“Spices” elaborating this is something an aromatic stuff which is used to flavor the food, especially the Indian dishes cannot be cooked without this. Throughout the year’s if we will be looking out for some fascinating part of our Indian history these spices made a remarkable job during that time, even have often been more valuable than the gold and precious stones.
In ancient chapters spices have been mentioned for their beneficial parts, although not only for the purpose of flavoring the food but also for use in medicine, religious rituals, and cosmetics or for the perfume production. But majorly we see in foods these spices cannot be ignored in Indian food menu.
Indian Spices: India counts as a rich and heart of spices in foods. From different plants, seeds, fruit, root, and bark we manage to create some of beautiful as own originate spices of India. And here we bring to you the “Top 15 Important Spices of India which has been used the Indian cooking Recipes

1.) The famous Cumin Seeds (Jeera)

Let makes it interesting, the most common and in every kitchen during cooking the ever first spice our mothers to chefs include in their most of recipe is “Cumin Seeds”. These are initially roasted in oil till they get brown and add that smoky flavor to Indian dishes. This spice seeds holds an intense fragrance and tastes bitter. Very importantly never dry-roasted as it burns easily so keep have an eye on while roasting it as on dry basis.

Famous Recipe: Jeera Rice (Jeera known as Cumin Seeds in Hindi). On other cumin can also be added to any stews, soups, vegetable, rice, tempering and spice mixtures.

• In Digestion, stimulating the appetite, treating nausea, increasing lactation and also increasing metabolisms are some healthy benefits we get from these seeds.If you haven’t tried or added this into your spices shelves, go and immediately add on to it as it’s the most famous, popular Indian Spice with its smoky flavor and health benefits.

2.) The must pour important Turmeric (Haldi)

This spice is the favorite and importantly adds to any Indian dish, without this we found a kitchen empty for sure. In every Indian kitchen to hotels, professional chefs everybody does need this. Basically, a stem which grows under the beneath surface of the ground in a vertical manner is “Turmeric” born story.

Famous Recipe: Roasting vegetable, curries, Rice add-ons, or make a milk tea this spice can be used for multiple choices.

•On another hand, turmeric is very important hosting spice for the healthy purposes as well.

It can cure the critical to inner-minor injuries wound also, and also contains powerful medicinal properties with itself.

3.) The ubiquitous Coriander (Dhaniya)

The ubiquitous coriander this is most probably present spice in Indian spices racks or shelves. This spice is also the oldest known spice in the world, with its golden yellow color and the ridged texture. It can also be added into the base of some spices mixes box. Usually, while during roasting the cumin seeds we add up some ratio of this spice to vegetable and then these two spices are we seeing golden-brown tinge and also “dancing” in our fry pans. We also have this in a dry form as well in a coriander leaves.

Famous Recipe: Coriander chicken recipe is something that a non-vegetarian should try with these coriander spice add-on, Hurry chicken lovers do try this recipe with this spicy ingredient.

Multiple health benefits for this are firstly a great source of dietary fiber, iron, and manganese.

4.) The Treasured Ginger (Adrak)

The Treasured GingerThis spice expresses the original Indian flavor which originated in Southeast Asia, whereas at an early it was exported to Ancient Rome from India. This peppery and sweet flavor with a little spiciness to your Indian food.

Famous Recipe: Garlic Ginger stir fry sauce is something should be definitely in cuisine for the multi-purposely using.

• It’s a famous quote when your stomach is well then all is well so this spice is the best cure for the stomach problems, also for motion sickness, morning sickness, gas, diarrhea etc. So for sure keep in mind this Ginger spice a mandatory in your food dishes.

5.) The Sweet Cinnamon (Dal Chini)

The Sweet CinnamonAlso known as the “Dal Chini” in Indian kitchen this cinnamon is brown colored wood spice we mostly find in Indian traditional kitchens. It’s famous for its sweet and savory fragrance in Indian cuisines. Cinnamon comes from the inner bark “Cassia” which is a tree.

Famous Recipe: Again this spice is more flavored in the chicken recipes. But for the vegetarians, they can add-on this aromatic into their vegetables, curries, and rice for its flavor.

• This most delicious and healthiest spice prevents through for the lower blood sugar levels, reduces heart diseases risk factors. While using this Indian Spice in your Kitchen’s keep in mind to use it in a small dose only.

6.) An Organic Clove (Laung)

An Organic Clove – This Indian Spice comes from flower buds of an evergreen tree in Indonesia. The method of making is these flower buds are harvested in an immature state and then dried. This spice is very strongly flavored and aroma.

Famous Recipe: The best part is this spice is versatile and can be used in both sweet and savory dishes.

Indian spices are almost very much beneficial from all aspects of health; although these clove spice are good at temporary treat-up a toothache, reduce inflammation, Improve digestion.

7.) Tangy Black Pepper (Kali Mirch)

Moving further to the tangiest flavoring not only Indian but western cuisines this Indian spice create stormy effect towards the foods. This Indian Spice Black pepper again at the immature level been harvested from a fruit. This is used to get spicy over your savory food dishes.

Famous Recipe: This spice can be add on behalf of the Red chili flakes for having that tangy flavor just add some of the little ratios to your food. Also used in some of the Indian drinks such as Lemon Juice.

• Improving the digestion, Skin Care, Weight loss and even have the anti-bacterial quality makes this Indian Spice as the best in health factors.

8. Classic Nutmeg (Jaayaphal)

It is an Indian Spice that derived from its fruit; this is a dark leaved evergreen tree. From an Indian kitchen, this spice is sweet spice quartet but more than any another spice. It holds the harmonizing flavors to the Indian cuisines.

Famous Recipe: Mostly we find this spice works with more and well with dairy-based dishes such as custards and dessert sauces.

• Pain relief, soothe indigestion and boosting skin health are some of best health benefits we get from this Indian spice Nutmeg.

So, whosoever have been skipping this Indian Spice in their foods please soon add to get the flavor and health benefits.

9.) Sugary Cardamom (Elachi)

Sugary CardamomWith basic two categorized, we found of this Indian Spice; green and black Green is commonly we found in our Indian kitchen with the spices mixes which is also known as Garam Masala. This Spice tastes sweeter and good for the high fragrance food preparations. Whereas if we compare this to the black cardamom that is powerful and smoky one.

Famous Recipe: In some of the Indian kitchen the mother’s used this spice for the Gajar ka Halwa, and some sweet desserts making.

• This is good in increasing appetite, digestion problem and heartburn etc.

10.) Small Mustard Seeds (Sarso)

This Indian Spice is available in different and various mustard plants. Some are yellow, black and brown in color. These we mostly found in the south Indian kitchens. Interchangeably we use to use these seeds in our Indian cooking styles. This Indian spice carries its own smoky and nutty flavor which usually we found in curries.

Famous Recipe: Mostly in all kind of vegetable makings, rest the famous South Indian Idlis, Sambhar curry we can see the black mustard spice is must add.

•Mustard oil to mustard seeds is being used in Indian kitchens for not only the flavor purpose but also for the health purpose as it is the rich source of calcium, Magnesium, phosphorous and potassium.

11.) Herbal Fenugreek (Methi)

This European herb fenugreek seeds we can see in Indian Kitchens. The earthy, musky fragrance holder spice is mostly used in Madras kitchens. These seeds are used for centuries not only for spices but also used as medicines. This spice comes in plants leaves form.

Famous Recipe: Richly used in vegetables in Indian Kitchens. But fenugreek leaves which we also have known as “Methi” used in many Indian kinds of stuff.

• The best Indian spice in health manner also as it improves the digestive system and Cholesterol Levels.

12.) The Beautiful Red Saffron (Kesar)

In Indian Kitchens, we call it ‘Kesar’. This beautiful looking dark red toned saffron is very expensive to any another spice in this whole world. The reason of its being expensiveness is its most labor-intensively spice to produce. Holding a unique flavor with itself it comes from some selective areas like Kashmir, Iran, or Spain.

Famous Recipe:  We mostly found its flavor at its best in sweet dishes, In Indian homes from historic chapters being famous as for “Kesar Milk” or Saffron Milk.

• This Indian spice having potassium which helps to balance the fluids in cells and also cause painful muscle cramps.

13.) The Sour  Mango Powder (Amchur)

The Sour AmchoorAmchoor spice is also known as mango powder. This spice you will usually find in Indian kitchen and used as citrusy seasoning.  This spice made from unripe green mangoes. Decomposed in the curries and Indian cuisines and make them sour flavor.

Famous Recipe: Famous In almost Indian veggies and provide a sour flavor.

• Very few of know that this spice is the most recommended to an anemic one and also for pregnant women, as it is rich in iron content. It also helps in the acidity and improves digestion.

14.) Juicy Pomegranate seeds (Anardana)

These seeds are also sour, juicy and crunchy. The same method is used for these seeds made from the pomegranate fruit and dried in to get them a form of spice.This spice also gives a sour & sweet flavor to Indian kitchen dishes.

Famous Recipe: It is basically again can be used as a common spice in all kind of Indian curries and veggies.

  • These Indian spice health benefits are some of Anemia, Lower Blood Pressure, Relieve Stress, and also the Dental care etc.Adding into this in your kitchen is definitely a plus point.

15.) Spicy Red Chili (Lal Mirch)

Basically, this spice was grown and cultivated by Mexicans and they were used to spice up their foods with this, later it was introduced by Christopher Columbus to the world.

•    This is a real spicy spice that Indian couldn’t skip into their kitchens food. The most famous and red chili powder is blended with other spices in Indian kitchens, Restaurants.

Famous Recipe: This Indian spice cannot be over to the tongue of Indians as it is used in most of the all salted dishes.

•    All in all a small dose should be included as it’s good for digestion and rich with Vitamin C.

So these are some of most commonly used spices we found in almost every Indian Kitchen. The special thing is to keep in mind while using these Spices in your food is the right ratio. Rest, the access of anything in our diets is not good for health. But do use these Spices and some Indian originates spices to get nutritious as well as the flavor part in your foods.


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