India is a great land of all God and Deities. People here strongly believe that God exists everywhere, and therefore, are respectful to every mountain, river, tree, and even stone or animals. They believe that God can appear even in stone if your devotion or love is true. Hindu firmly admit (that by remembering) God has immense power to take away all the pain, fear, stress and burden from each humankind. And the purpose of Jagran is same. Lets us understand it further below:

So what is Jagran?

Jagran or Jagrata is the main Hindu religious ceremony, in which people sit all night long in respect of a deity and puja. In this ritual, devotees worship their God/Deity throughout the night by singing bhajans, chanting aarti, listening to stories and legends of the deity. As said above, Jagrata is done with total respect and love, and therefore, consisting of the all-night vigil, songs and dance performed in honour of various Hindu Goddesses (like Durga), God (like Shiva) and other deities like SaiRam, Khandoba, and Devnarayan, etc.

Some of the famous Jagran singers in India are Narendra Chanchal, Richa Sharma, Lakhbir Singh Lakha, Master Saleem, Ramesh Oberoi, etc. Below we have listed 15 Most Popular Jagran Songs of all times.

1.) Aa Maa Aa Tujhe Dil Ne Pukara

This Jagran was sung by popular businessmen Gulshan Kumar. Who was the founder of one of the top music companies in India known as T-Series. He was a devoted worshiper of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati (as he was a follower of the Shaivism tradition of Hinduism). Below is his famous youtube Jagran video.

2.) Aaj Tera Jagrata

The Jagran was sung by one of the most popular playback singers of all times of Indian Bollywood Industry – Lata Mangeshkar. She sang many Jagran songs in her life span but “aaj tera Jagrata” is one of her most-watched youtube Jagran. Below is the video, simply check out!

3.) Aaj Hona Didar Maiya Daa

Master Salim sang this beautiful Jagran in his very melodious voice. He is an Indian singer from Punjab and also known (and very popular) for his awesome work as a devotional and playback singer in Bollywood Movies. Below is a link to this Punjabi Jagrata song for ‘devi maa’

4.) Ambe Tu Hai Jagdambe Kaali

Lakhbir Singh Lakha sang this quality Jagrata song. He is one of the very popular Jagran singers in India. He has also given the super hit collection of many bhakti geet.

5.) Bam Bhole Bam Bhole Bam Bam

Gurdas Mann sang this awesome bhakti song for Lord Shiva. He is a famous Indian singer, choreographer, songwriter, and actor who mainly is associated with Punjabi music and film industry. He is considered one of the most notable figures in Punjabi music and also very popular for singing many Jagrata Songs, especially this one – “Bam Bhole Bam Bam”. Listen below to this amazing song:

6.) Dar Te Avaange Tere

Richa Sharma sang this heart touching devotional song dedicated to Devi Maa’. She is a popular Indian film playback singer as well a devotional singer. She has sung numerous devotional songs in her singing career, especially for Jagrata (singing all night).

7.) Bhor Bhai Din Chadh Gaya Meri Ambe (by Narendra Chanchal)

Finally, Narendra Chanchal, who is one of the most popular Jagran singers among all in India. He requires no introduction whatsoever of any kind, because he already had set many records and established his place and name in all sort of devotional or Bhakti Songs. He has this unique voice which is perfect for all Jagran songs and devotees are simply spellbound by his amazing voice. Listen to this astonishing song.

8.) Bigdi Meri Bana De Devi (By Lakhbir Singh Lakkha)

9.) Chalo Bulawa Aaya Hai (by Narendra Chanchal)

10.) Kaisi Ye Der Lagai Durge (by Narendra Chanchal)

11.) Meri Aan Rakhna Meri Shaan (By Narendra Chanchal)

12.) Main Balak Tu Mata Sheranwaliye (By Gulshan Kumar)

13.) Nange Nange Paon Chal Aa Gaya (by Narendra Chanchal)

14.) Pyara Sajaa Hai Tera Dwar (by Lakhbir Singh Lakha)

15.) Tune Mujhe Bulaya Sherawaliye (by Narendra Chanchal)

Popular Jagran (Jagrata) Songs

As said above in the introduction part, in Jagran ‘Maa’ or Holy Mother is invoked and prayed by singing above uniquely selected devotional songs (or Bhajans) and invited to grace the gathering with her presence.

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