10 Essential Apps Every Android Smartphone User Should Have in India

10 Essential Apps Every India Android Smartphone User Should Have

In today’s India, most of the users prefer Android smartphones over iOS devices. Android smartphones are user-independent, economic and have a much user-friendly interface as compared to the iOS. Furthermore, there is a wide range of Android Smartphones to choose from. But the thing that makes a smartphone platform special is the apps that it offers. App word … Read more

10 Popular Buddhist Monasteries in India

Morning chants at golden Monastery

India is a home to many religions and also the birthplace of some of them. One of them is Buddhism. Buddhism is a religion that centres on not only the spiritual development of seekers but also strives for a deep perspicacity into the true nature of life and death, and does not believe in ideal worship. The … Read more

Top 10 Laptops For Gaming Available Under Rs. 70,000

Laptops are surely one of the demanded gadgets in India. Laptops are heavily used in office work, content creation, development, and gaming. Laptops give you the ability to carry your gaming machine wherever you want. This portability feature makes laptops most popular devices among the Indian users. Gaming is a form of entertainment that can be enjoyed by … Read more

10 Most Popular and Best Indian Universities

Indian Education system is often seen as one of the main contributors to the growth of the Indian economy.  Moreover, the seriousness towards education in higher studies can be understood by the number of colleges and universities.  At present, there are around 37,204 colleges, 789 universities,  and 11,443 stand-alone institutions in India. MHRD or “The Ministry of … Read more

8 Popular Coffee and Tea Plantation Garden in India

Tea Plantations of Darjeeling

India is the among the largest tea-consuming nations in the world and the tea culture is just as famous across the globe. The major tea plantation states in India are in the Northeastern states, along with Himachal Pradesh. The gardens of Sikkim and Tripura are known for producing some of the most perfect flavours. While the … Read more

12 Archeological Wonders Of Ancient India

India is a country with one of the richest histories in the world. Some shreds of evidence state that modern human civilization in Indian is somewhere between 73,000-55,000 years old. However, there are no solid structures made back then hence we don’t have much information about this period. This is the reason why historians mention the origin … Read more

10 Most Popular Wildlife Sanctuaries In India

10 Most Popular Wildlife Sanctuaries In India, Forests of India

India is the 7th largest nation in the world with an area of 3,287,469 km² out of which 21.54% is covered in forests. Making a 708,273 km² of forest area, which is a great thing for a constantly developing nation like India. From 2015, India has shown a +0.21% growth in forest land and this was achieved due to reserving forest area by making … Read more

10 Largest and Popular Hindu Temples in the World

Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Hindu religion is considered to be one of the most ancient and rich religions in the entire world and owing to the rich economic conditions of the olden times, many kings, rulers and emperors constructed various temples that were both architecturally stellar and really colossal in size. These temples were the centre of attraction for … Read more

10 Biggest Shopping Malls in India

Drone shot of Phoenix Marketcity

Shopping malls are the manifestation of millennial pop culture! For a city to establish their prowess as a smart, strong and modern, shopping malls with great architecture are great means to achieving it.  Beautiful architecture, large open spaces, hundreds of luxury fashion stops and great food options sum up the package of a great shopping … Read more

Top 10 Biggest States In India

Top 10 Biggest States In India

India has 29 states and 7 union territories, home to the 132.42 crore people. These 29 states are divided on the basis of different criteria. It can be geographical, cultural or even the language. Each state has something distinct to offer from every other state. Each one of them has a different theme when you think … Read more

Top 12 Foreign Tourist Destinations in India

Kerala, Top Tourist Destination

Being one of the world’s most culturally rich and physically diverse land. From the mighty Himalayas to the undying horizons of the Indian ocean; The holy waters of the Ganges at the banks of Varanasi to the golden lands of Rajasthan, India is a feast for anyone who wants to find something incredible! The tourism … Read more

25 Famous Indian Spices with their Hindi Names

Indian Spices

India, since time immemorial has been called “The Land of Spices“. Major trade routes were connected to India because India exported its spices to places like Mesopotamia, Egypt, Sumeria, China and Arabia etc. There is also a mention of cloves in the Ramanyana which shows us that spices have been grown and acknowledged in India … Read more

11 Famous Snake Breeds Found In India

11 Famous Snake Breeds Found In India

India is a land with huge bio-diversity. You can find any type of environment in India whenever you want. From cold mountains to dense forests and from grasslands to deserts every kind of terrain is present in India. Owing to this diversity, India has become a home for a large variety of most deadly reptiles in … Read more

10 Most Popular Waterfalls in India

Waterfalls, also called cascades are truly magnificent features found in nature. They display the beauty of nature explicitly. Waterfalls are also a great center of attraction for tourists and bring a lot of tourism in the place where they are situated. Many thrill seekers also find big and beautiful cascades as a means of fulfilling … Read more

12 Most Popular Freshwater Fish of Indian Rivers

Providing employment to over 14 million people, Indian Fishing industry is one of the most important industries for the country! According to the surveys of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation), the Indian Fishing industry has grown 10 times from 1947 to 1990, and has an ever growing scope. The fresh water resources of India has … Read more

10 Largest Agriculture Producing States Of India

Agriculture is the very base of civilisation. Ever since we learnt to grow and hoard crops, nomadic nature of human beings came to an end and people could provide themselves with sustenance. Civilisations like Harappa and Mohenjodaro flourished because they had efficient agricultural techniques and ways of storing the harvest. These civilisations laid the foundations … Read more

Top 10 Architectural Designers in India

Top 10 Architectural Designers In India

Architecture is certainly one of the most rewarding careers in a developing nation like India. The constantly spreading cities provide great opportunities for architects to lay down their hands on the projects through which they can make a great fortune and a global name for themselves.  An architect designer’s work is a form of art … Read more

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