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15 Amazing Things for which India is famous worldwide

India, the country which once contributed to 23% of the global GDP, the country that was invaded many times by foreign oppressors, the country that gave the world Zero and mathematical geniuses like Ramanujan, the country known for contemporarily best in the World universities like Taxila and Nalanda, the country whose culture, people and pride were exploited again and again.

But the greatness of this Nation can be easily calculated by the fact that even after the oppression of hundreds of years, after getting independence from the British Colonialization in 1947, in less than a decade, India has emerged again as one of the world powers and at present is famous for a lot of things, personalities, places, stories, etc. that hold a special place in the World’s Cultural Inheritance. We today have the wettest inhabited place in the world, we were the first ones to discover water on the moon, other countries celebrate their National science day dedicating it to our geniuses, We have the most English speakers in the world after the USA, we have the most vegetarians in the world, we mined the diamonds first of all countries, we produce the most milk in the world and many more such achievements where we ace the respective field. 

Of all these ambitions we are masters at, there are specifically a lot of other things that represent India today on the world’s stage. We’d be mentioning 15 such entities, the world today knows India for. We’d be mentioning all the personalities, structures, sports or cultural reverences in order to create a better and frank picture of what actually represents India.

1.CEOs of Biggest Global Businesses


Leadership is something India is known for ever since. A visible example of that would be the CEOs of many big firms today are Indians. Satya Nadella leading Microsoft, Sundar Pichai leading Google LLC and Alphabet INC, Arvind Krishna leading IBM Group, Shantanu Narayan leading Adobe Inc., A.S. Banga leading Mastercard and Rajeev Suri leading Nokia Inc. are some examples of leaders that India has given to the world leaders in Business. 

2. Food and Culture


Indian Food and Indian Culture are what makes us distinct. India has a rich culture spiritually, religion-wise, health practices-wise(yoga), and fashion-wise. We were always considered as the bravest sheepdogs this world ever saw other than Spartans and the Vikings. Even today after being an armed superpower we haven’t yet attacked a country first and that says a lot about how peace-loving we are. Food-wise as well we have some of the best cuisines all over the world. In London alone, there are more Indian Food Restaurants than Mumbai and Delhi combined. We have more than 5000 Indian Food Restaurants all over the world. 

3. Democracy


India is the biggest democracy in the world. India has a population of 135 Crores which is lead by one representative figure known as the Prime Minister which is chosen by the people of the nation themselves through voting every 5 years. The only country with a bigger population in China is a communist practitioner. After its Independence itself, India has been practicing democracy without any threat of a coup to overturn the leadership which is a feat very few countries today are proud of.   

4. Big Cats


India is home to Asiatic Lions, Royal Bengal Tiger, Snow Leopard, clouded Leopard, and Indian Leopard. India’s Big Cat population is impressive which is a result of the various conservation programs being run by the Indian Government. India today has approximately 70% of the world’s population of Big Cats. So next time don’t think about an African reserve when you see Big Cats on the TV. They might be in your backyard.

5. Cricket Stadiums


India boasts the best Cricket stadiums in the world. We have the biggest cricket stadium as Ahmedabad’s Motera with a seating capacity of 1,15,000+, highest cricket stadium in Chail, Himachal Pradesh, and the beautiful most as proclaimed by many including Adam Gilchrist, Mathew Hussey, and Allister Cook is the HPCA, Dharamshala, HP, India.

6. Taj Mahal


The famous monument made out of Marble, a symbol of Love, the Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the World. This beautiful piece of architecture is what the World knows India for.

7. Holy City of Varanasi


The shrine of Hinduism, Varanasi is popularly known as Kashi or Banaras, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the World. This city is the spiritual capital of India and also is one of and the holiest seven sacred most cities in Hinduism as a Religion. It also played a major role in the upbringing of Buddhism as a religion as their spiritual leaders’ hail from Varanasi itself.   

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8. The Golden Temple


As the name suggests, it’s a temple made of Gold and is considered as the Holiest site for the Sikhs. Located in Amritsar, Shri Harmandir Sahib known as the Golden Temple. It was completed in 1589 and the Adi Granth was established in 1604. This holy cite of Sikhs makes India proud of a rich culture. 

9. Diversity

There is no country in the World that has diversity in every aspect as much as India has. So much is the existence of the stated fact, that every 100 km you’ll see the culture-changing and still people living with each other in Harmony. While most of the countries don’t have to worry about the issues that come with diversity, Indian tolerance and law establishments are well known for maintaining the peace in such a demographic.   

10. Forts of Rajasthan


Rajasthan is ever famous for dynasties and the royal families that live there. India has one of the best pre-industrialization architectures in the form of these forts. Rajasthan has more than 100 different forts, some of which are on hills and are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites

11. Beaches of Goa


Goa is worldwide famous for its beaches. Hollant Beach, Velsao Beach, Vagator Beach, etc. are some of the beaches that Goa is famous for. The famous Sunburn Music Festival is also held in Goa. Many foreigners land in Goa every day to have some of the best holiday experiences for themselves. It’s popular worldwide for the aura it carries. 

12. Ellora Caves


It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. These caves are the biggest rock-cut conclaves that feature Hindu, Buddhist and Jain holy Monuments dating from 600-1000 CE period. There are more than 100 caves cut out from basalt material. These are the best caves for any retro-lover in the World.

13. Architectural Marvels

With the highest Railway Bridge under construction, India boasts a lot of Architectural Marvels like the Taj Hotel, Statue of Unity, SVBP Cricket Stadium, Gateway of India, Red Fort, many holy shrines and much more. India is famous worldwide for its mesmerizing architecture.

14. Narendra Modi


Yes. You read that right. India is famous worldwide for Narendra Modiji. The Prime Minister of India is the new face amongst the World Leaders that the educated youth all around the Globe Recognises India by. He has become the face of the new, young, energetic India that the world is impressed and inspired by.

15. Dhyan Chand and Sachin Tendulkar


The GODs of their respective sports, both belong to India. Sachin Tendulkar is revered worldwide as the God of Cricket while Dhyan Chand is considered as the God of hockey. These athletes have made India proud and famous around the world by showcasing the pure Indian Talent. 

So, these were our picks for the 15 different things, India is most popular about, worldwide. What out of these are you proud about, let us know in the comments section.

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10 Most Popular Online Dating Apps in India

Online Dating or techno-sexual dating means using the Internet in order to find someone who has the potential to be our Love and a perfect dating mate. Gone are the days when you could date only a girl from your class or place. Techno-sexual Dating has made it possible to date all across the globe. Mobile apps like Tinder and Bumble and Dating Sites like and are thriving having a turnover of Billions of US dollars.

A right swipe or a click on the follow button now could be understood as a flirt giggle. A DM is the new ‘I need to know you better’ clause. So much has the trend of Techno-Sexual dating grown that according to Online Dating Magazine, more than 7500 dating sites exist on the Internet today. More than 3 million messages are exchanged on a day. And if the present conditions exist, it’s predicted that by 2040, 70% of us will have met our Soulmates online.

The trend hasn’t grown with the curve is expected to be. According to SB Research Institute, One out of every ten, who start online dating quits within the first three months, because of not having found that perfect partner. According to a poll conducted by Pew’s research Institute, 59% of people are happy to date online while 23% think that those who opt online dating are super-desperate and can’t find someone worth offline. According to reports by, 53% of people lie on their dating profiles. 43% of men lie about their earnings and the job they do, while 21% of women use photos from their younger days.

But all this can’t overshadow the fact that online dating is very popular these days and many prefer it more than the normal dating. So today we’d be talking about the top 10 dating apps in India followed by discussing the ground report of dating apps in reality. Here are our top ten picks:

1. Tinder


Tinder has been revolutionary in terms of propelling online dating to a whole new level. Launched on 12th September 2012, it was the first dating app with the swipe feature i.e. Swipe right if you find the person appealing otherwise swipe left. This feature gave people the advantage of being straight forward with their potential partner but was misused by many to go for more than 30-40 right swipes a day. With such easeful features, Tinder grew immense and in the year 2013, it received the Crunchie Award for the Best Start-up of 2013. And in just two years, by 2014 it was receiving two billion swipes per day.



As promoted by Priyanka Jonas Chopra, this app comes with a twist. Once you are matched on this app, the females are required to break the ice while challenging the stereotype of only boys texting first. For the same-sex matches, either one of the matching mates can start the conversation. Rules are strict and hence this app is safe for the women. In this app, you have to make the match permanent by text within 24 hours of the match.

3. Happn


This app gives a very real-world experience by presenting to you the accounts only that cross paths with you. This is inspired by the fact that you both have already been around each other and if accidentally you like them, you can look for them on this app. But this app works in the favor of urban residents as they have way many options than someone from a small town. It was launched in 2014.



Inspired by the name of God of Love and Intimacy, ‘Cupid’, this app is unique in itself as instead of relying on photos and bio, this app makes you know someone’s about by a set of questions they would’ve answered while signing up. Then a compatibility Score would be given which in turn helps you in matching with your ‘type’. This app also comes with a virtual Dating feature.

5. Truly Madly


This app is somewhat like a replica of Tinder but what makes it different from other apps is the feature that allows you to be the wingman or wing-woman to help your best friends find their desired matches. So, this one’s a helping one if you want to go on a double date with your friends. This app comes with an incognito mode. It also has referrals that help you increase your score and no screenshot thing from Snapchat has also been imbibed.

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6. Hinge


This app is famous for its tagline which itself says ‘designed to be deleted’. This app is also like a replica of Tinder. This app works on a feedback feature in which once you’ve been on a date, you give feedback about the date so that the app can give you better recommendations for your next date. The questions to have an idea about someone’s personality on this app are unique and thus it’s also a good alternative to Tinder which is now considered as the hub for hook-ups.

7. Coffee meets Bagel


This app is very unique in itself. The app sends you a number of accounts from the other gender, calling them the bagels of the day which you have to swipe on within 24 hours. If the swipes are similar, it’s a match. Women outnumber men on this app, respond better because they aren’t fed tons of accounts a day and is a good choice for those who want to limit their range.

8. Aisle


This app was recently launched which focuses upon making Indians meet people from all around the World. This app is inspired by the idea that online dating isn’t confined to the boundaries of a province or a state. This one’s a good option for the Indians who are looking forward to becoming an NRI.



The unique most feature of this app is that you can call your match without actually getting their number. The UI is very professional with a plethora of options like voice introduction, tag search, QA, and DM. This app is a bit woman-centric and is a perfect option for the women who aren’t comfortable using other apps because of the overwhelming secrecy out posting.

10. Tantan


This online dating app is designed by the Chinese developers and is yet not banned, so you can still use it. Its UI is somewhat similar to Tinder and when it comes to being unique, this app recommends you some questions to ask once the match has been made. Unlike most of the Chinese apps, this app is strict in protecting a user’s data.

So, these were our top ten picks for the best dating apps in India. But before you practice online dating, we’d like to share some cons of online dating. Firstly, too many dating choices decrease commitment. According to the feedback of Tinder users, In April 2017, 84% of users are there for romantic relationships, 43% are there for friendly contacts while 24% are there for sexual encounters. The cons don’t end here only. Romance scam victims in many countries of the world have reported losing nearly 1 billion $ i.e. approx. 6900 crore rupees. It’s a huge number. On average there are more than 25,000 scammers online with victims at any one time. According to the FBI, Romance scams are the second most common after Investment scams.
Hence, we’d recommend using these apps carefully while finding your love online. Let us know in the comments section which apps you are looking forward to using.
Till then. Stay safe. Stay Healthy.

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10 Best Online Portals for General Knowledge in India

General Knowledge is the data, figures, statistics, facts, anecdotes, stories, and almost every other such information that has been collected by various mediums and methods over a period of time for the future reference of oneself to better predict and understand various experiences and contingencies.

General Knowledge can’t truly be quantified. No one can know every detail of this ‘packed with information’ world. However, one can know the most he can and still be hungry for more such knowledge. As Aristotle once said ‘Knowledge is the sea, we don’t know how deep, which’s essence one can barely fathom.’, General Knowledge should be expanded on a consistent basis. This ever-changing world is now changing at speeds much faster than it used to be, asking our data comprehension and memories to develop accordingly.

General Knowledge covers everything from Business to Politics, from Geography to Civics, from Sports to Wars, from Current Affairs to Medieval Times, and much more. One can’t know it all but one also can’t know enough. To quench this knowledge thirst, there are many websites, blogs, YouTube channels, and apps collectively called Portals that provide revised GK on a daily basis. The facts thus provided turn out to be helpful in every walk of life; from discussing something with your friends to a job interview and much more.
So today, we would be listing ten such portals that you can subscribe to or follow on their respective platforms so that you get your daily dose of knowledge that’ll in turn when you’re equipped with, would turn you into a well-informed being.

1. Jagran Josh


Jagran Josh is the Online General Knowledge section of the reputed newspaper daily ‘Dainik Jagran’. This portal is best famous for its Current affairs section which talks about all the tech, Sports, or geopolitical latest developments. This portal is a great source of GK for college and school-going students. It posts at a rate of 20+ per quarter and has been posting since January 2014. This portal has 1.4 million+ fans on Facebook and 17.2K followers on Twitter and you can subscribe to it by following them on their social media handles or their website itself.

2. GK Today


Current Affairs Today or the GK Today is a blog itself that covers all the latest developments in current affairs. It presents data in a very student-friendly way, a perusal of which can help them in cracking various examinations like IAS, IBPS, Banking, UPSC, State PCS, CLAT, Railways, SSC-CGL and various other competitive examinations in India. They post at a frequency of 8 posts in a day. They have been working since July 2012. They have more than 1.3 million Facebook fans and 56.2K Twitter followers. You can subscribe to this blog on their website.

3. Business Standard


Business standard is a reputed junction for the business news specifically but alongside that, they do cover a lot of general issues ranging from Market Analysis to Financial News, from Politics to sports, from National News to Business they cover it all. Their Current Affairs section is thoroughly updated. They post at a massive frequency of 30+ posts a day since May 1998 and thus have a social engagement rank of 14. They have a massive following with 457K Facebook fans and 1.8 million Twitter followers.

4. Freshers Live


Freshers live is a website where anyone can share their piece of information contributing to their articles that in turn can also work as the Knowledge hubs. The currents Affairs section of this portal is full of different scopes, covered in a professional way. Their posting frequency is 5 posts a day and this portal was founded in January 2016. This portal has a huge following with 2.6 million Facebook fans and 4.4K Twitter followers. You can follow them on their website and subscribe to their daily modules.

5. India Today


This name needs no introduction in itself. India Today has been the biggest information carrier for a long time in India now. From their magazines to dailies, you can subscribe to anything for General Knowledge. But their GK and Current Affairs section is the best and keeps you updated with all the details. Anybody who’s preparing for any upcoming examination where GK is going to be a must this portal is for you. They’ve been posting at a weekly frequency since June 2009 online. They have got a huge fan base with 10.1 Million fans on Facebook and 5.3 Million followers on Twitter.

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6. IQ’s Corner


As said earlier GK ranges from current affairs to the realms of science as well. Thus, this blog would help you with all the latest developments in technologies and theories in the field of science. Founded by the Director of the ‘Institute for Applied Psychometrics’, Kevin McGrew in December 2000, this portal posts at an average of 3 posts a week. This portal focuses mainly on all the budding claims made by different scientists and many research papers are also summarised. So, this one is a big yes for all the science enthusiasts.

7. Did You Know?


As the name suggests, this portal tells you facts in a very engaging way and through stories, analogies, and anecdotes. This caters to the imagination of its readers to tell them about various facts. They are very popular on Social media as well. They post at a rate of one fact a day which is cross-checked thoroughly. They have 9 million followers on Facebook, 17.8 K followers on Twitter, 645.5K followers on Instagram and have a social engagement rank of 6. You can follow them anywhere as they are active on almost all of the social media platforms.

8. Intelligence Quotient | Reddit


This is a Reddit Subreddit based in San Francisco, California, the USA that provides engaging and funny content about General Knowledge through their portal. To follow this page, one needs to be familiar with using Reddit, only that way, one can actually enjoy it. This page has a decent following with 1.3 million Facebook fans and 674 K Twitter followers. It can be accessed using r/IntelligenceQ. Apart from this particular sub red, Reddit, on the whole, can be a good source of GK.

9. Study IQ Education


This YouTube Channel has a very simple structure of presenting facts. From Civics to Politics to General Knowledge to History, their faculty has compiled almost every field of Knowledge. Online lectures are fun to watch and one can easily understand as the language is Hindi. They have millions of subscribers on YouTube and 400 k fans on Facebook and 2 K followers on Twitter. You can subscribe to their YouTube Channel for increasing your Knowledge.

10. General Knowledge | Reddit

Just like the Intelligence quotient, this is also a subreddit on Reddit that is also based in San Francisco, California, USA. They have covered tens of thousands of Topics in an engaging manner and one should be used to Reddit to find it interesting. They have 1.3 million Facebook fans and 674K Twitter followers. You can follow them on either or can subscribe to this subreddit. It can be r/GENERALKNOWLEDGE.

So, these were our picks for the best online portals for General Knowledge in India. Let us know in the comments section as to which portal you are looking forward to examining daily for your expansion of Knowledge.
Till then. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

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10 Famous Hockey Players from India

Hockey is the national sport of India. However, India is famous for Cricket when it comes to Sports. But if you look back into the golden history of Hockey in India, you’ll understand why the sport is so revered in India. In fact, Hockey is the only sport in India that has told the nation the news of Victory on International Platforms so many times in the pre-Independence era that the Indians started looking up to this sport as a symbol of Unity.

The History of this Sport in India dates back to the second half of the 19th century when the sport started gaining familiarity. It led to the coming up of the first Hockey Club in India in Calcutta in 1885. As the sport gained popularity, Punjab and Bombay came up with their own state clubs. Indian Hockey made its debut in the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics, where the Indian team maintained a clean sheet all throughout and won the gold medal. The spree continued for the next six Olympics till 1956 while India won Gold in every tournament. Adding more to the collection in the coming generations of Indian Hockey, India won two more golds in Tokyo 1964 and the Moscow 1980 Olympics. And in the rest of the Olympics, India was the strongest of the competitors bagging home silver and bronze medals, if not gold on most occasions.

The attacking and playmaking as well as the goalkeeping and defense of India has been of the best quality, proof of which is our goals scored to goals conceded ratio on all the international platforms. And as it’s said, ‘A-Team is it’s each and every Player’, our Country has given this Sport some of the best and legendary players. The Players that the Indian Youth looks up to, the players this nation taps its pride upon. So today, we’d be telling you about ten of these great players that made India a symbol of excellence worldwide in this Sport.

1. Dhyan Chand


We don’t think we need an introduction to this name. The Legend of Hockey and probably the greatest one this sport has ever seen. Born on 29th August 1905, which is celebrated now as the National Sports day. His goal-scoring ability is still unmatched after almost a century is about to complete post his era. He won three Olympic Golds, in 1928, 1932, 1936. Nicknamed as The Wizard or The Magician, he also served in The British Indian Army and later in the Indian Army by the rank of a Major. He died aged 74 on 3rd December 1979 in Delhi.

2. Balbir Singh Sr.


Balbir Singh Dosanjh also called Balbir Singh Sr. because there were three great Hockey players by the name Balbir, so as to distinguish him. He was also called as ‘Modern Day Dhyan Chand’. Born on 31st December, a God’s new year gift to Indian Hockey, He won three Gold medals for India in the 1948 London, 1952 Helsinki and the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. His record of scoring the most goals (5 in the 6-1 victory over the Netherlands in the 1952 Olympics) in an Olympic Finals’ History is still unbeaten. He also won a silver medal in the 1958 Tokyo Asian Games. He died recently aged 96 on 25th May 2020 in Mohali, Punjab.

3. Dhanraj Pillay


Born on 16th July 1968 is referred to as some of the best Hockey Players in India. Though he has retired now, He is the former skipper of the Indian Hockey Team and now is working as the Deputy General Manager with Air India Ltd. He also has been commanding the SAG Hockey Academy which is a state Academy funded by the Gujarat Government. He has scored 170 Goals for India in 339 Apps and also has won two Golds in 2001 and 2003 Kuala Lumpur Champions Challenge and Asia Cup respectively.

4. Leslie Claudius


Leslie Walter Claudius was a legendary player of the British India who won many Gold Medals for India in the Olympics post-Independence. Born in Bilaspur on 25th March 1927 in British India. He and Udham Singh are the only two Indian Players to win four Olympic Medals in Field Hockey. He won three Gold medals in the 1948 London, 1952 Helsinki and the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. He won two Silvers as well in the 1960 Rome Olympics and 1956 Tokyo Asian Games.

5. Udham Singh


Born on the 4th of August 1948, Udham Singh was one of the greatest players representing the Indian Hockey on Olympic Platforms. An Arjuna Award recipient, He was known as the most versatile player of the Sport in the mid- 20th Century. He could play a half back, a left-in, a right-in, center-forward, and center half smoothly. He won three Golds in the 1952 Helsinki, 1956 Melbourne, and 1964 Tokyo Olympics and a silver in the 1960 Rome Olympics.

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6. Ajit Pal Singh


Born on 1st April 1947, He is an Arjuna Award Recipient in 1970 and has led India to some of the most Iconic triumphs post 1928-1964 Gold spree. He has won two Bronze medals in the 1968 Mexico City and 1972 Munich Olympics. He has also won a bronze, silver, and gold in 1971 Barcelona, 1973 Amsterdam, and 1975 Kuala Lumpur hockey world cups respectively.

7. Mohammad Shahid


Born on the 14th of April 1960, he was known in the Hockey world for his dribbling skills. An Arjuna Award in 1980-81 and a Padma Shri Award in 1986 recipient, he was the torchbearer for the post gold spree generations. He won a Gold in 1980 Moscow Olympics and a silver and a bronze in the 1982 Delhi and 1986 Seoul Asian Games respectively. He died aged 56 on the 20th of July 2016.

8. K.D. Singh


Kunwar Digvijay Singh called K.D. Singh and called by his nicknames as Babu was born on 2nd February 1922 and was known as one of the greatest passers and dribblers in the history of Hockey. Many compare his dribbling skills to Dhyan Chand. He won two golds in the 1948 London and 1952 Helsinki Olympics. He died aged 56 on 27th March 1978.

9. Roop Singh


Born on 8th September 1908, he was an Indian Hockey Player who was the younger brother of Dhyan Chand, the Legend. He himself is considered as one of the greatest Hockey Players of all time. He won two golds for India in the 1932 Los Angeles and 1936 Berlin Olympics. He died aged 69 on the 19th of December 1977.

10. Shankar Laxman


Born on the 7th of July 1933, he is known as the ‘Wall of Indian Hockey’ or the ‘Rock of Gibraltar’ for his Goalkeeping Position. He led Indian Team to win the 1966 Asian games Gold. When not selected in the 1968 Olympics, he left hockey and joined the Army. His medal tally is enormous with two golds and one silver in the 1956 Melbourne, 1964 Tokyo, and 1960 Rome Olympics respectively. He won two silvers and one gold in 1958, 1962, and 1966 Asian games respectively. A Padma Shri recipient, he died aged 72 on 29th April 2006.

So, these were our picks for the best Hockey Players India has ever given to the world. It is a sad reality that many of the names present on this list have now been forgotten. We tried to add as many forgotten names in this list while maintaining the authenticity of the list. If you have any excerpts or anecdotes from watching these legends play, let us know in the Comments section.
Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

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12 Best Yoga Exercises for Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Ayurveda and Yoga have been the biggest gifts by India to the World. Many compare Yoga to Calisthenics form of Body Training, because of the fact that both use one’s itself to train the body and the mind. Calisthenics helps in growing one’s muscle mass and strength making someone physically strong whereas Yoga focuses on soothing the mind to make it calm making someone mentally strong. But Yoga isn’t limited to that only. Doing Yoga regularly also helps in better respiration and releases stress. It builds immunity and makes oneself overall healthy.

And that’s why its importance in these Corona times has skyrocketed. As most of our readers would know, Immunity and respiratory system are the main targets of the Corona Virus. Anyone with both of these aspects strong has a better chance at fighting Corona Virus even if he is infected. Of all, the stress hormone cortisol is the worst enemy of our nervous system. Yoga is helpful in lowering the stress hormones which in turn strengthens the immune system all while stimulating the lymphatic system which eventually releases all the toxins from our body. Not only that, but Yoga also serves as a complement to medicines, antibiotics, or other treatment drugs by better absorption and faster recovery. And more than physical well-being, yoga helps in bettering the mental health of a body that is perhaps the most important in these direst times of Covid-19 Pandemic.

Recognizing its universal significance, United Nations declared 21st of June as International Yoga Day to raise awareness about the benefits of practicing Yoga and it’s strengthening of an individual; mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This year too, International Yoga day was celebrated and as you might have guessed, at that time then the Covid-19 pandemic was at its peak. Everyone was freaking out because of the rising death numbers and the world saw an incline in the no. of anxiety victims. The world needed to calm down and Yoga was the key to it. This year the PMI made a module named ‘Yoga for health-Yoga at Home’ and sent it to the UN on the 19th of June to help the world with some exercises that’ll help everyone fight the physical and mental wrath of the pandemic.

So today, we’d be telling you 12 of those exercises that you can do at home with only a yoga mat or a simple mat and a space of 2*1 meter as the pre-requisite. These exercises will strengthen the breathing patterns and immunity and after a mere investment of 20-30 minutes a day, you’ll see changes for sure.

1. Deep Yogic Breath


This one is the easiest of all. You have to sit down in a very basic asana with hands in your lap. Then close your eyes and start taking deep breaths. Make sure you do it slowly, breathe through your nose with an estimated 4 seconds of exhalation, 4 seconds of hold, and 3 seconds of exhalation. You can increase these time limits with the progressions you make as soon your breathing would better and you could much slower. This helps in fixing our breathing and should also be implicated in day to day life.

2. Bhastrika


This one is known as the bellows breath. In this one has to clench their fists in the mudra and straighten their back while breathing. One has to feel his chest while inhaling and feel it while releasing it out. You can start by doing 2 rounds of 15 breaths each and then go onto increase the no. and rounds as you progress.

3. Hastapadasana


This one is also known as the ardhauttanasana. As the name suggests, hasta means hands and pada means feet which explains the asana in itself. One has to stand straight and then bend forwards till they can touch either their knee or their toe. This one helps in stretching the muscles which in turn relaxes the body.

4. Trikonasana


Trikona is the Sanskrit word for Triangle. Stand straight in attention pose. Slide your feet at a 45-degree angle and do the Hastapadasana. From their stretch either of your arms towards the sky and stretch fully. Repeat for both the hands and increase the angle as you progress.

5. Vakrasana


This one is also called the Ardha Matsyendrasana. In this, you sit in a simple asana and then half-twist your spine by looking behind your either shoulders while keeping the lower back stable and intact. To help your stretch you can fold the consequent leg towards the belly. As progressions try to stretch more with the lower back fixed and try to hold it for longer.

6. Bhujangasana


Bhuja stands for arm in Sanskrit and Bhujang for the elbow. This one is also called the Cobra Pose. Lie down on your belly and then tilt your head upwards and try looking at the sky. Keep your elbows intact at the ground. Stretch to the limits its comfortable and then try to increase the stretch and hold it as a progression.

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7. Adhomukhswanasana


Adho means half, mukh means face and swan refers to your pelvic area and the thighs. As the name suggests, stand firm in the attention position and then bend downwards to touch the floor with your hands in such a way that your legs and upper body make a 60-degree angle at the hips. Try to decrease this angle as the progression.

8. Setubandhasana


Setu stands for a bridge in Sanskrit. This one is commonly known as the bridge pose. In this one, lie down on your back and then plant your feet on the ground and pick your body up, starting from the thighs. This is really good for the stretching of the hamstrings and thus helps you get better and stronger legs.

9. Sarvangasana


This one is also known as the Vipritkarni. It’s one of the exercises that work on your balancing skills. Lie down on your back and then lift your legs upwards to the sky. Now shift the pivot from your lower back to your upper back as you lift more. Keep lifting till only your shoulders and head is on the ground. This shoulder stand helps one in strengthening.

10. Natarajasana


This one is easy with great benefits. Lie down on your back with arms open like a cross. Now try to touch the lats of your right side with your left knee and repeat it with the right knee to your left lats. This stretches your abdominal area and strengthens your core which helps in better breathing.

11. Pawanmuktasana


Pawan stands for wind and mukt stands for release. That’s why this pose is also called as the wind release pose. Lie down on your back and then try to touch your forehead with your knees. As a progression try to hold this pose for a long while. It’s good for the lower back and your core.

12. Nadishodhan Pranayama


This one is the most popular of all the yoga exercises for breathing. It’s popularly called as the alternate nostril breathing. Try to close on of your nostrils by placing your fingertips or your thumb on its sides and breath only through the other. Try it alternatively with both the nostrils. After doing it regularly, you’ll find your breathing would’ve got better.

Note: All these exercises are primarily isometric holds which apply pressure on your respiratory system and mild weight on your muscles due to the contraction to which body responds with making your lungs, respiratory and nervous system and the muscles to work better. It builds the immunity that’ll help you fight the deadly coronavirus.

So, these were our picks for the twelve exercises you should do daily for a healthier life. Let us know in the comments section which exercises you are going to try today.
Until next time. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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10 Biggest Cricket Stadiums in India

Cricket isn’t a sport in India. It’s a religion.

Cricketers are revered no less than Gods. And the Cricket stadiums are these cricket-lovers’ holy shrine.

And these shrines are built up everywhere in a country that has given the world, some of the best cricketers and still is setting new records of excellence in this sport that is popular in more than half of the world. India holds an impeccable record when it comes to winning the reputed tournaments in this sport. Indian Cricket Team has won the 1983 Cricket world Cup, 2002 ICC Champions Trophy, 2007 ICC World Twenty20, 2011 Cricket World Cup, and the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy.

Apart from playing inter-country cricket leagues and tournaments, India also organizes tournaments like the Indian Premier League where best cricketers from the world participate and various other tournaments like Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy, Vijay Hazare Trophy, Deodhar Trophy, Irani Trophy, etc. where the best talent of India showcases some exceptional Cricket.

Cricket Stadiums are the mecca of vibe this sport has. One who has watched a match in the stadium knows so. Thousands of supporters scream at the top of their lungs, sing anthems, cheer choruses to boost the morale of their players. And thus, the stadiums have seen this sport in the best of its flavor.

India has a lot of Cricket Stadiums with the biggest one in the World (Ahmedabad’s Motera Stadium) and the world’s highest one as well in Chail, Himachal Pradesh. So, today we would be discussing the biggest Cricket Stadiums in India. These stadiums on any game day turn into these mega bowls of energy and enthusiasm. Without further ado, let’s start the list.

1. Eden Gardens, Kolkata


Popularly known as Rohit Sharma’s castle, this stadium was established in 1864 about a century and a half ago in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It has a seating capacity of 80000. It’s the home ground of the Indian Cricket Team in International Matches, Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL, and the Bengal Cricket Team in the National competitions. It is owned by the Indian Army.

Eden Garden is a multipurpose ground for both Cricket and Football. It is the oldest cricket stadium in India. On 22nd November 2019, Eden Garden hosted the first-ever day/night test match in India which was also the second test match of the series between India and Bangladesh. This ground is also referred to as ‘Cricket’s answer to the Colosseum’ and is also pronounced as the ‘Mecca of Indian Cricket’ because it was the first officially built cricket stadium in India.

Pre-renovation in 2011, there were benches rather than Individual seats, and that way Eden Garden could accommodate around 98,000-1,00,000 fans. Thus, even after about 20% of the seats were reduced, it still is the most capable in terms of the seating arrangement of all active Indian Stadiums.

2. Naya Raipur International Cricket Stadium, Naya Raipur


Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium is situated in the Raipur District of Chhattisgarh, India. It is the third biggest Cricket Stadium in India after Motera and Eden Gardens with a seating capacity of 65,000 approximately. It is also the fourth biggest cricket stadium in the world.

It was inaugurated back in 2008 and this ground hosted its first match in 2010. This match was a friendly played between Canada national Cricket team and the Chhattisgarh state team. It is also the second home venue of Delhi daredevils in IPL.

3. Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad

Rajiv-Gandhi -International-Cricket-Stadium

This stadium is located in Uppal, Hyderabad, Telangana. It was established in 2003 and extends across 16 acres of land. This stadium has a massive seating capacity with 55,000 seats. It is owned by the Hyderabad Cricket Association and Shashi Prabhu was the architect for this stadium.

It’s operated by Hyderabad Cricket Association. Indian Cricket Team uses it for International matches, Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL, and the Hyderabad Cricket Team for the local matches.

4. Jawaharlal Nehru Cricket Stadium, Kochi


Popularly known as the Kaloor Stadium, Jawaharlal Nehru stadium is a multi-purpose stadium located in Kochi, Kerala. This stadium has a seating capacity of 60,500. This stadium offers both Football and Cricket. Indian cricket Team uses this stadium in International Cricket Matches while the Indian Football team and Kerala Blasters FC use it in International Football matches and the ISL respectively.

It’s owned by Greater Cochin Development Authority and has had a record attendance of 1,00,000 in 1997 for an India vs Iraq Match. It has a riviera Bermuda grass field and was opened in 1996. It was renovated in 2008 that resulted in the lowering of the no. of seats available for the crowd.

5. Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune


Popularly known as the Pune Cricket Stadium, this stadium is located in Gahunje, Pune, Maharashtra. It has a capacity of 37,000. It was designed by Hopkins Architects of London and was established in April 2012. This stadium has been used by the Indian Cricket Team, Pune Warriors India (2012-13), Kings XI Punjab (2015), and Chennai Super Kings (2018-19). It is owned by Maharashtra Cricket Association and is operated by Pune Stadium Ltd.

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6. Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium, Delhi


Feroz Shah Kotla is located at Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi. Because it’s near the Kotla Fort, it is still called the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium. It was recently named after the late Arun Jaitley, who was an Indian politician. It’s the second oldest cricket stadium in India.

Per felicitation, the DDCA named four stands of this stadium after Bishan Singh Bedi, Mohinder Amarnath, Gautam Gambhir, and Virat Kohli, all four are respected personalities of the Indian Cricket. It has a capacity of 41,820 and was built in 1883.

7. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad

Greenfield -nternational-Stadium

Popularly known as the Motera Stadium and well known for being the biggest stadium of India and the second biggest stadium of the world in terms of seating capacity, this stadium is located in Motera, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It was also the center of attraction alongside the Statue of Unity during Donald Trump’s India Visit in Feb 2020.

It’s owned by Gujarat Cricket Association and has a capacity of 1,10,000. It’s built on 63 acres of land. Post expansion and renovation by L&T was opened on 24th February 2020.

8. Kerala Cricket Association Stadium

Kerala-Cricket-Association Stadiu

Popularly known as Edakochi Cricket Stadium, because it’s proposed to be built there is the home ground of Kerala Cricket Association which would be an addition to the Thiruvananthapuram Stadium because Kerala is the only cricket association with no ground. Architecture by Hopkins Architects, this ground was opened in 2017 for tentative purposes and has a capacity of 50,000 seating.

9. MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai


Located in Chennai, it’s the third oldest cricket stadium in India and was established in 1916. It’s also popularly known as the Chepauk Stadium. Architecture by Hopkins Architects London has a capacity of 50,000 and is owned by Tamil Nadu Cricket Association. It is also known as the ‘Lords’ of India’. It is used by the Indian Cricket Team for International Matches and the Chennai Super Kings In the IPL.

10. Greenfield International Stadium, Kerala


Known as the Sports Hub, Trivandrum or the Trivandrum International Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium that is used for Association football and Cricket. Built on 36 acres of land and located at Kariavattom in Thiruvananthapuram, it’s India’s first DBOT model outdoor Stadium. On 7th November 2017, It hosted a T20 against New Zealand and an ODI on the 1st of November 2018. It has a capacity of 50,000.

So, these were our picks for the ten biggest Cricket stadiums of India. If you have visited any of these then let us know in the comments section and if not make sure as soon as the cricket breaks after the corona-thing are over make sure to treat yourself by visiting a game in one of these stadiums.
Till then, Stay safe, Stay healthy.

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