15 South Indian Movies Successful in the other States of India


These days, we all are going through a prolonged Lock-down and probably by now out of good content to watch. Netflix’s gone stale, TV Channels are showing their movies repeatedly and chances are, by now you’re looking out for fresh content. And what’s better than watching action-packed, meaningfully plotted and sensibly created South Indian movies. … Read more

Top 10 Educational Apps in India 2020


With the spread of the internet worldwide, life has become so much easy. Maximum facilities you require are now at your doorstep and life is becoming more simple and fun. Different sectors like e-commerce, telecommunications has seen a boom in services. For the past five years, the education sector has seen a lot of improvement … Read more

15 Best Online Indian Shopping Apps


The reach of the internet is growing so rapidly that boundaries are no longer a barrier. The Internet has escaped from all the physical boundaries and increasing day by day. This has led to the growth of one significant industry which has somewhat spoiled the habit of bargaining (yes, we Indians love it) and increased … Read more