Top 10 Popular and Best Hairstylists In India

Top hair stylist in India

Different faces and different styles, in all that we want a hairstyle that makes us stand out. A hairstyle can make or break an impression. It is a way of delivering our personality, from curls, bob or mullet and the mixes of these hair cuts with colours we choose, from the basic browns to pop … Read more

5 Major Rivers of Himachal Pradesh

India has the most astonishing diversity of all the countries in terms of ethnicities, languages, people, culture, and religions. But what is mostly overlooked in the awe of that is how diverse India is in terms of geographical landscapes and eye-catching mountains and rivers. The seven sisters in the North East boast a landscape of … Read more

Top 9 Indian Celebrity Homes

India is a country where Bollywood actors are considered as Gods. Those who are from India already know this. For example, let’s consider south Indian Actor Rajinikanth. He has been given names like Thalaivar which means the boss or the leader in Tamil. So, is his fan following in the Tamil province that he is … Read more

Best 10 Cars in India Under 10 Lakhs

The Automobile Industry in India has come a long way since it’s inception. Since the ages when royals used it for leisure and luxury purposes to a common man today traveling to his workplace, cars and their consumer ship has evolved into their availability, maintenance, and logistics’ support being provided in every corner of the … Read more

10 Longest Rivers in India (with images)

We have complied 10 longest rivers in India (includes entire stretch of a river) Brief Intro: Rivers are one of nature’s most beautiful gifts to humanity. They are not only natural flowing watercourse (freshwater) that starts its course from up the mountains into the sea and the ocean but also a vital essence of human … Read more

10 Most Popular Yoga Teachers in India

The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj‘ which means ‘to join’ or ‘to unite’. Many practitioners from Rishikesh find its intervention with the Hindi word ‘Yogya’ which means ‘able’. Yoga thus encapsulates the idea of the natural ability to control one’s mind, thoughts, and the impression of the surroundings and enhancing it … Read more

10 Best Online Portals for General Knowledge in India

General Knowledge is the data, figures, statistics, facts, anecdotes, stories, and almost every other such information that has been collected by various mediums and methods over a period of time for the future reference of oneself to better predict and understand various experiences and contingencies. General Knowledge can’t truly be quantified. No one can know … Read more

10 Biggest Cricket Stadiums in India

Cricket isn’t a sport in India. It’s a religion. Cricketers are revered no less than Gods. And the Cricket stadiums are these cricket-lovers’ holy shrine. And these shrines are built up everywhere in a country that has given the world, some of the best cricketers and still is setting new records of excellence in this … Read more

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