“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” –Abraham Lincoln

There was a time when a person was only scammed by a phishing email. These emails were designed to look like they came from an authorized bank, government agency or any famous organization. But they were not what they seemed. They simply hack details from you and use them to steal your sensitive data.

And the same thing started via Fake Calls Frauds (a caller asking about your personal details). Scammers have worked out endless ways of cheating people over the phone. They act amicably and helpful in some scams. In some, they might be intimidating or attempting to frighten you. All this trickery was done to take out money from you.

But now in India, there is a new platform where you get scammed easily (via eCommerce sites). Such websites are using Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube to sell scam products. Why social media sites are promoting such fake eCommerce site, we don’t know (without any authentication)? But there must be an end to this!

Here is an example of such a website: mariiexshop.com (might get shut down by the time you watch) but we have taken a screenshot of this website: All the products listed are very cheap and anyone can fall into their trap.

Fraud Website example

Now they are using such fraud eCommerce websites to fool people with huge discounts. Below we have a screenshot of one of their product video on Facebook (using Maristore Page). In this, they are selling 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner for just Rs 499/-. Such products are selling in between Rs 30,000/- to 15,000/- in India via Amazon and Flipkart. But they are giving a colossal discount on this purchase through their website. You need to be aware of such discounts. They all are gimmicks. They will never deliver you the product and will never reply to any of your emails. And moreover, they don’t have any option of COD.

Fraud facebook Advt.

Here we are providing you six tips that will help you uncover any fraud before using such e-commerce websites.

  1. Verifying that the price is not too low. It’s simply a fraud. If the seller can’t make money why would he sell?
  2. Check that the domain name refers to the name of the website. The rest of the scammers don’t even bother to do this. Again search for a domain name. They only go for a cheap, throw-away domain name if it has numbers (or garbage letters tagged in) as they know they’re just going to have it for a week.
  3. Check their Contact Information (especially their address). Have they written a proper mailing address with customer care number or not. Very important!
  4. Check under the Facebook ad on what other people are doing. Read these remarks or comments.
  5. Check their Facebook page and even check that are they updating it (at least from past few months). Apart from the commercial, almost all scams have under 3 posts.
  6. Check their T&C or Privacy Page. Most of these scammers fail to modify the wording and simply copy and paste. Check the privacy tab to see if the name of the organization suits the name of the domain.



  1. Thank u..lost money in mariiexshop.com

  2. I lost money in marieexshop. How to file a report?

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