After Independence, our country has opted for the secondary sector as its prime moving force and after several decades passed, new technological advancements can be seen in the country. From a few car owners in the 1990s to millions of car owners at present. From some retro-styled cycles to present-day scooters and bikes, our country has seen a lot of shifts in the likes of people and how the earning capacity of citizens has shifted.

Thus, it is also necessary to have proper safety measures when it comes to riding scooters and bikes. The main concern for safety comes into mind when we hear about daily accidents in the country. So, a good quality helmet is a must when you’re riding a scooter or a bike just like seat belts when you’re driving a car. At present, there are many companies in India that make stylish as well as safe helmets. Now, we are going to provide you with a list of some of the most rated helmets in India based on consumer feedback in India.



Vega is one of the leading helmet manufacturers in India along with many other companies. Its main headquartered lies in Belgaum city located in the state of Karnataka state. Every 3 out of 5 helmets in India are Vega helmet and it was founded in the year 1994. It offers a different range of helmets such as Modular helmet, Dual Sport helmet, Full Face helmet, Off-Roading helmets, etc. The main production takes place in Ningbo, China. when it comes to style as well as safety, these helmets are the best. The price range varies from 1000 INR to 5000 INR.

2. Steelbird


This company was founded on 13th March 1964 and it is an Indian Company which stands for Steelbird Hi-Tech India Ltd. It is also the oldest helmet maker in India. It has tied up with many government agencies to provide its different range of helmets in the market. We can also say that it has a PAN India Distribution system in which it goes up to lower-tier levels in the country like Tier-2 or Tier-3. It makes different products like flip-off helmets, jackets, guard kits, gloves, shoe covers, etc. It is known for the kind of quality its products contain.

3. Studds


Studds is another company known for its quality of products. It can be easily found in any shop selling bike accessories. It has another sub-brand or we can call it a flagship that is SMK helmets apart from the main flagship (Studds). This company is popular in the world with its presence in different continents like North America, Africa, Asia as well as in South America. Its price range starts from 800 INR. It makes different products like Open face helmet, Flip-up full face, off-road full race helmets, etc. Its presence is in 35 different countries.

4. LS2 Helmets


It is a premium helmet manufacturer that is recognized globally due to its superior quality. It was founded in the year 1990 by Arthur Liao. Its advanced design and concept-based looks are quite famous. Carbon Fiber, Polycarbonate, and Composite bars are different ways to produce helmets. In India, its price range is of many costs and starts after 4,000 INR. These make different products like full-face helmets as well as open face helmets. Sometimes people try to sell their product with a fake name of this company at small prices. So, we must be beware of such people.

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5. Wrangler


You must have heard this company name before, haven’t you? This is a very famous company when it comes to making some quality clothes especially jeans. This company is of American origin and it was established back in 1904. This company is known for cheap helmets but with no compromise in quality. Its pricing starts as low as 700 INR to 6,000 INR. Wrangler makes different helmets like Concept-based, Riding helmets, Secure helmets, Zach helmets, Bulletproof helmets, Special Kids helmets, etc. The quality of this brand is top-notch and you’ll notice is when you’ll buy one.

6. THH Helmets


THH stands for Tong Ho Hsing which is a Taiwanese manufacturer of helmets established back in 2014 which is also known for its premium quality helmets just like Wrangler. This company came into existence in the year 1974. The material used in making these helmets is Carbon Fiber Kelvar along with the latest 3D based technology and FEA which stands for Finite Element Analysis. It is working in different places like India, Europe, Australia, and America. It has got ISO 9001:2015 certification. If you want a stylish helmet of premium quality then just go for it.

7. Royal Enfield Helmets


The name of this company refers to the “elite in its class” and is one of the most loved brands of bikes in India. You’ll hear this brand name in Punjabi songs and that is the reason this brand never advertises itself on T.V. Let it be racing, show-off, mountain riding, this company offers everything to a biker. The helmets designed look so classy and stylish that you’d think yourself as a king or as a royal member. The price for these helmets star at 2,000 INR. It is a UK based company which is spreading so rapidly in India. This company makes more open-faced helmets for real adventures.

8. Aerostar


It is a popular brand that was founded in India. if you have a low-budget and you want to purchase a helmet you can go for it. It is also one of the safest helmets at a low price. this company is rapidly growing in India as well as abroad.
It is located near Bhiwadi Industrial Area which is approximately 50 km from Delhi airport. prices for the helmet start from 500 INR.

9. Shoei Helmets

Shoei Helmets

This company started in 1959 and today it is known for premium and stylish products for riders. It is a Japanese company that makes some classically designed products. It was the first company that created helmets by using Carbon Fiber and Kelvar during the 1970s. It makes unisexual helmets which means the helmet is suited best for both men and women. Its starting price is around 4,000 INR. This company also uses advance graphic designed systems for making different stylish helmets.

10. HJC Helmets


HJC is manufacturing helmets for the last 49 years as it was founded in 1971 and they are selling their helmets in countries like India, Korea, America, Europe, etc and this company has been successful due to the better pricing and the style this company uses. The pricing in India starts from 3,300 INR approximately. After 1992, it never lost its first place from Number 1 in North America and even now it is one of the most used brands there. HJC is particularly known for its eccentric character-based helmets.

So, at last, I will request all readers to wear helmets for your own sake as well as safety because this life is not yours only but it is also of those who are waiting for you in our homes that means all the dear ones you trust and love more than anything. In maximum states, it is mandatory to wear helmets for both persons as it can lead to a safety hazard.
So, stay safe.

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