The buzz of Online Affiliate Marketing has come to India and is spreading really fast. If you know what Online Affiliate Marketing is, you would know how powerful its growth is, and if you don’t, do not worry! We are here to tell you all about it and also the best programs available for online affiliate marketing for you to get started on.

What are Online Affiliate Marketing and its programs? and why is it gaining so much popularity? Affiliate Marketing is a method of marketing in which you will refer a certain product (by some other seller) to anyone you may or may not know, and if they that product through your referral, you get the commission. All the major and many minor online shopping companies offer such affiliate programs so that they can get promoted and also you can easily earn some cash. Now, you may realise why it is getting so popular as the investment is least to zero but you still get good returns. In India, the scope of such programs is growing rapidly because of the huge population and also because India is the biggest hub for investors and traders. Also to understand this Affiliate Marketing, you may think of it as an alternative to Google Adsense. Though many of these affiliate program companies seek top bloggers, anyone can join these programs. There are direct affiliate sites of the companies and you can sign up on them.

So now if you interested in some Online Affiliate Marketing and want to join some programs, we have a whole list for you, here is the compilation of Best 12 Online Affiliate Marketing Programs in India:


Affiliate page of Flipkart

Flipkart is hands down one of the most popular shopping websites in India today and thus joining an affiliate program at the Flipkart Affiliate is the first on our list. You can earn easy money from Flipkart Affiliate by easily signing up. All you will need to do is to pull in traffic on your affiliate link which will redirect to Flipkart. You can use any of your sites, such as website, mobile site, mobile apps which will move the traffic to Flipkart and earn up to 15% commissions.

By offering a wide range of products, precise tracking, great fee and on-time payouts, the Flipkart affiliate has become one of the best online affiliate marketing programs in India. Also, it’s absolutely free!


Affiliate page of Amazon

The next name on this list is none other than the international online shopping giant The affiliate program offered by Amazon is known as Amazon Associates. It is already well-known for providing millions of products thus the popularity of Amazon Associates is increasing greatly. The associates or the affiliates can get very good fees which can get up to 12%. Ever since its launch in India, the growth of Amazon Associates has only increased.

Another great feature of Amazon’s affiliate program is that you can earn the marketing fees from all the qualifying sales and not just the ones that have been marketed.


Affiliate page of eBay

The third name is of eBay India. The eBay India’s affiliate program is very fast and efficient. It helps you to start earning commissions in a very fast and easy way. This affiliate program also gives good commissions which are up to 12%. It is very simple as you just need to provide good marketing to the site and then you will receive your share of fees on every sale made because of your promotion. The eBay Affiliate is absolutely free to join.

Anyone can join the eBay Affiliate whether it is a person or a complete organisation. The payment is really good and also quicker than most programs.


Affiliate page of Godaddy

The GoDaddy Affiliate by the GoDaddy is the next on this list of best Indian Online Affiliate Programs. It is also a program that doesn’t require you to pay any fees and is also very simple to put up on your website or app. What you will need to do is to place the links of the GoDaddy website on either the banner of your site or app, or you can add a text type anywhere you wish to. It provides up to 10% commission.

Since there are no cost or minimum purchase rule or anything, you have nothing to lose and a good payout to again. The percentage of your commission will be decided after a certain regularity in your marketing.


snapdeal affiliate page

Another popular name in the online affiliate marketing in India is of Snapdeal Affiliate if a great program that has good commission values. It has a very basic working mechanism just like most of the other programs, that you need to sign up at the affiliate site of Snapdeal, which is free of cost then you start promoting it either via links of by the use of affiliate links on your website or mobile site or app.

Snapdeal Affiliate offers up to 10% commission rates to the affiliates on every purchase made by their referral, this can be also up to 400 rupees.


affiliate page of TripAdvisor

The TripAdvisor affiliate is a great option for those websites and bloggers who are into travelling and have a travel based background because this will help the visitor to select your TripAdvisor suggestion. TripAdvisor affiliate is free to use and lets you earn great commissions. Since it consists of a community of trustworthy travellers from across the globe, the credibility of the link gets increased by a lot of value.

Through the TripAdvisor Affiliate, you can get very high commission rate which goes as high as 50% of the total. Thus, making a great shot to try.


Affiliate page of BigRock

BigRock is probably one of the biggest names in online affiliate marketing today. It’s a super easy three-way process which is just signing up, referring to customers and earning commissions. If you are a web designer or blogger who is interested in web hosting, then BigRock Affiliate is for you. Since BigRock offers high-value domain registration, they also give great commission which can go as high as 45-50%.

Just set up the BigRock Affiliate link on your site and start selling the products and services by BigRock, soon enough you will see how fast you start earning.


Affiliate page of vcommissions

The next name on our list of best online affiliate programs in India is the vCommission. It is one of India’s Affiliate Network which helps in delivering better performance to the many popular India Brands by adding affiliates to itself. That is, vcommission is a site for promotion which itself uses affiliates for marketing some top brands in India. It offers good fees but you can take a payout only at $100 and not before that, which may take some time.

The chief features of vcommission are its specialized branding, monetization, performance marketing etc.


affiliate page of makemytrip

The MakeMyTrip Affiliate is a great method of increasing your earnings from your website or blog if you have a travel-centric site. Since most of the customers will be the ones interested in a trip, adding MakeMyTrip affiliate can surely add to your earning. Also, MakeMyTrip Affiliate offers great commission rates. The commissions are even higher if the customer has opted for flights and other costly amenities.

The prime benefits of this affiliate program are that you get great commission and the competition is comparatively very less, thus a great deal.


affiliate page of hostgator

Hostgator is well-known in the field of web hosting services and thus has a good customer base which is very broad and reachable. Thus, the affiliate programs by the Hostgator Affiliate holds high value. Moreover, if you are a website or blogger which is already dealing with or want to get into web designing or hosting, you can add the Hostgator affiliate too your site.

It is also free of cost and is great for VPS hosting, web hosting, web designing and servers based websites and blogs in India.


The second last name on this list of best online affiliate marketing programs in India is of Being one of the world’s biggest matrimonial online website, is a great program for affiliates. It has the great features of consistent profits, easy payouts, real-time reports, multiple banners ads, easy joining and much more. joining the Indian market in 1996 and thus has ever grown. also over very high commission rates which can go to 75% of the Revenue Share. You just need to add the banner/text links to your website.


affiliate program of Monster

Lastly, we have the affiliate program for online marketing by Monster Affiliate. The monster website is a job searching type of site which helps the employers post their vacancies and also people looking for jobs can search for them. Since is already helping for users to find jobs, their affiliate program helps them to add to their earning. The monster affiliate also provides an easy and good commission of up to 17%.

All that needs to be done is some planning by the affiliate and then start marketing. The commission to an affiliate is provided very fast and most just after the sale from the affiliates’ link.

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