Even if you do not have experience with PHP or HTML, you should be able to understand how the WordPress Loop is constructed after reading this tutorial. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. We have implemented technology into most of our WordPress themes to make it very easy to modify the default featured image size. 4. If you’ve edited anything, wordpress optimization make sure to save your changes. Make sure to save your work when finished by clicking on the Save button below the options to save the changes made to the default featured image.

As an example, most of our themes use the figure.post-image class, so you would want to modify this element to set properties like width, height, percentage, border, and etc. on the featured image using CSS. For duplicating more number of pages and for an easier approach, it is always best to use the plugins.

In this article, I have explained what the WordPress Loop is for and showed how it is used in themes to display posts and pages. In a basic blogging theme, this template is generally used to display several posts or post excerpts on your home page. The WordPress Loop is the code that WordPress uses to display content on your website. The code for this is sometimes complicated, yet the general principle of how developers create complex themes is based on the basic concept of the WordPress Loop. Query class, theme developers can design complex website themes. The code in your own WordPress theme for the loop may be much longer, however it follows the same structure as this.

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Beyond this, you can even select featured image sizes that may have been added with the addition of other plugins on your website. Theme Options pane. Under the “General” section you will see a “Featured Image Size” option if the theme supports this feature. The best way to learn about the WordPress Loop is to look at a basic example of how it is used in a WordPress theme. Lack of resources- Unlike a trained web developer who possesses the required tools for converting your site’s theme, you; as a newbie might not be well informed about the different types of tools that need to be used for converting PSD to WP theme.

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