo Western, Cotton Suits, Kurtis. They are simply the best when it comes to bridal fashion and accessories. You can visit them online on http://www.bombayselection.in/ They provide you with a wide range of colorful and vibrant products with rich Indian taste.

10.Pepe jeans


They are famous for making trendy jeans, shorts, Printed Tees, Slim Jeans, Knit and sweatshirts, Skirts & Shorts. Their denim collection is also very famous.

When it comes to women, they always need a large choice of clothes to make decisions until they completely know what would be best suited for them. For different occasions, they require different types of clothes and the brands we have mentioned are one of the most demanded brands not only in India but in the world also.
I hope you would have loved the content. So, there you go, ladies, happy shopping!

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