We all get excited to see something coming free in our life with ease. The below list will surely make you happy if you are searching for free mobile recharge websites in India. Do you know how much of mobile recharge people across the country do in single day? Millions of daily recharge, from Rs 10/- to Rs 1000/- are done in this nation which gives us tentative figure of Rs 250 Cores. Yes! Even more amazingly, India is the second biggest telecommunications market and has 939.37 million mobile phone customers. Mobile phones are very common in India and for a moment don’t get shock to see such phones in the hand of beggars on the streets of India.

Below are the top 10 free recharge sites where you can easily get your free topup online. Click on the link below to get your free recharge coupons. Enjoy!

  1. Freecharge.in – through this site, customers recharges their prepaid mobile phones, DTH connections and other data cards and get rewarded (by way of discount coupons) with every single recharge.
  2. Paytm.com – is India’s largest mobile commerce platform. They offer mobile recharge and utility bill payments. In a short span of time Paytm has scaled to more than 15 Million orders per month.
  3. Ultoo.com – offers a unique and innovative platform to the users across India to send FREE SMS at lightning speed and rewards its users with FREE mobile recharge in return.
  4. Freemobilerecharge.com – is the smartest instant incentive marketing program that offers free mobile recharge for doing activities such as, uploading funny pics, playing contests, using cooupons etc. on their website.
  5. Freetalkie.com – is incentive marketing based program that offers free mobile recharge (recharge of Rs. 10 is guaranteed). At FreeTalkie you can get a free mobile recharge within 15 minutes.
  6. Winrecharge.in – this is another incentive based site that gives their customers free topup while playing a kind of game (offer 3 attempts) to win free mobile recharge.
  7. Rechargeoffer.in – is a free recharge portal offering great offers for customers, including free mobile phone recharge.
  8. Laaptu.com – They give their customer free mobile topup by using some gaming techniques such as guess submission, games, and rewards based activity on their site.
  9. Earnfreerecharge.com – provides free mobile recharge as reward to its users since Dec 2011 and is a free website, where users are not charged for anything.
  10. Mobikwik.com – Give you a free mobile recharge in a form of discounted coupons that you can use later to do your mobile phone topup.



  1. Nice list admin please add fcall.in
    it provide highest free recharge and earn rs.5 daily :
    – 3 paisa for each quiz you attempt
    – 3 paisa for each True false question you attempt
    – 2 paisa for each sms you send
    – 1 paisa for each poll you attempt
    – You may earn upto Rs 5 for each refferal minimum Rs.1
    and much more

    1. Hi

      Get free recharge daily from allhitshop.com
      for daily login, click & earn ,vote & earn ,Refer & earn , shop & earn and many more..

  2. You can get free recharge/ pay bills/ book bustickets by shopping on online stores through Reload.in
    Checkout awesome deals at free recharge

  3. all type of recharges are there reload is best online recharge and also some mobile apps also there

  4. very usefull information


  5. Thanks for sharing piece of information, recently I started using site It was really cool here I share with you http://www.ireff.in

  6. Hey. Thanks for sharing this post. I think you should move paytm to number 1 recharge website. because paytm offer more offers as compared to free recharge. Free Recharge Tricks

  7. try planhound app

  8. http://www.gamerzity.com also providing free recharge by playing games, downloading apps , play luck game and shop2earn cashback.

  9. Have you look here best Mobile topup of india for as your comfort.

  10. You can add the site predictway, which is a leading sports prediction website offering free recharge and also free gifts

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