India Standard Time is five and a half hours advance of the Universal Time standard, written as time zone of UTC + 5:30. It means you must add five and a half hours from Coordinated Universal Time to find the standard time in the zone.

India Standard Time falls under nonstandard time zone because it does not have an hourly incremental difference like most other zones. Instead, there’s an additional 30 minute time difference between this zone and standard time. India and Sri Lanka remain on India Standard Time all year long and do not make any changes for Daylight Saving.

India Time in Digital Format

Time is very valuable and indispensable! Whether you are:

  1. Just confirming the current time to make an International phone call to India.
  2. Planning an online meeting.
  3. A small tour or trip.
  4. Late night chat online.
  5. To make an appointment or
  6. To book a Movie Ticket, confirming the current & accurate time is necessary.

Time is what we just need to see all the time. Our all daily work is scheduled just after watching time. We eat breakfast on time, we go office on time and we sleep on time.

India Time in Analog Format

We tried hard to make certain the time and information presented above to be faultless but still, we make no guaranteed that Time in India mentioned above will be absolutely accurate (sometimes due to some server error). Therefore please make the second check before proceeding ahead.


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