A trend of television is unstoppable, as TV is an unavoidable part of modern culture, where we depend on with various entertainment sources such as news, education, culture, weather, sports, and music also music videos. TV is both of the good’s and bad factors and has a key to provide our all generations with guiding view and to model and teach the critical thinking skills etc. We cannot deny the fact of how necessary TV has become to our trend lives. It is a technology which provides content with divergent flavors, and equipment which relates worldwide, we also have to accept that TV’s are the next world to us and where we can see updated world besides sitting in our living zones.We should be thankful to the inventor who just created this entertainment box with the technology and set a benchmark. TV set were introduced by Scottish Inventor John Logie Baird in 1920’s, whereas In India TV defines its history with the Terrestrial television experiment which was started in Delhi on 15th September 1959 with a small transmitter and makeshift studio, with 1965 Daily Transmission began a part of All India Radio and later the upgrading DTH services was launched by Dish TV ON 2ND October 2003. Taking the fact of being the imagining world without TV is like nothing, as we cannot have the sources of being aware of such particular as serials, news channels, games etc.

Doordarshan has evolved over the years, however, today we have many channels compare to Doordarshan, experiments with the years now we are relying in the world on new channels, set-ups, cable networking through the Satellite. Developing TV industry is now structured with the sleek model with latest features in LCD’S and LED’S and with latest trends and model we are going to provide the list of 5 Bestselling LED TV Brands in India which can definitely work for years with multiple uses:

1.) Sony Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV

Triluminos Display
Sony KD

To begin with the list the very first we have brand Sony (with model No KD-49X8200E) which is known for its amazing magical features, a totally upgraded LED which just need a voice command and your wish is granted. This LED Android TV is advanced and developed voice control which enables to connect and access contents with multiple functions simply by using voice command. With design Triluminos, Display screen makes the picture powerful and sharp with the 4k HDR technology.

Function & Design of Sony KD-49X8200E 49 inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV:

  • A feature of sharing smartphone screen with smartphone image mirroring Miracast technology.
  • Additionally designed with an Ethernet port which ensures internet connectivity via Bluetooth 4.1 thus furthering connectivity options all the time.
  • Plug-in facility for headphones for superior audio output.
  • Also, have HDMI inputs which allow gaming freaks to connect the gaming consoles and BD players to it with ease.
  • Lastly, its boasts of slender and sleek design which is just going to add a charm to your home space.
  • Price: approx Rs. 119, 990

2.) Samsung Full HD LED TV (Black)

Samsung UA49K5100AR 49-inch Full HD LED TV
Samsung full HD LED TV

Moving into next tech latest LED model which can be your favorite with its tremendous features and functioning, Samsung 49 inches 49K5100- SF Full HD LED, with its amazing visual quality and the clear sound effect it’s ranking on 2nd accordingly.

Function & Design:

  • Easy connecting facility of USB drives, pen drives also external hard disks for soulful melodies, movies, photos and more.
  • With DTS code sound and 2 channels for superior sound quality.
  • This LED is designed with sleek and sturdy VNB bezel which will complement the decors of your living space, also have four metallic legs that you can change within a matter of seconds.
  • The quality of visuals will make you feel like you are live watching the sports in the stadium, with its analog clean view automatically eliminates noise from TV signals.
  • Price: approx Rs 48,500

3.) LG 40 inches Full HD LED Smart TV

LG Smart TV’s Smart Share

Everyone needs a worth and best-featured TV set-ups at their homes as we cannot consider the risk of taking these at low costs or the cheapest, however, we always consider the facts and compare it with both the costing factor and functioning. When if we are discussing the best five than how we can skip from the box with LG Brand, LG 40LF6300 40 inches with full HD LED Smart TV is one of the favorite ones from the list.

    Function & Design:

  • This LED is designed with its sleek and powerful screen which makes you fall for this while watching a favorite movie on this LG LED delight.
  • Featured with an easy to browse and share the files from external devices with wirelessly or with an alternative option even watch TV on any of your smart devices.
  • Price: approx Rs 46,400

4.) Micromax 32 inch HD Ready LED TV

affordable price LED
Micromax LED TV

Next on the list is the Brand Micromax with its 32-inch screen and especially the brand known for proving technology akin the best international brands, however an extremely affordable pricing.

Function & Design

  • With 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB’s make it totally compatible with all external devices, the LED can be wall mounted like a painting.
  • It has the feature with consuming extremely low electricity.
  • With its functionality, the Zero Dot LED panel sharpens the images.
  • Price: approx Rs 11,999

5.) Kodak 32 inch HD Plus LED TV

Kodak LED TV

Our list next best brand LED is Kodak 32 inch, specially designed for Indian homes, with the ultra thin bezel which takes little space.

          Function & Design

  • The LED has inbuilt WiFi and multiple HDMI and USB ports which allow connecting your devices on a large screen.
  • We can also easily share our small gadgets screen via Miracast.
  • Price: approx Rs 18,000

With this above list of the best selling, top and popular 5 LED TV brands, just pick your favorite for your living space.



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