If you ever dreamt to make your blog come out with thousands of visitors in a single day then you must have heard or read loads of times that to create successful blog you need good and evocative content in your post, as Google Search Engine locate it easily and gladly. Primarily, you must have wondered that what kind of content will be successful and for how long. Creating a significant content is not easy. Either you need to do thorough study, have your own experience or must be familiar with that information. Inadequate subjects are not ranked by Google.


What we are going to learn in this article is first there are no shortcuts to success. Initially, I also made the big mistake to just think about money generation regardless of the quality and content of my blog. And it took me 2 years to finally see myself making some cash. So, don’t go ahead if you feel that I’m going to teach you to build cash making blog post, certainly not! What I’ll share is what I have experienced. I’ll share with you how to find some valuable contents of some of successful sites. And I’m so confident that if you seriously followed and understood this technique then success will be yours for sure.

So let’s get started and to begin with you need to choose your post Title or Heading. Title is basically a set of words known as keywords. Initially, you should only choose keywords related to your favorite subject. If your subject is Food & Recipes, then search for keywords, for example, Indian food recipes and if your topic choice is sports, then search for keywords like, greatest sportsman of all time, and so on (what I mean is foremost know your topic well and then do thorough search about it. Explore about it online, through books, TV, newspaper, and so on). Now, type these keyword on Google and see which websites appear on top of the search result. Go to these websites, see their content, see how well they have presented it and with what kind of information. But never ever try to copy such information because they are search engine favorite and doing so could harm your site ranking badly.

Now grab that domain (site name) and go to a website; Alexa and paste it there. Yes, this is your second step. Why Alexa, there is a reason to it. As stated above, writing good and meaningful content is key to online success. However, the main difficulty occurs when you are confused to get your perfect title for your perfect content. Here Alexa can play its role. It’s a wonderful tool that tells you about ranking of a website and other important statistics related to any site. This site also tells you (which we ignore) the top 5 keywords of every website. And when you type these keyword on Google you will see that actually these sites do rank top according to below keywords. I’ll make you understand this with my own website example.


If you look the above figure, you will notice that my site appear at top when you type keyword ‘best Indian Websites’. This gives you clue that these 5 line of keywords are main cause of traffic to my site. Following this you can create your own valuable heading with the help of these keywords (see the purpose here is to give you an idea that what are the top and valuable keywords of a successful content). Just keep on searching more and more like this and you will gradually understand what I mean and how helpful it will appear in future.

Now third and final step (very important) writing your own content when your title is clear. When you are writing your editorial, remember:

  1. First , always include images as part of your content. Give it a good title, give a description of that image, and If required give it a caption too. Search Engine admire content that explain things with the help of images.
  2. Do explain things (If your content demand) using numbering or as a list. It will work more in statistical way which again search engine support in correct approach.
  3. Never keep on changing your content or title. If you believe that your content is great but for some reason not appearing on top of your search result, in that case it’s very important to retain your patience and don’t assume that by changing the title or content, your page ranking might come up. Sometimes search engine could take weeks or even 2-3 months to show your content for right set of keywords.
  4. If your content is based on your personal experience do mention that, otherwise always include references. We should always give credit to else work. Its very easy to copy paste things but appreciating or using actual site name is a good deal and it will pay you certainly.
  5. Don’t imagine things to write-up your content. Long or bleak articles will not lead anywhere. As said earlier, factual or self experienced information will help you to create your relevant and real content.
  6. Mentioning numerical data like percentage, figures will help your article to sound more qualified and polished.
  7. If require, clarify your sentence by giving an example. It will definitely work.
  8. Do use bold and italics fonts to express your important word or sentence.
  9. Last, but not the least, write in your own words and don’t duplicate. If somehow you feel to copy (one or two lines) then must remember point no 4.

I’m sure that if you will write keeping these tips in mind, your content will definitely lead toward achievement, cause all is based on experience.

Rest… All the Best!


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