Time is the most precious thing in this world as all people say. So, it is essential to keep track of time. With the increase in the work hours and a rush to keep up with the deadline, there is always the need to track our progress. Thus, watches become an essential part of our lives, not just to keep us on time but also as fashion essential. Now, the kind of watch are you wearing defines your fashion sense and your status. It has a broader role to play in our lives, unlike the old times. Indians are now more aware of the brands and many luxury companies are present to capture the market and there has been a 7% increase in the sales of watches in the Q4, 2019.

Clocks have been used throughout the entire course of human history. Their origin can be traced back to 3500 B.C as the sundial clocks. These clocks used the sun to show time hence were not very reliable. The modern pocket-sized watch came into existence in 1505 and was invented by Peter Henlein who was a German locksmith. Thereafter, the design went through many changes in the next 500 years, until it became a modern smartwatch. However, the good old mechanical watches still have relevance as they are used as prized possessions.

Watches are also kind of possessions passed from one generation to another and it gives the younger generation a sense of maturity and the sense of responsibility then it is them who would lead their family name further ahead. So, we can say that watches represent many things in one’s life. Thus, we are going to discuss the top 10 Watches brands in India which are loved by the Indians as the brands they mostly buy for several purposes. Here’s a list of 10 most popular brands-

1. Titan


This is an Indian brand which is owned by the TATA Group in collaboration with Tamil Nadu Industrial Corporation. There may not be any business in India in which the TATA company is not involved. We Indians also love the brand and the first brand that comes to our mind while purchasing a watch is Titan. It is affordable and reliable. If you wear Sonata, don’t worry, it is also a sub-brand of Titan Company Limited. It is headquartered in Chennai in Tamil Nadu with a net income of ₹11.63 billion (US$160 million). Around 7,000 employees work in it and it was founded in the year 1984. Manushi Chillar (Miss World 2017) is the brand ambassador of the company. Titan is not just a brand in India but it is a symbol of bonds and love in the country that’s why it is reigning the market for many years. Vikram Kapur is the current CEO of this company. You can visit the site on http://titancompany.in/. The most common collections company offer is Orion, Nebula, Steel, Octane, Automatic, etc.

2. Timex


It is a well-known company worldwide. It gives that vintage vibes that attract the watch lovers. It is owned by Timex Group USA which applies a special kind of German engineering in making products along with the super classy Italian designs. Thus, these watches are top-notch and loved globally by watch lovers. In India, this company occupies number two spot. Quartz and Expedition are the most famous Timex collections in India. It was formerly called as Waterbury Clock CompanyTimex Corporation. It was founded in 1854 and around 2,000 people work in it. You can visit it at http://www.timex.com/

3. Fastrack


It is an Indian brand founded in the year 1998. It is a sub-brand of the most famous Indian brand that is Titan. But in 2009, it started as an independent brand. It is headquartered in New Delhi. Along with watches, it produces sunglasses, bags, wallets, perfume, etc. It was launched to aim at the younger generation by making funky and appealing watches. It gives that sporty look which is liked by the younger generations. One reason for its popularity is its linking with the Titan brand.

4. Casio


Well, Casio is Casio and if you are a true watch lover, you know how it feels to have this watch. It looks premium and classy. It is a Japenese company founded in the year 1946 and it is headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Around 12,000 employees work for the company. You can visit it at http://world.casio.com/ It comes with many features that one asks for. In terms of digital watches, it has now begun its operations. These brands make many digital products acclaimed worldwide like calculators and musical instruments especially synthesizers.

5. Rolex


This brand is pure luxury. It can be defined as a brand that is wanted by all but can be purchased by some. It is one of the costliest brands and it represents your high-class and social status. The cost is the reason it has somewhat fewer sales figures than other brands. It was founded in 1905 in the UK and its headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland. It generates a revenue of around $4.6 billion. Ai-king, Datejust are some of its best collections. You can visit it at https://www.rolex.com/watches.html

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6. Omega


This company is famous for producing chronometer, quartz, manual and automatic winding watches. This brand has been used in James Bond movies since 1995 (Omega Seamaster). This special type of watch has stainless steel and bracelet, case-back with the screw-in-crown making it top-notch. It is also the longest-running collection of this brand and it was also worn by the Royal Navy officials in the UK when World War 2 was about to end. It is a highly acclaimed watch worldwide. Moonwatch is also one of the best selling watches from the Speedmaster family. You can visit them at https://www.omegawatches.com/

7. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is a fashion brand known worldwide for its quality and genuine products. Let it be bags, perfumes, clothes are one of the best. It is known for producing Sports and Classic watches for men, women and unisex and is the high-priced product. You can visit them at https://uk.tommy.com/mens-watches This is an American brand.

8. Fossil


It is also an American brand of watches founded I the year 1984 by Tom Kartsotis and it is now headquartered in Richardson, Texas in the US. It is now present at 364 locations worldwide. It also makes accessories for many-valued market companies like Diesel, Puma and Armani Exchange, etc. You can visit http://www.fossil.com/. It makes many watches based on pop culture including the designs of Superman, Batman, etc. Around 15,000 employees work in it.

9. Citizen


If you want innovations and you don’t talk about Japanese brands. That’s selfish. This is the biggest brand in Japan in terms of wristwatches. It is the most reliable and loved brand. It always remains one step ahead and it was the first brand to use solar panels in watches to remove the use of normal batteries. This company was founded in 1918 and its headquarters are in Nishitōkyō, Tokyo, Japan. You can visit it on http://www.citizen.co.jp/global/. Its collection includes Eco-drive watches, Contemporary watches, etc.

10. Armani


This brand is a fashion brand from Italy and it is just luxury. It was founded by Giorgio Armani. Not only watches, but it also makes high-end clothes, shoes, jewelry, eyewear, cosmetics, etc. The number of employees working is around 7,300 and it generates total revenue of €2.90 billion. You can visit it at https://www.armani.com/ In India, only a few people can purchase such an expensive range of watches.

Thus, with the changing time, the importance of watches has grown and now it is a luxury and it is fashion and pride symbol as well.
We hope you guys would have got what you have come for. So, happy shopping guys!

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