In India, importance of blogs came in 2004, when Amit Aggarwal (site owner – left his job to become India’s first and only Professional Blogger. And after a slow start, blogging rapidly gained popularity. Today many bloggers are helping to create a revolutionary change in Indian social, political, economical and environmental sector. You can see, by and large, all sorts of entertainment news and stories are published via blogs as a medium of news broadcasting. Bloggers in India from time to time highlight key information to public, and sometimes to mainstream media which follow their leads. Today there are almost 2.5 million blogs in the world that are run by Indian Bloggers.

There are many different types of blogs in India,  not only in the type of content, but also in the way the information is delivered or written. For example, Personal blogs are written by an individual for fun as online dairy, Corporate or organizational blogs are published for business related information, Micro blogging for loads of information but with few words or in small sentence, featuring very short posts, other Genre blogs are made with a intention of niche marketing, like, political blogs, health blogs, travel blogs, fashion blogs, education blogs, music blogs, etc. Scores of blogs provide annotations on a particular topic, others function as more individual online diaries, and others task more as online brand advertising of a particular company. But the aim of all blogs is to function towards bringing useful content to the user. Ranked below are the top 10 Blogs in India. This page is ultimate resource in-case you are searching for most visiting or popular Indian Blogs.

  1. – is one of India’s top blog, talking about online marketing, empowering people to make money from blogging, and helping small online business to survive online with marketing and search engine optimization tips.
    Alexa Global Rank – 2,581
    Rank in India – 345
  2. – was started in October 2008 by Shradha Sharma with a vision to create a hub for thousands of entrepreneurs across India, by providing them with critical value-additions like visibility, business networking, corporate partnerships, growth opportunities and investor connections.
    Alexa Global Rank – 2,751
    Rank in India – 245
  3. – is number one blog in India in terms of online income generation. Amit Aggarwal, the owner, designed Digital Inspiration blog named lobnol, which is today a popular technology blog on how-to website that covers computer software, mobile apps, video tutorials and useful websites.
    Alexa Global Rank – 2989
    Rank in India – 389
  4. – headed by Varun Krishnan, is one of the trendy sources for mobile consumers and technology aficionados from across the globe. The blog strives to deliver all the latest news and updates from the world of mobile phones.
    Alexa Global Rank – 4,570
    Rank in India – 384
  5. – It’s another Startups information blog in India including SME Resources, Coverage of Digital Industry and Entrepreneurship Resources, and more. The blog is headed by Ashish Sinha.
    Alexa Global Rank – 5560
    Rank in India – 501
  6. – is a programming blog demos maintained by Srinivas Tamada. Tutorials focused on Programming, Jquery, Ajax, PHP, Demos, Web Design and much more.
    Alexa Global Rank – 7560
    Rank in India – 901
  7. – Imran Uddin is a founder of this blog and even manages over 100+ other blogs, websites and services. Blog showcase news related to technology, web development, Blogging and SEO related tips and Services.
    Alexa Global Rank – 11560
    Rank in India – 1090
  8. – It’s a source for news about Android phones, tablets, apps, and reviews from India and around the world. Alexa Rank in India – 1,200
    Alexa Global Rank – 14540
    Rank in India – 1190
  9. – is a popular Indian Business & Technology blog owned by Arun Prabhudesai. The Blog features trending News, views and analytical take on Technology, Business, Finance and Telecom.
    Alexa Global Rank – 15660
    Rank in India – 1225
  10. – is a useful guide to topics related to blogging, making money online, seo, web hosting solutions, search marketing and social media. The blog is run by Anil Agarwal.
    Alexa Global Rank – 22660
    Rank in India – 2225

Above are the top most popular blogs in India. But, If you feel the list about top Indian blogs is incomplete please send us an email or comment below with detail info.



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