Different faces and different styles, in all that we want a hairstyle that makes us stand out. A hairstyle can make or break an impression. It is a way of delivering our personality, from curls, bob or mullet and the mixes of these hair cuts with colours we choose, from the basic browns to pop pink or even an electric blue, helps describe our personality. What better way to deliver this than with a hairstylist that understands our mood? When we aim for this expression of our core, we want a reliable hairstylist to guide us. What better than India’s top best hairstylists?!

10 best hairstylists in india

Hairstylist not only delivers a basic hairstyle but also studies the face structure and style of the person. You may be confused about whether to chop off those long locks or stay with whatever hairstyle you have had. Hairstyles provide with the guidance and that leap of faith.

India is home to some iconic names when it comes to Hairstylists. The following list of hairstylists has some of the most hailed names in the industry. They might be helpful to decide about your next “New day, New me” look!

Read on to find the one that might fit the description of your perfect hairstylist:

1. Jawed Habib

Jawed Habib - Celebrity Hairstylist
Celebrity Hairstylist Jawed Habib

The name we all know and the one that never gets old. Jawed Habib is an icon in the hair and fashion industry. He built a career spanning more than 25 years all through his efforts and dedication. 

Known for his flamboyant and frivolous methods, Jawed Habib has built a name as more than a hairstylist. He is an entrepreneur and teacher, with salons and training academies spread all over the country.

2. Adhuna Bhabani

Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar, Famous Hairstylist
Popular and Trendy Hairstylist Adhuna Bhabani

A much-celebrated name in the industry, Adhuna Bhabani is a creative and dynamic hairstylist. She is also known by her former married name Adhuna Akhtar. Intrigued by the art of hairstyling, Adhuna got drawn towards this profession at a very young age. She has worked with almost all big names in the industry. 

She is also known for being the founder and creative director of the brand BBlunt. She is one of the best hairstylists in India.

3. Savio Pereira

Savio Pereira Hairstylist
Celebrity stylist and makeover expert Savio Pereira

Savio Pereira is among the most popular and best hair professionals in India. He is a common household name as he has also appeared in many Indian reality shows. Following his success and fame, he is now mostly associated with many top brands like L’Oreal, Schwarzkopf and more.

He has maintained his position among the best hairstylists by keeping a great flow with the trends.

4. Aalim Hakim

Best Hairstylist for men, Aalim Hakim

The next popular name on the list of the best hairstylists in India is Aalim Hakim. From top cricketers to Bollywood heroes, Aalim is one of the most preferred hairstylists by men. Many stars have time and again provided testimonials of his magic works.

Many big names associated with his work are Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, M.S. Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar and more.

5. Sapna Bhavnani

Sapna Bhavnani The Hairstylist
Unconventional and frivolous hair professional Sapna Bhavnani

A warrior and then an artist, Sapna Bhavnani is one of the best hairstylists in India. She has worked with celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra, John Abraham, Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif, Gauri Khan and many more. 

Sapna is known for her bold and eccentric style and has created a strong presence in the field.

6. Vikas Marwah

Vikas Marwah the famous hairstylist
The Quirky and Trendy stylist Vikas Marwah

Vikas Marwah, also known as the Emerging Talent, is a popular hairstylist. Based in Mumbai, Marwah is known for his fresh and trendy approach. He has won many awards and gained a lot of recognition making him a distinguished name in the top 10 Indian hairstylists.

A great education, celebrity customers and a face-brand, Vikas has more than just his skills to prove is skills.

7. Dilshad Pastakia

Hairstylist Dilshad Pastakia
Popular hairstylist Dilshad Pastakia

A great stylist with a great personality is the best way to describe hairstylist Dilshad Pastakia. She is a favourite of many Indian celebrities including Badshah of Bollywood, Shar Rukh Khan. 

What makes her even more special? It is her work ethics and loyalty. She has worked for almost all celebrities and yet caters to everyone without focusing on the background.

8. Sylvie

With an experience of over 30 years, Sylvie is a prominent figure in the industry. She is easily among the best hairstylists that India has. From top celebrities like Hema Malini, Juhi Chawla, Sushmita Sen, Sonu Sood and many more, Sylvie has been the preferred celebrity hair and makeup stylist for all of them.

She has featured in many newspapers and magazines like Times of India, The Hindustan Times. She has also appeared on tv channels like Sony, Zee and many more.

9. Ambika Pillai

Popular Hairstylist Ambika Pillai
Elegant and popular hairstylist, Ambika Pillai

The next amazing hairstylist on the list of best hairstylists in India is Ambika Pillai. Hailing from the city of Kollam, Kerala, Ambika has made her presence prominent over the years. She is both a hairstylist as well as a makeup artist. She has even trained her sisters into the journey of makeovers.

Ambika is a distinguished name in fashion weeks, advertisements, movies and photoshoots. 

10. Elton J Fernandez

Elton Fernandez the Hairstylist
The rising star of hairstyle and fashion, Elton Fernandez

Growing in popularity with his quirky and ever-trendy style, Elton J Fernandez had made his name a brand. He has worked with many celebrities and is a popular choice in the youth. Elton has worked with Neha Dhupia on her style show #StyleByNeha. He is a wonderful makeover specialist and has helped many girls get their dream glow-up.

We hope you loved our curated list of Top 10 Most Popular and Best Hairstylists In India. So, next time you plan that makeover you always wanted, go through this list and choose your dream maestro that brings out the best of you!

Shreya Singh


  1. These stylists are very talented and also they don’t even charge above the budget of a person. I have tried few salons from the list and they were fantastic.

  2. That was great countdown of the most popular and best hairstylists in India. Javed Hab is still the icon you are right. Amazing list.

  3. That was a great countdown of the famous and well-known hairstylists. Dilshad Pastakia is an amazing hairstylist.

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