A peninsula is a land that is surrounded by water in three directions and India is the largest peninsula of the planet earth. It has a large coastline that is 7,517 km long. This coastline has hosted many foreign visitors throughout the history of India. This coastline is one of the factors which are responsible for the rich cultural heritage of India. Particularly speaking these coastlines have been an attraction to European travelers. Specifically, British and Portuguese.

These coastlines are also promoting trade in India till date. With places like Mumbai, Surat, and Vishakapatnam being the trade hub. There are total of 9 Indian states having coastlines. All of these states have a rich history and host a great number of tourists. In this article, we are covering five of them. So’ here is a list of 5 Largest states by Coastline in India.

1. Gujarat


Gujarat has the largest coastlines among the Indian states, which has a length of 1915 km. Gujarat is the land where Surat is located which was the largest trade hub in Asia Before the 1600’s. This coastline of Gujarat has hosted a large number of visitors from Arabia which has resulted in a great cultural diversity and the extensive cuisine of Gujarat. This large coastline has helped Gujarat to achieve the goal of saving last Asiatic lions. This was resulted by the good foreign relations of Gujarati Prince with foreign visitors. This coastline has helped Gujarat to make a GDP of $230 Billion USD with the help of trade at the coastline, fishing, and tourism.

2. Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh-Coast

Andhra Pradesh has the second largest coastline in India with a length of 1037 km having boundaries to the Bay of Bengal. This coastline produces a great amount of seafood like Shrimps and fishes. The coasts of Andhra Pradesh have hoasted British and Dutch throughout the medieval period in India. Especially, Bheemunipatnam a town named after Bheema has evidence of foreign trade dating back to the 1600’s. Bheemunipatnam is currently in the neighborhood of Vishakhaptanam, which is a modern trade hub. Vishakhapatnam is of the 13 big seaports of India and hosts a trade of ₹660 crores annually.

3. Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu- Coast

Tamil Nadu is the state with 3rd largest coastline in India. It has a coastline that has a length 864.73 km. It the most southeastern part of Indian peninsula. The coast of Tamil Nadu has a history dating back to 300 BC back when the ancient city of Poompuhar was destroyed due to a Tsunami. Currently, Tamil Nadu has Chennai port which is the second busiest container hub in India and has an annual revenue of ₹890.4 crore. Furthermore, Chennai has Marina beach which is the longest Urban beach in India and 11th longest in the World. It as 13 km long. Tamil Nadu has 1.05 million fisherman population that contributes 10 percent to India’s fish production.

4. Kerala


Kerala the neighbor state to Tamil Nadu has the 4th largest coastline, which has a length of 560 km. The whole coastline of Kerala mainly consists of beaches. There are total 20 beaches on Kerala coast. These beaches have made Kerala a famous tourist spot in India and it has reported a business of Rs. 912.6 billion in the year 2006. These beaches have also hosted colonial powers throughout Indian history and their effect is clearly seen in the cultural heritage of Kerala. Due to the hike in sea tourism in Kerala Indian Government has spent Rs. 1000 billion in to promote tourism in Kerala.

5. Maharashtra


Maharashtra has the 5th largest coastline that has a length of 510 km that is little lesser than Kerala. Maharashtra has Mumbai which is seaport that has contributed so much to the Indian history. It has Gateway of India which is known as the place from where Britishers left India after Independence in 1947. Furthermore, Mumbai also has a large trade port too which dates back to the 1870’s. Currently, 62.82 million tonnes of cargo are transported annually at the port of Mumbai. The whole coastline of Maharashtra, when combined with the coast of Karnataka, is called as Konkan.

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