The world is evolving and so much population in a country like India means fewer job opportunities for everyone. So, people always go for savings in different forms like FDs, mutual funds, etc and some try different ways to make money. With the availability of the internet, this task has been done by the new smartphone apps or applications. Let it be gambling, online cashback, everything is now available on the apps easily. if you have been living under a rock, let me tell some of the best apps that can help you to earn money. Some apps need a bit of hard work whereas others need a bit of luck and persistence.

Online money making apps started gaining interest in the year 2017 after the launch of Jio which promised much more data in one day. Some quiz apps started gaining importance then came the new season of Indian Premier League and the advertisements of Dream11(money-making app) with M.S. Dhoni as its brand ambassador gained a lot of attention from Indian users. That’s how money making apps became popular in the first place. Now, we’re going to give the list of top 10 money-making apps in our country and here’s the list of those apps-

1. YesMobo – No.1 online apps to earn money


It’s a fun advertising app. Yo have to install it and then share ads that are present within the app and then all you have to do is share it with your friends and families on different social apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The next thing you will be doing is making some good and easy money online. You will even Rs.1. when a person clicks on the link. The more it is shared the more money you will earn. The app is very user-friendly and quite easy to operate.

2. Google Opinion Rewards


This apps conducts different surveys based on personal information and company that they think you might have used. You get Google Play points that can be redeemed while purchasing something from the Play store.

3. Roz Dhan: Earn Paytm Cash


As the name of the app suggests that it gives many benefits to the users to earn money on a regular basis. Through it, you can win Paytm cash. After registration and after sharing this app through Whatsapp, Facebook with your friends will help you make money and there are some in-built portions consisting of online games, sharing news articles from the app, etc. After you have earned the sum of Rs. 200 in your Roz Dhan Wallet then, you can simply transfer it to the Paytm wallet. 

4. Qureka Quiz


This app is quite similar to the games based on KBC’s (Kaun Banega Crorepati) quiz concept. You will get daily quizzes. It organizes a Monthly Mega Quiz and if you win this you will get Rs.150,000. It takes place every month on the 15th or 30th date. Their Referral Program provides you with Rs.10 when your family and friends join and play their first quiz. You have a variety of languages to choose from like Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Bangla, and Telugu languages too.

5. Panel Station


This app is based on short surveys. You just have to choose options that support your opinions and then you will get points based on the answers that can be redeemed in the form of cash from Paytm. Panel Station helps to conduct online surveys for brands.

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6. Squadrun – Big money making apps


As the name of this app suggests, the meaning of the SquadRun is that military groups with tanks are divided into the group of four into troops or tank companies to complete a given task. In this, you would be given many tasks and out of them you have to choose a suitable task and then you got to complete the task so that you can earn as much as SquadCoins.These earned coins are used to redeem money from payUmoney to your Paytm Wallet. after that, you can also transfer it into the bank (Paytm’s Payment Bank). One thing to note down is that when you will join this app you will earn 600 Squadrons.

7. Dream11 – Fantasy League Big Money Making Apps


In India, cricket is celebrated like a religion literally. This app has taken the enjoyment to a new tool of earning money online by selecting your before the match and you have to predict the player’s performance and according to that, you’ll earn money. This app not only provides you with entertainment but also lets you get money through a mobile app. You got to pick your team and then compare it with the actual line-up.

The amount is distributed to the winners after the completion of the games. If your players outscored the list, then you’ll be credited hefty amounts. You just have to put a little investment and then you can create your dream team easily and will start earning if you’re lucky enough. M.S. Dhoni is the brand ambassador of this brand and it started during the 2018 IPL. You got to download it from their official site as you won’t find it on the play store.

8. G-Pay– Google’s payment app


Well, this app is a game-changer. It is being developed by Google LLC and it was earlier named Tez but it wasn’t recognized by the Indian users and then they named it as G-Pay and started the offer of getting 51 INR after inviting a friend to this platform. This wave surged and became hit. Now, it has over 100 million downloads on the play store. Now, we get 101 INR if we invite someone and that person will get 21 INR and at festive seasons they also give up to 200 INR. You also get many coupons and cashback while paying for online bills, electricity, etc up to 1,000 INR.

9. Loco – India’s first live trivia


This is a live quiz that happens every day at a fixed time but with a new set of challenges and this live show is being hosted by the most famous IPL famed Gaurav Kapoor. The concept of the game is quite simple. In it, you have to answer maximum questions bound by some time limit and then, the results are declared after the questions are over. It invites people to play games and earn real cash worth thousands.

Its concept is similar to that of the famous show Kaun Banega Crorepati on Sony channel. This quiz takes place at the same timings twice at 1:30 PM and 10 PM on weekdays and once on Weekends at 10 PM. In the year 2018, it made a quiz in which cricket-based answers would be asked and it named it as Loco Cricket Quiz. The questions will be based only on Cricket. You get lifelines by inviting new members to the show.

10. TaskBucks


\This app has over 50 million users in India. This is a very cool app that lets you earn Paytm money that too with a little effort. You just have to try out new apps that are recommended in the app and then all you have to give is an honest review or feedback and yay! you have earned a gift for that effort as Paytm cash or shopping vouchers.

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