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There are a lot of websites available who offer premium lingerie. But especially in India, sometimes it gets difficult to get our hands on some of the premium products at reasonable price. Not ignoring the fact that buying lingerie in India is quite difficult owing to the social taboos. So many people or couples turn to online portals for their needs. One such site is PrivyPleasures which I found entirely exclusive.

The interface

Starting with the home page, it was quite easy to navigate through all the products and not at all complicated. The products were sorted well according to their specific categories. You can easily find whichever product you wish to buy at ease.

The products

After comparing some of the high-end sites, PrivyPleasures came as a sweet surprise. A variety of products ranging from lingerie to nightwear are available which were exclusively for couples and honeymoon purpose. These products you may not find anywhere else at this price. The two-piece lingerie was of different materials like leather and lace. Additionally, the designs were quite appealing as well. The products include:

  • BabydollDresses
  • Honeymoon Nightwear
  • Nightgowns
  • Bra Panty Sets
  • Grooms/Men’s Lingerie
  • Plus size Lingerie
  • Stockings & body stockings

The baby doll dresses were a hit as the designs were trendy and sensual. Any newlyweds from India would fall for the designs and style.  They were beautiful and at the same time display your assets correctly. You can shop for baby doll dresses from this website as they were eye pleasing and bold at the same time. Additionally, they have a variety. So there is something for everybody.

Moving on to the Stocking & Garter belts, they have a section dedicated to those. There was quite a lot of Stocking & Garter including various prints & designs. The detailed lacework won the game. They seemed to be crafted with precision and looked quite premium. If you are lucky, you can get some of these on sales at a half of their maximum retail price.

PrivyPleasures also displayed quite a variety of men’s lingerie. Some of them were remarkable while some didn’t appeal to me (personal preference). But overall, they were worth checking out.

Apart from lingerie, PrivyPleasures have a good store in couple bedroom games. For those who love being kinky in bed, they would undoubtedly enjoy this section. Also, they have gone a step ahead with the introduction of position dice game. Other than that, they had these scratch cards, board games, which I am sure would leave no stones unturned to give you the most pleasurable nights.

The most remarkable thing about this website is that the prices for each product were reasonable and they offer exclusive tamper-free packaging. They claim that all orders placed before 5PM are shipped on same day via Express shippers like FedEx. All orders they offer you Cash on delivery mode of payment system along with online payment system so that you can stay reassured about your product being delivered.

If you are worried about your privacy or your aunty at wedding home getting your package, don’t worry.They have discreet packaging which do not include any identifiable marks or description about what the package contains or from where it is coming. They do not have any Branding of PrivyPleasures on the courier packages. As they say ‘No one will know what you have ordered unless its open’

So overall, this website can be classified as the best lingerie website in India for the newlywed and honeymooners. Now you can go ahead and make your purchases for your honeymoon or special occasions without worries.

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  1. Online stores are like angels when you’ve to buy such product which everyone like but they judge you for talking about them.

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