8 Popular Nobel Award Winners in India

Alfred Nobel on the Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is an honor which is among the highest privileges which can be presented to anyone for any work of excellence. It is presented to those who have significantly contributed in six particular fields which are Nobel Prize for Physics, the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine, the … Read more

Top 10 Tallest Residential Buildings in India

luxurious ICC Towers

Whenever we think of beautiful views of the skyline or the whole city, we think of ever tall built Buildings. All the countries in the world aspire to construct a tall independent-standing building to display the architectural and engineering progress and also the control and wealth. All the significant places from history until today and … Read more

8 Neighbouring Countries of India

8 Neighbouring Countries of India.

India is a very large country and it shares its land borders with 7 countries. Alongside these seven nations, Sri Lanka is also a neighboring nation of India and is connected to the India mainland through sand dunes of Ram Setu. Throughout the years after independence, a lot of transition has been made in the … Read more

Top 10 Popular National Parks In India

10 Most Popular Wildlife Sanctuaries In India, Forests of India

What is an ideal escape from the polluted cities and tiresome-busy life? Where can you experience the thrill and find nature absolute soothing calm? Well, that place is National Parks. National Parks are conserved areas by the government which help to protect the innocent wildlife and also the majestic forest land. These are the only … Read more

Top 10 Longest and Biggest Bridges in India

Conceptual Bridge on Yamuna

Bridges are a majestic example of the wonders of ancient and modern architecture and engineering. They have been around as old as the earliest human civilisation dates back. The main reason of bridges coming into existence was the obstacles in the path and thus to get over the bridges were built. Bridges have played a … Read more

10 Best Holiday Destinations in India

Incredible India-"Atithi Devo Bhav"

Have you got tired of the same routine and hectic schedule? Are you looking for an escape to break the monotony? There are times when all you want to enjoy is mental peace—solace and there is no better way than a holiday. If you’re planning a holiday and stuck where to find the best holiday … Read more

10 Most Populated Cities of India

Kolkata Central

The world’s largest democracy, India is the second-largest country in the world when it comes to the population numbers. The country is only behind China on the list of the most populated countries across the globe. According to the 2011 Census, India’s population is 1.23 billion which is the second largest only after China—leading with … Read more

10 Longest Railway Routes in India

The longest railway routes in India

Carrying over 8 billion passengers every year, Indian Railways is the fourth largest railway network in the world. That’s huge. Isn’t it? Founded on 16th April 1853, Indian railway network has a total track length of 121,410 km over a 67,368 km route. Railways are one of the most looked after mode of transportation in … Read more

12 Popular Bicycle Brands in India

Top 12 Cycle Brands in India

Gone is the age of steam. We’re now in the era of hydrogen bombs and electricity. With the advent of new technologies, people also realized the need to preserve the old ones. Yes, in this world of revolutionized automobile engines, I’m talking about the need to preserve the eco-friendly bicycles. Not only does the bicycles … Read more

12 Famous And Most Visited Gardens in India

12 Famous And Most Beautiful Mughal Gardens in India

India is home to many heritage sites and architectural marvels. The number of historical wonders in the country is endless. That’s why many tourists come to visit India every year. From the list of endless historical wonders in India, today we’re talking about the most famous and visited Gardens. Before the British entered India in … Read more

12 Popular And Amazing Birds Breed in India

12 Popular And Amazing Birds Breed in India

India is known across the globe for its rich and diversified avifauna. No wonder why bird watching in India is considered to be one of the most memorable experiences and many people visit India for the same. There are numerous bird parks and sanctuaries in the country and apart from them people can spot birds … Read more

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