With the reach of the internet over far distant places, the world is no less than a global village. Many sectors are benefitting from the reach of the internet. Let it be the education sector (Unacademy, Vedantu), e-commerce (Flipkart, Amazon), digital payments(using UPI), the emergence of online payments bank (like PayTM, Airtel), etc. The sector which has been benefitted the most is the online gaming sector. In the year 2012, the total gaming industry was around 15.3 Billion INR and in the 8 years, it has seen a boom going to the highest value to date with almost 87.8 Billion INR. According to the reports, it would reach around 250.3 Billion INR in the year 2024. Looking forward to such reports, companies like Facebook have been having an eye for their entry in the gaming segment and soon it would be a reality. Many streamers have also come forward to playing multiplayer games like PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends, CS GO, etc.

Thus, streaming is the new trending habit among Indians. Earlier, most of the people before buying a smartphone used to think about features like selfie camera, battery, and big screen but after the arrival of games like PUBG which debuted in India in the year, 2018 changed the whole scenario. Earlier, nobody used to pay attention to RAM and processor but with heavy games, there is also an increase in awareness among people about the role of different components in mobile for improvement in gaming resolution, fps, etc. Now, let us look at the most famous android games in India. Here’s a list of 10 such games

1) PUBG Mobile


PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and it is developed by South Korean video game company Bluehole in association with Tencent gaming. This game came to India around 2018 and within months it became so much popular. Till today it is one of the best games on the play store. It is a free game with in-app purchases and the main reason for its popularity is the multiplayer platform on the mobile. You can easily add friends from your social apps and enjoy the game with different maps (Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi) and modes like solo mode, a duos mode, and a squad mode( in either FPP or TPP) of playing.

In the previous year, the company has also launched a lite version that is PUBG Lite. PUBG PC is also one of the best multi-player games but requires more skill than mobile. It looks quite realistic at every point of a game like the recoil of guns, shooting of guns, and many more. Mainly, 100 players drop from a plane who have to survive zone (both blue and red) and enemies to get the victory and if you and your teammates are lucky enough, you’ve bought a “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. Dynamo, Mortal, Scout, CarryMinati, Viper, etc are famous Indian streamers, and Shroud is the most famous international star.

2) Clash Royale


A Finnish company called Supercell who already had created Clash of Clans came again by this new game which too grew as a clean hit game among youngsters. It came on the android platform in the year 2016.

With better graphics, it has improved a lot. In Clash Royale you can play whenever you want. In Clash of Clans, you have to wait for an hour to get your army back after a single 3-minute battle. Clash Royale is more fun to play because on every chest you slowly parse through, you get the suspense: “will this be legendary?”

3) Fortnite


Fortnite is developed by Epic Gamec Inc. This game is popular on PC and Xbox platforms worldwide. It was not available on Play Store till the year 2020 but still, it has got a rating below 4 on Play Store due to its lack of compatibility. However, it is still one of the best games on mobile and android tabs.

It has cool animated characters and the developers have gone for a more cartoonist approach and one thing is for sure, you will fall in love with the characters and outfits of this game. Many events have been conducted live in this game like the recent Travis Scott event, the Star Wars event during Christmas. The emotes are cool and characters (Black Knight, Sentinel – Tier 1, NITELITE, MAGNUS) too. The concept is quite the same as PUBG like 100 players land from then airplane but with great gaming graphics and if you survive till the last you have earned a “Victory Royale”. Tanishq Saini is the best player in India and Ninja, Faze Clan and Bugha are the most followed international stars. 

4) Call of Duty: Mobile


This game is a widely acclaimed one. With so many players at PC, the developers went for more users on Play Store. It was launched in India in 2019 with the option for beta version enrollment.n It is similar to PUBG and unlike Fortnite, it is also a real game but with different maps and modes just like the PC version. It has crossed more than 200 Million downloads in the Play store. Simar “Psy” Sethi, Ankit “V3nom” Panth are some famous players in India. It has also set a record of the fastest mobile game to reach 50 Million downloads.

5) 8 Ball Pool


Miniclip’s developed the 8 Ball Pool and it has been around for a long-long time and is the most fun and loved online multiplayer game on Android. The concept is simple, the game is a virtual version of the 8 Ball Pool. With the great demand, they have now added a 9 Ball option as well.

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6) Ludo King


Indians surely love ludo. Let it be offline or online this game is still the best if you have a lot of free time and at the same time it is addictive as well, But with the enhancements like addition of Snake and Ladder, inbuilt messaging and chance to play with friends via connecting through Facebook have made it a great game.

7) Minecraft


Minecraft is one of the most legendary games. Minecraft is a famous video game developed by Mojang. With the same name, it has been made for many consoles. It is quite a game that will let you use your mind and its creativity to prepare attack and defense. 

8) Asphalt 9: Legends


Developed by Gameloft and Ubisoft, this game is fast-paced, arcade-style street racing. It can be regarded as one of the most famous racing games in the Play Store. It is a sequel of Asphalt 8: Airborne

9) Clash of Clans


Clash of Clans is a video game that is created and published by Finnish game developer known as Supercell. The game was released for iOS in the year 2012, and on Google Play for Android platforms in 2013. It is good from Clash Royale in terms of both defensive and attacking strategies to earn more trophies. It has 500 Million plus downloads on Play Store.

10) Pokemon Go


Pokemon GO came with a bang in the mobile gaming scene in 2016 and immediately became of the best Android games ever. The world went nuts when the game arrived. It’s quite similar to Ingress where you walk around the real world, to catch Pokemon, complete the given little side missions, and hit up Pokestops to restock on items. It beat virtually every record in the books as the world’s most popular mobile game. Thankfully, the game gets frequent updates with new features.

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