With the spread of the internet worldwide, life has become so much easy. Maximum facilities you require are now at your doorstep and life is becoming more simple and fun. Different sectors like e-commerce, telecommunications has seen a boom in services. For the past five years, the education sector has seen a lot of improvement with so many companies coming forward to make attempts for making education more accessible, easy, and at a more personal level, that too at a much less price. Many digital platforms are providing online study material so that there is no need for heavy infrastructure and one can avail all facilities at home.

By 2020, Indian users will grow to 730 million with at least a 75% increase in users from rural years. According to the Google reports, Indian online education (e-education) will grow to $2 billion industry by 2021. Furthermore, during the Covid-19 pandemic, online education is the online medium carrying out the job. The report also finds that the paid user(premium user) base will grow 6 times from 1.6 million users in 2016 to around 9.6 million users in the year 2021. Online certification is the largest part of e-education which had been valued at $93 million in the year 2016 and is expected to grow around 463 million by 2021. The competitive education segment has been lagging behind other segments but a large boost of 40% would be seen by the year 2021. So we are going to mention the top educational apps in India. Here is the list of top 10 educational apps:

1) Meritnation


Meritnation is a great app which helps kids from 6th to 12th class to clear their study and homework related doubts and it also provides facilities like free homework help & homework worksheets & all the NCERT Solutions for class 6 -12 so that students don’t have to depend on costly guides plus its paperless. You can even ask your guide and answer accordingly which makes this feature helpful and interactive. There are over 16 lakh questions & at least fourteen thousand high-quality videos. You can also prepare for national and international exams like NSO, NTSE, etc. This app is helpful for CBSE and ICSE students.

2) BYJU’S – The Learning App


This app is growing exponentially and it has become a well-known and reputed company having teachers like Byju Raveendran. They are targeting every age group. Let it be primary class students, middle school students, or above and students preparing for competitive exams like GRE, CAT, NDA, JEE, NEET, etc. The tech giant Facebook has around 40% shares in it. They provide you with many video lectures in memory cards along with a tablet with lots and lots of content covering all topics. Some features like adaptive learning, performance analysis are the main highlights of this app. They have been awarded CNBC’s Emerging India Award. They have initiated The BYJU Kids to specially offer younger children a platform to explore the world of numbers and basics of science through games, interactive videos, and quizzes.

3) Udemy


Udemy is one of the brilliant apps that is helping people to get extensive quality education in the country. You can find different genres of education apart from the basic knowledge that we have been spoon-feeding into the generations for so many years. You can find courses like Designing (like photoshop, illustrator, lightroom), Ethical hacking, Core concepts of languages(like C, C++, Python, Java) and digital and business marketing and many more that can help you to decide which path you want to carry on in life. During the festive seasons, you can get many high-priced courses worth 12,000 INR in just 360 rupees with all-time access, an online certificate on Linkedin, and that too from a certified tutor.

4) Vedantu


Vedantu app has been the most recent one in the market but it has the potential of changing the whole game in the online education sector. It was founded by three IIT alumnus. It gives facilities like revision notes, micro-courses, NCERT solutions, masterclasses, etc. One of the most highlights of this app is that you can either go for a solo class or a group class. The teachers at Vedantu are well-trained and experienced. They have many educational programs for the students such as nursery class exams, various exams preparing exams.

5) Toppr


Toppr is one of the most brilliant educational apps in the world right now. The way it lets you personalize your content and provides a different range of courses. Let it be competitive exams or board exams you can get any lecture. They also offer you different plans like the basic, advanced, master, ultimate plan costing you free, 20,000 INR, 40,000 INR, 30,000 INR respectively but with many premium features like online classes, adaptive practice, mock tests, ask doubts, live classes.

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6) myCBSEguide – CBSE Papers & NCERT Solutions


This app mainly contains many mock tests and lectures for CBSE board students but other board students can also take help from this app. It aims at decreasing the gap between teachers and giving knowledge at just a nominal fee. In its content in the form of video, the lecture is provided with a detailed analysis of the subject and also with NCERT solutions. It is still today this is the best app in the Indian market.

7) Edukart


Edukart ranks among the top 10 eLearning companies in our country with a wide userbase. It was founded in the year 2011 and till date it offers around 2000 courses which include degree courses, diploma courses, entrance exams, and many more government exams preparations. The company through the help of different certificate programs is giving assistance to the students all over the nation and also to professionals to improve their skills.

8) Simplilearn


Simplilearn is another education app from India and for India. It is an app that acts as an assistant to those who want to work in a company and need proper guidance to the requirements of companies and it also provides training to different professionals so that they can achieve the best in their career without facing many hurdles. The team at Simplilearn is an expert in providing business courses, technology courses, and courses by the vendor.

9) Khan Academy

Khan Academy

This is also one of the best apps that provide free education to all the needy students and it contains more than 10,000 video lectures with each having explanation and it covers all the subjects like English, maths, science, history, social science, economics, sociology, etc. The app’s interface is very easy and user-friendly. You can also keep on learning even if you are offline. Navigation and pick up where you left features are some of the best features of this app. It was founded by Salman Khan, who is an American educator in the year 2008.

10) GradeUp


It was started by the Time Group. It has great management and authority for teaching students different subjects and important exams like GATE, NEET, SSC CGL, TET, CTET, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, IBPS RRB, etc. They have well-trained and experienced teachers who try hard for the proper understanding of fundamental concepts. They have also a feedback system for rating teachers.

These were the best educational apps in India. Some other great educational apps are Prozo, Faststudents, EQuickes, Coursera, Duolingo, Wikipedia.

So happy learning folks!

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