India is known for its culture and its values in the world. Different people of different religious backgrounds live peacefully in India with complete serenity and harmony. But as the modern world mentality has taken place all over the world, we as Indians are also taking part in different new urban cultures and events. We are moving towards a different kind of spirituality. The most famous part of this modernization is the new tattoo making among most of the teenagers. In smart cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Panji, etc this culture is growing rapidly. Youth has gone crazy about such kind of lifestyles.

With rapid modernization, these things have employed many artists. People have started converting their love and affection or simply the bonds that they share with others In the form of tattoos all over the body. Games like football and cricket have also generated the interest of teenagers in tattoos. They try to be like famous superstars, let it be Bollywood or Hollywood. Here is the list of some amazing tattoo artists in India-

1. White Star Tattoo Studio, Kolkata


These are one of the largest tattoo making parlors in Kolkata (Calcutta). Most of the residents of Kolkata get in this place in order to get inked for the first time. The artists are just mind-blowing. You will get the best tattoo advice here and it is one of the most hygienic tattoo parlors in India. You can find them at in Sector 3, Salt Lake Kolkata.

2. Moksha Tattoo Studio, Goa

Goa is a popular destination for many tourists and the young generation definitely gets that vibe in this place so there are many studios in Goa that will make you some unique tattoos like custom related tattoos, tribe related tattoos, and portrait tattoos. You can find them at Calangute Beach Road, Near Baga Circle in Goa.

3. Andy’s Tattoo Parlour, Goa


The name itself suggests that this parlor was started by a person named Andy. He is a remarkable tattoo artist and is popular in Goa for his vision and artistic skills. Although the parlor is very small it is immaculate. This parlor maintains good hygiene conditions inside the studio. You can find them at North Anjuna Beach located in Goa.

4. Art and Skin Tattoos, New Delhi

We know that tattoo making done in the wrong way can lead to serious skin problems so it’s important to have trust in the tattoo studio you’re going. One name that comes into our mind is Art and Skin Tattoos in New Delhi.
The type of service they give you is literally amazing and once you get there you will become a great admirer of their work. You can find them at Pankaj Plaza Community Center Karkardooma, Karkardooma located in Anand Vihar locality of Delhi.

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5. KDz Tattoo, New Delhi


It is also one of the most loved tattoo centers in New Delhi and if not the most famous it is still the largest tattoo center in New Delhi. They not only make tattoos but they also train many students for becoming great tattoo artists. If you’re an independent artist and you want to learn how to make better tattoos then you should definitely check out this place. They have a total of three branches. you can find them online at their website is and online at two locations, which are at Major Sudesh Kumar Marg, Basement Kotak Mahindra Bank, Main Market located in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi and DLF City, Sector 24, Gurugram, Haryana and also at DLF Phase 3, Gurugram, Haryana 122002.

6. Angel Tattoo Design Studio, New Delhi

It is also one of the well-known tattoo parlors in New Delhi and Gurgaon. They make exclusive tattoo designs whose copyrights are protected. people visit them due to their unique and fresh designs and the quality of their designs. Thus, you can have a fresh style statement without anyone copying it. They have a total of three branches. One is present in Gurgaon and the other two are present in New Delhi. You can find them near IFFCO Chowk, Gurugram, Haryana and also at Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd, Phase 1, Indian Airlines Pilots Society, Sushant Lok Phase I, Sector 17, Gurugram, Haryana. People visit them due to their unique and fresh tattoo designs for girls and boys.

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7. 3D Tattoo Studio, New Delhi


It is one of the newly opened tattoo parlors in Delhi but since its opening, it has proven its worth as is giving tough competition to many renowned tattoo artists of New Delhi, for example, the Devil’z tattoo center. They can make any kind of tattoo you want but their main specialty lies in making the worn-out tattoos look more special and beautiful. This is one of the reasons that they are growing so rapidly. You can find them at the Defence Colony locality of New Delhi.

8. Devil’z Tattoo Centre, New Delhi

This is one of the best tattoo artists in New Delhi. It is also known as Lokesh’s Verma’s Devil’z tattoo center as it is named on the founder of this tattoo center that is Lokesh Verma. He is an awesome artist and he started as an artist who later started working as a tattoo artist. He is famous in New Delhi for the kind of art he does. He is a self-trained artist and he has never stopped learning and trying out new and different things. His center is almost full each day and he has opened 3 branches under the same name in New Delhi. You can find them at Greater Kailash 1 Rd located in Greater Kailash I region of New Delhi and also at Galleria Market, DLF City Phase IV, Gurugram, Haryana.

9. Brahma Tattoo Parlour, Bangalore


It is the first-ever tattoo parlor opened in Bangalore. Now it is the most popular tattoo parlor in Bangalore. Many people keep visiting here every night and day. Mostly it is visited by teenagers. Over time it has gained a lot of popularity in Bangalore. If you are in Bangalore and want to make a tattoo you should check out this place. One can find them at Church Street, off M.G. Road located in Bangalore.

10. Eternal Expression, Bangalore

They are also one of the most famous and finest shops present in Banglore. If you have any design you can directly approach them for the tattoo. They will make you the tattoo. They are also known for their portrait tattoos. They also do piercing of any kind. You can find them at Richmond Rd, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Being a part of modernization is not bad but one should not leave his spiritual values aside and we would also want to let you know that sometimes tattoos can make serious problems to your body such as allergic infections, skin infections, bloodborne diseases, etc. So it is necessary to take care of your body and take some preventive measures to protect yourselves such as does the tattoo artist have worn gloves, does he have the proper equipment and how he’s doing the sterilization process.

So at last, Happy Unique Tattooing!

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