Article Submission on High PR Site 

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3 Major benefits of Article Submission:

1.) Improved Search Engine Results – In today’s time if your online business is on top of Google search engine you don’t need anything else. But harsh truth is that it is not so easy and somehow impossible. Why? because of;

  • Tough Competition.
  • SERP Factors.
  • Small Advertising Budget.

Here, High PR Website Backlinks influence internet search engine with a better search result (due to the involvement of high SEO rated websites) with a great margin.

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Our Fees!

There are 2 ways or options to Submit your Article.

1.) By You: In this, content is provided by you i.e. by the site owner or manager.  We charge annual fees of Rs 5000/- (100$ for the overseas sites) to Publish it with 2 Site Links Max.

2.) By Us: In this, content is written and managed by professional content writers with annual fees of Rs 10000/- (200$ for the overseas site) to make it Publish with 2 Site Links Max.

If interested, kindly Contact us with Subject as “Article Submission”. Give all your Company Details and your option preference.


  • 1.) These are Standard Post Charges with 750 words. If you want more links or longer article of lets say 1200 or more words, charges will be according to that.
  • 2.) We only take quality SEO Friendly content (even if its paid) and your article will be published & available under our blog section.
  • 3.)We take all payments in advance from clients.
  • 4.) Any hatred, adults content (pornographic or other types of nude images) or content – like Graphic content or violence, etc. are strictly prohibited.
  • 5.) No Bargain, please.