List of Official Languages of India According to Indian Constitution

Language History of India: The concept of verbal communication in India started late back in Indo-Aryan time from 1500 BCE to 600 BCE. It was a period of Indus Valley civilization. In this era, a Dravidian Language is supposed to exist for speaking and communicating. Soon after, Devanagari script was introduced for writing Sanskrit and later … Read more

History of Ancient India Civilization in 8 Brief Stages

Ancient India Was not the same from what its look now. It was an undisputed vast land and amalgamation of 7-8 countries of today’s Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka, Bhutan, and Burma (explore map of Ancient India). And history of our country – India can be outlined from the human activities that existed since 75,000 … Read more

Current Local Time In India

India Standard Time is five and a half hours advance of the Universal Time standard, written as time zone of UTC + 5:30. It means you must add five and a half hours from Coordinated Universal Time to find the standard time in the zone. India Standard Time falls under nonstandard time zone because it … Read more

6 Important Tips for Buying Homes in India

Buying a new home in India can be an exhausting experience, both financially and emotionally. However, with the right guidance, one can overcome the hindrances involved. Here are six vital considerations for the first time home buyers that will help them prevent any feud or problems. Decide your purpose – It is better to determine what … Read more

Download 40 Most Popular Gurbani Shabad Kirtan Collection (latest)

The word ‘Gurbani’ is a Sikh term that purely means the ‘Words of Guru’ inscribed as divine teachings in Shri Guru Granth Sahibji (or Adi Granth). Guru in Sankrit Means – ‘Gu’ (Darkness), ‘Ru’ (Light). Spiritual Master who share Knowledge (light) & destroys Ignorance (Darkness). Gurbani focus and enlightens the right course in knowing GOD … Read more

10 Easy Steps to Download Aadhaar Card Online (Lost or Duplicate Copy)

Introduction: Aadhaar Card is primarily scheme implemented by central government agency UIDAI “Unique Identification Authority of India” which store key information and some important demographic data of every single citizen of our country. For example, it uses bio-metric identification system in which Individual figure prints are recorded and stored. This makes it special in comparison to … Read more

Top 10 Popular Real Estate Builders In Kerala

Real-estate industry plays a vital role in any nation’s growth and economic development and this industry is thriving day by day. Immovable property has developed as a major area of business today involving specialized services such as investment and marketing in different areas like residential or commercial. Principally, building expertise with scientific methods and principles are … Read more

5 Types Of Best Rakhi To Make This Raksha Bandhan!

Raksha Bandhan is almost round the corner and all the sisters are prepping up to get spoilt with the gifts and riches from their brothers. But wait? Have you finalized your Rakhi? Not yet?Well then, we give you one more reason to show up your crafty side with these DIY Rakhis which your brother is … Read more

25 Most Popular Shopping Sites in India

Below we have created an authentic list of top 25 online shopping websites in India. These sites are ultimate source in case you are searching for most visiting or popular shopping sites in India. Enjoy and have Fun! 1.) – is top Indian e-commerce and online shopping website. It is the most famous of all online shopping companies … Read more

Effective India Home Remedies for Common Diseases | Ayurvedic Treatment

From the past thousands of years, before allopathic treatment began, natural herbs and spices were used to treat various diseases in India. Today’s doctor was earlier known as ‘Ved’, ‘Acharya’ and ‘Hakim’. They used to treat the person using their formulation of medicine made by effective herbs, natural spices, and some vegetables too. Even today … Read more

Free Phone Calls to India (without paying money)

If you are living abroad its very expensive to make a phone call to your native place. Sometimes the pulse rates in few countries are so costly that we avoid calling. Recently in India, government has reduced rates on all ISD calls and this has impact in large number of phone calls to overseas. Nowadays, internet … Read more

Top 10 Most Popular Horoscope Site in India

At some point in time, we all are curious to know our future. There are people who can predict the future based on some calculations. Now when a child is born, there are some planetary signs which depict his stars or future. A person who can study these planetary events is known as an astrologer and later … Read more

10 Best Agricultural Sites for farmers in India

India is an agricultural land and farming provides the means of livelihood for the major Indian population. The Indian Economy is somehow also dependent on agriculture. For best crop cultivation, irrigation infrastructure has played a vital role to connect an agriculture land with minor and major canals from Indian rivers. Since independence, India has made … Read more