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Top 10 Indian Clothing Brands with Foreign Labels

If we go to the history of clothing then it was some 100,000 years ago that people started wearing clothes. Before this, more primitive clothing was used. Humans used to wear wild animal skins and leaves to cover their bodies. But after that, as humans became more civilized fabric clothes were used. And soon textile became an industry. Over the years, the whole textile industry has undergone a huge change and it has been completely revolutionized. It was started by the handwoven clothes, then, occurred the invention of the sewing machine. Even the first machine ever created Spinning Jenny was used in the textile industry. All of this resulted in a kick-off of the industry.

The textile industry saw the revolution in Great Britain during the years of 1700. In 1733, the Flying Shuttle was invented to reduce the labor work and then came the invention of Power Loom in 1785 by Edmund Cartwright which completely mechanized the weaving or textile industry. Earlier, the clothes were a necessity. The human needed food, shelter, and clothing for its very existence but now the concept of clothes has changed significantly. For most people, it is no need but a symbol of modernization and status. As the world is growing upwards in terms of developing the standard of living has grown ever higher.

Now, in many marriages, one can see the designer and branded clothes. Even people can judge you based on your clothes and according to your dressing sense. How open-minded you are and how much do you earn is directly dependent on how you dress up. So, we are going to list the top 10 famous Indian brands with foreign labels. Here is a list of those brands-

1) Spykar


This brand opened in its first brand store in India in the year 1992. Now, for almost 30 years, it has made its separate place in the country and it’s main has been providing better quality products at a reasonable and genuine price. Its main range of products aimed at Denim of different shades which include denim shirts, denim pants, and denim slim fit. The quality they provide is amazing and they have been signatory to S.U.R.E. Memorandum which is known as India’s largest sustainability pledge which is inclined towards the betterment of the practices (sustainable) and by the year of 2025. Even the Economic times has awarded them as the most exciting Indian brand and this brand is a part of NSI Infinium Pvt. Ltd. You can visit them at Pricing starts from 800 INR.

2) Lee


This brand was founded in 1889 by Henry David Lee. It is headquartered in Merriam, Kansas, the U.S. It is a brand of denim jeans. In 2019, it came under the banner of Kontor Brands. Around 400 people work in this company and you can visit They sell premium shirts, trousers, jeans loved by both men and women worldwide.
They spend over $50 million on advertising each year. Pricing starts from 1,000 INR.

3) Flying Machine


This brand is owned by Arvind Limited (formerly it was Arvind Mills). It is India’s biggest denim maker. These are also licensed to sell many other famous and international brands in India like Calvin Klein, Arrow, etc. Effective marketing and nationwide connectivity have helped this brand to enjoy success at a large rate. It came into existence in the year 1931 and the headquarters lie in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Denim, knits, woven are some of the most manufactured clothing types. They launched Flying Machine in 1980. Its jackets, jeans, and trousers are quite famous. The cost of products starts at 600 INR. You can visit it on

4) Park Avenue


This brand is a part of Raymond Group which is an Indian brand and known for its premium clothing and the best finish in clothes in India. During the marriage season, most Indians buy this brand. It was started in the year 1925 with the headquarters in Mumbai, Maharastra. Park Avenue was launched under it in the year 1986 and is aimed at providing better fabrics with clothing to Indian men.
They generate around $800 million annually. Fabrics, garments, designer wear, denim, cosmetics & toiletries are a part of this Park Avenue chain. You can visit them at and

5) Wrangler


This is an American brand of clothing that is famous for its jeans and shirts. It is also owned by Kontor Company Ltd. which owns Lee. Formerly, it was the Hudson Overall Company. It was found in 1904 by C.C. Hudson and its headquarters are in Greensboro, North Carolina, the U.S. These are known for shirts, shorts, eyewear and denim pants and it has grown exponentially in India and it provides one year warranty on its products. You can visit them at They generate an average revenue of $13 billion annually.

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6) Pepe Jeans


As the name says this brand is loved in India for the best quality jeans it makes at a premium cost and with better stuff used in the fabrics. It was founded in London in 1973 by Nitin, Arun, and Milan Shah thus making it an Indian Brand. It is a lot famous among youngsters. You can visit them at

7) Van Heusen

Van Heusen

It is part of Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation which is an American company that owns many brands, not just Van Huesen, and these brands are like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Olga, etc. It was founded by Moses Phillips, John Van Heusen and Drain Jones in the year 1881. Its headquarters are in Manhattan, New York City, U.S.A. This brand is famous for the best fabric finishing in the world. It makes premium clothes along with party wear, corporate wear and formal clothing and that’s why it is so much popular in India. The cost starts around 1500 INR.

8) Monte Carlo


This brand is famous for the winter season collection in India. When it comes to cozy and warm stuff, Monte Carlo is the best brand in India. Its price starts around 2100 INR. It offers sweatshirts, sweaters, coats, jackets, etc. It was established in the year 1984 and nearly 1500 employees are working in it globally and around 1300 stores in India. It is in winter the demand rises quickly and they earn a great share of profit among other brands. They are not known for the summer season clothes globally.

9) Allen Solly

Allen Solly

This brand is presented by the Aditya Birla Group in India for the first time with the headquarter being in Mumbai, Maharashtra in the year 1993. It is an iconic brand which it comes to wearing high-quality jackets, overcoats and all formal clothing. The vibrant collection of different colors makes it stand out amongst many other brands. Around 500 stores are there in India. You can visit them at

10) Peter England

Peter England

This brand is the most trusted in the world and in India also it is quite famous. It provides great ranges of products from towels to t-shirts and other products like trousers, sweatshirts, and jeans. This brand is owned by Madura Fashion Limited and it offers the latest fashion for men around the world. In India, it is brought by Aditya Birla Group headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. You can visit it at this site Its price starts from 1500 INR for major collections.

Hope you enjoyed it. Happy shopping guys!

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Top 10 Popular Brands of Watches in India

Time is the most precious thing in this world as all people say. So, it is essential to keep track of time. With the increase in the work hours and a rush to keep up with the deadline, there is always the need to track our progress. Thus, watches become an essential part of our lives, not just to keep us on time but also as fashion essential. Now, the kind of watch are you wearing defines your fashion sense and your status. It has a broader role to play in our lives, unlike the old times. Indians are now more aware of the brands and many luxury companies are present to capture the market and there has been a 7% increase in the sales of watches in the Q4, 2019.

Clocks have been used throughout the entire course of human history. Their origin can be traced back to 3500 B.C as the sundial clocks. These clocks used the sun to show time hence were not very reliable. The modern pocket-sized watch came into existence in 1505 and was invented by Peter Henlein who was a German locksmith. Thereafter, the design went through many changes in the next 500 years, until it became a modern smartwatch. However, the good old mechanical watches still have relevance as they are used as prized possessions.

Watches are also kind of possessions passed from one generation to another and it gives the younger generation a sense of maturity and the sense of responsibility then it is them who would lead their family name further ahead. So, we can say that watches represent many things in one’s life. Thus, we are going to discuss the top 10 Watches brands in India which are loved by the Indians as the brands they mostly buy for several purposes. Here’s a list of 10 most popular brands-

1. Titan


This is an Indian brand which is owned by the TATA Group in collaboration with Tamil Nadu Industrial Corporation. There may not be any business in India in which the TATA company is not involved. We Indians also love the brand and the first brand that comes to our mind while purchasing a watch is Titan. It is affordable and reliable. If you wear Sonata, don’t worry, it is also a sub-brand of Titan Company Limited. It is headquartered in Chennai in Tamil Nadu with a net income of ₹11.63 billion (US$160 million). Around 7,000 employees work in it and it was founded in the year 1984. Manushi Chillar (Miss World 2017) is the brand ambassador of the company. Titan is not just a brand in India but it is a symbol of bonds and love in the country that’s why it is reigning the market for many years. Vikram Kapur is the current CEO of this company. You can visit the site on The most common collections company offer is Orion, Nebula, Steel, Octane, Automatic, etc.

2. Timex


It is a well-known company worldwide. It gives that vintage vibes that attract the watch lovers. It is owned by Timex Group USA which applies a special kind of German engineering in making products along with the super classy Italian designs. Thus, these watches are top-notch and loved globally by watch lovers. In India, this company occupies number two spot. Quartz and Expedition are the most famous Timex collections in India. It was formerly called as Waterbury Clock CompanyTimex Corporation. It was founded in 1854 and around 2,000 people work in it. You can visit it at

3. Fastrack


It is an Indian brand founded in the year 1998. It is a sub-brand of the most famous Indian brand that is Titan. But in 2009, it started as an independent brand. It is headquartered in New Delhi. Along with watches, it produces sunglasses, bags, wallets, perfume, etc. It was launched to aim at the younger generation by making funky and appealing watches. It gives that sporty look which is liked by the younger generations. One reason for its popularity is its linking with the Titan brand.

4. Casio


Well, Casio is Casio and if you are a true watch lover, you know how it feels to have this watch. It looks premium and classy. It is a Japenese company founded in the year 1946 and it is headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Around 12,000 employees work for the company. You can visit it at It comes with many features that one asks for. In terms of digital watches, it has now begun its operations. These brands make many digital products acclaimed worldwide like calculators and musical instruments especially synthesizers.

5. Rolex


This brand is pure luxury. It can be defined as a brand that is wanted by all but can be purchased by some. It is one of the costliest brands and it represents your high-class and social status. The cost is the reason it has somewhat fewer sales figures than other brands. It was founded in 1905 in the UK and its headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland. It generates a revenue of around $4.6 billion. Ai-king, Datejust are some of its best collections. You can visit it at

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6. Omega


This company is famous for producing chronometer, quartz, manual and automatic winding watches. This brand has been used in James Bond movies since 1995 (Omega Seamaster). This special type of watch has stainless steel and bracelet, case-back with the screw-in-crown making it top-notch. It is also the longest-running collection of this brand and it was also worn by the Royal Navy officials in the UK when World War 2 was about to end. It is a highly acclaimed watch worldwide. Moonwatch is also one of the best selling watches from the Speedmaster family. You can visit them at

7. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is a fashion brand known worldwide for its quality and genuine products. Let it be bags, perfumes, clothes are one of the best. It is known for producing Sports and Classic watches for men, women and unisex and is the high-priced product. You can visit them at This is an American brand.

8. Fossil


It is also an American brand of watches founded I the year 1984 by Tom Kartsotis and it is now headquartered in Richardson, Texas in the US. It is now present at 364 locations worldwide. It also makes accessories for many-valued market companies like Diesel, Puma and Armani Exchange, etc. You can visit It makes many watches based on pop culture including the designs of Superman, Batman, etc. Around 15,000 employees work in it.

9. Citizen


If you want innovations and you don’t talk about Japanese brands. That’s selfish. This is the biggest brand in Japan in terms of wristwatches. It is the most reliable and loved brand. It always remains one step ahead and it was the first brand to use solar panels in watches to remove the use of normal batteries. This company was founded in 1918 and its headquarters are in Nishitōkyō, Tokyo, Japan. You can visit it on Its collection includes Eco-drive watches, Contemporary watches, etc.

10. Armani


This brand is a fashion brand from Italy and it is just luxury. It was founded by Giorgio Armani. Not only watches, but it also makes high-end clothes, shoes, jewelry, eyewear, cosmetics, etc. The number of employees working is around 7,300 and it generates total revenue of €2.90 billion. You can visit it at In India, only a few people can purchase such an expensive range of watches.

Thus, with the changing time, the importance of watches has grown and now it is a luxury and it is fashion and pride symbol as well.
We hope you guys would have got what you have come for. So, happy shopping guys!

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Top 10 IT Companies in India

Information Technology or IT has changed the way of life all over the globe. It has made gathering resources, information sharing, and communication more efficient than ever. It all started back in the 1950s when software programming become a thing and various new and old companies join the market. This revolution came to the Indian market in 1967 when TATA Group partnered with Burroughs Corporation. Thereafter in 1973, a software export zone called SEEPZ was formed. It held 80 percent of the market share until the 1980s.

Then in 1991 economic reforms opened a new world of opportunity for this sector and the rest is history. Today the IT sector is one of the biggest employers in India. This sector contributed around 1.2% to Indian GDP in 1998 and it was recorded 7.7% in 2017. In 2017 the industry’s revenue was recorded  US$160 billion which was a huge amount of growth.

The cities like Gurugram, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kochi have greatly transformed due to the evolution of this sector. Companies like Infosys have generated their entire business in this sector and companies like TATA have used this market to create their major subsidiary. This is proof that this sector has greatly developed in the past decades and will continue to do so in the future too.

Below are Top 10 IT Companies in India

1. TATA Consultancy Service


Tata Group has its presence in many sectors in the country. They make cars, many consumer-eating products, steelworks, etc. But, in the IT sector, it is occupying the first position for quite a long time now. Its headquarters lie in Mumbai in Maharashtra in India. It is present in many countries(46 to be specific). It is a public listed company and it has the largest capitalization in the Indian market as an IT company. Rajesh Gopinathan is the current CEO and MD and Natarajan Chandrasekaran is the Chairman of the company. It is a part of the parent organization that is the TATA Group. One can visit them at After Reliance, it became the second company to achieve a $100 billion market capitalization.

2. Infosys


It is an Indian MNC that is Multinational Corporation. It not only provides information technology but also business consultation and some kind of outsourcing services. According to various reports, it has been at the place of number 2 in terms of the largest Indian IT companies after TCS. It was founded by N.R. Narayana Murthy and six other co-founders on 7th July in the year 1981 that is around 38 years ago. Its headquarter lies in Silicon Valley of India that is Bangalore (now Bengaluru). Nandan Nilekani is the current chairman of this company whereas Salil S. Parekh is the current MD and CEO of the company. It has a total market capitalization value of around $46.52 billion. It has a credit rating of A. One can visit them at



It was formerly regarded as Western India Palm Refined Oil Limited. It is also an Indian MNC just like Infosys but it is way older than it. It was founded by Sudipto Halder on 29 December in the year 1945 which is around 74 years ago. It specializes in consulting, IT, and making Digital strategies. It is also headquartered in Silicon Valley that Banglore in Karnataka. Rishad Premji is the current Chairman of the company with Abidali Neemuchwala as the CEO of the company. It was started in Maharashtra by Mohamed Premji. In the year 2013, the company took the step to go for non-IT related works as this company was called a Wipro enterprise. You can visit it on
It has a market capitalization of Rs. 132380.73 Crore.

4. ORACLE Financial Service


It is an American MNC. Its headquarter lies in the Redwood Shores, California in North America. It is not only an IT company but it also sells database systems and cloud systems. It also helps to provide word software for supply chain management, customer relationship management, and enterprise resource planning. It was founded on 16th June in the year 1977 by Larry Ellison and two other co-founders. Larry Ellison is the current Executive Chairman & CTO of the company, Jeff Henley is the Vice-Chairman of the company and Safra Catz is the CEO. You can visit the company on

5. IBM


The Indian IBM is a subsidiary of the globally recognized IBM and it is known as IBM India Private Limited. It was founded in 1992 and it is headquartered in Bangalore. Around 3.5 lacs employees work in this company. Sandip Patel is the Managing Director of IBM India Private Limited & he is also theSouth Asia Head of the company. During 2003-07 it grew heavily in India. You can visit them at

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6. Tech Mahindra


It is a subsidiary part of the Indian manufacturer company Mahindra and Mahindra. It has ranked 5th in top Indian IT companies and overall in 6th position. It also provides consulting and outsourcing facilities. You can visit the company at
Anand Mahindra is the Chairman of the company and
C.P. Gurnani is MD and CEO of the company. It was founded in the year 1983 on 24th October and its headquarter is in Pune, Maharashtra.

7. HCL Technologies


It is also an Indian MNC and its headquarter lies in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It was founded on 11th August in the year 1976 by Shiv Nadar. It is a subsidiary of HCL enterprises as in 1991 it became an independent enterprise. Around 1.5 lacs employees work in this company. Shiv Nadar is the current Chairman & CSO of the company and
C Vijayakumar is the CEO. You can visit them at

8. SAP Labs India Private Limited


It is a European MNC which is also known for developing ERP software. You can visit it on, Its headquarters lies in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Hasso Plattner is the Chairman, Jennifer Morgan, and Christian Klein are the co-CEO. It was founded in 1972 in Germany. Around 100,330 employees work under this company. SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) are some of its products. SAP SRM is used in many industries as a useful inventory management tool.



It is also an Indian MNC known for the IT sector as well as outsourcing. It is also headquartered in the silicon valley of India that is Bangalore and one in New Jersey which is in the USA. It is also a public listed company with a total capitalization of $980 million in the year 2019. Larsen & Toubro are the parent organization of this company which was founded in the year 1999 on 18th August that is around 20 years from now. It also functions as an e-commerce platform, cloud computation, as well as analysis of the data with enterprise planning and application integration. A.M. Naik is the Non-Executive Chairman of the company whereas S. N. Subrahmanyan is the Non-Exe Vice-Chairman and Debashis Chatterjee is the current MD and CEO. Its business is spread in 18 countries worldwide. You can visit it on

10. Rolta India


It is also an Indian IT company and it is headquartered in Mumbai in Maharashtra. It was founded on 29th June in the year 1989 that is approximately 30 years ago. It was founded by Kamal K. Singh. It not only focusses on the IT sector but also on BigData Analytics, and Business Intelligence. It is also listed in both BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange ) and NSE (National Stock Exchange of India). Kamal K. Singh is the present Chairman & MD of the company and
Preetha Pulusani is the President of the company. Its presence is worldwide and one can visit it on


If we talk about the generation of parents, nobody would have imagined a world in which we are living currently. If someone had told that communication will break all the physical barriers in the upcoming time, then, someone would have told him how insane are you? But as I speak of today’s world nothing seems real. Everything looks like the magic of science. As the internet and computers came into existence it changed our lives forever.

Now if we don’t know about computers and the internet, we would be behind everyone else. The role of Information Technology or IT companies is vast enough to feel their essence. They are responsible for storing important company data in a database, making Internet-enabled systems, such as secure entry systems and wireless cameras, etc.

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Top 10 Emerging Smartphones brand (by Growth) in India

Technology sure has a kind of magic around it. Whenever it is aimed at making human life easier and providing the tools for better living, it becomes an addiction that is not easy to handle. Take the case of smartphones. The smartphones arrived in late 2008 in India. Sony, Micromax, HTC, and Nokia were the most renowned players in India at that time. But if we talk about this new decade, almost every player is now gone. You would be wondering what happened to their fan base? Well, when a lot can happen in a snap of a second, then a decade is a long time.

The reasons for the fall of these companies were lack of design, little advancement in design; not meet the customer demands and the pricing was more. When Chinese brands came to India, the first thing they did was to keep the price low in such a way that they have their appropriate margin, the phone met the demands of the customer and a new hype of brand is created in the market. Xiaomi entered the market in 2014 with its renowned deal with Flipkart.

Then came other companies like Oppo, Oneplus, Vivo, Realme, Lenovo, Motorola, Huawei, Coolpad, LeEco, etc. These all were Chinese companies. Some other companies also tried their hands in India and are also doing well like Samsung(South Korea), Apple(America), Asus(Taiwan), Infinix(Hong-Kong), etc. Thus, new brands have continuously flourished in India. Cost and features have been the most dominant part of the marketing strategies of these brands. Now, let us know about the newly emerging brands in India along with the share they hold in several previous quarters. Here is the list of top emerging brands of smartphones in India-

1) Xiaomi


When it came to the Indian market, nobody would have thought that a Chinese product other than a Chinese firecracker can be sold in large units ( pun intended). But the predictions went all wrong during the first sale as almost all units were sold in a few seconds. That was just the beginning of the reign of Chinese smartphones in the country. Even today, it occupies the number one spot as the most rapidly emerging smartphone brand in India under the leadership of its CEO Manu Jain who is a great visionary and marketer.

In Q4 2018, it occupied a 27% share in the smartphone industry which grew to 29% in Q1,2019 and then decreased to 28% and further to 26% in Q3, 2019 but rising again in Q4 to 27%. Xiaomi has even made it to sub-companies in the previous years that is Redmi and Poco. Poco X2, Redmi Note 8/8 Pro, Redmi K20/K20 Pro, and Mi Note 9/9 Pro are some of the new launches in India from Xiaomi.

2) Samsung


This company has faced many ups and downs in our country but still, it is growing rapidly in the premium segment as well as budget smartphones. In the year 2016-17, Samsung used to be a bit priced that is out of budget and its premium phones competed Apple’s phones but in the previous year, they changed the price with the quality features they used to provide and now they have become quite a good competitor in the budget smartphones. With the release of Galaxy
S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note10 / Note10+, Galaxy Note10 Lite, Galaxy M31
they have changed the game. From 20% share in Q4, 2018 they have increased to 21% in Q4, 2019.

3) Oneplus


Oneplus has been a surprise smartphone in the world. The way it went to fame under Pete Lau and Carl Pei as founders was amazing. It has grown exponentially since it arrived in the Indian market. They provided premium design and features at a less-premium price that is around 33,000 INR and created a buzz among youngsters. Now, it is aiming to compete with premium phones with a little difference in the price. Oneplus 7/ 7T, Oneplus 7T Pro/ McLaren edition are few newly introduced phones. It has grown 90% on a YoY basis in 2019 and sales nearly double that of Apple.

4) Apple


Apple is known for its premium features with a large cost and it gives you the premium feel over the other brands. In India, if you have this brand, it means you are damn rich. Apple has always a particular fanbase who regularly upgrade their phone with new ones. However, in 2018, it saw some drop in the sales of iPhone XR, iPhone XR Max. But the last year releases like iPhone 11/ 11 Pro have been favorites of a large number of Indians. The Pro variant costs around 1 Lakh. It holds around a 1% share in the smartphone industry.

5) Realme


Realme is one of the newly launched smartphones in the Indian market but still, it has grown rapidly especially among youngsters. Phones like Realme Realme 6i, Realme 6 Pro, Realme 6, Realme X50 Pro 5G, Realme C3, Realme C2s,
are some phones that have made this brand a huge hit. One reason is the innovations and vision of the Indian CEO Madhav Sheth. Its share is around 8% in Q4, 2019.

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6) Oppo


Oppo is also a Chinese brand that has been here in India for a long time. It has been the sponsor for many TV shows and even the Indian cricket team. Thus, it has become quite a popular brand with a share of around 12% in Q4, 2019 which is its highest share to date. About one year ago that is Q4, 2018 it ha sonly a share of 7%. But, it has seen consecutive growth in all quarters.

7) Huawei


Huawei was in news for a long time due to its ban from the US. But now all that matter has sorted and anyways, it would not have mattered our market that much. Honor is also a sub-brand of it that is famous for providing low and mid-range smartphones like Honor 10 Lite etc but its share has decreased due to the entry of Realme but still, it is showing consecutively increasing share.

8) Vivo


According to the reports, Vivo has now reached the highest share in the smartphone industry and the share is around 21% in Q4, 2019. In Q4, 2018, its share was around 10% and in a year it has gone more than double. The new phones like Vivo Z1 Pro, Vivo S1, Vivo V15 Pro, Vivo Y15 are some of the new and famous phones from this brand.

9) Motorola


This is also a Chinese brand with a mixed reputation. It is facing many ups and downs in the market after so many years in it. It has been in this market since 2011 even before Xiaomi. When it launched the Motorola G5 series, it was seen as a potential company but reluctant to not implement new design and lack of features have somewhat affected it with the decrease in sales but now with the launch of phones like Motorola One and Motorola X4 it ha saw some gain in buyers.

10) Nokia


Nokia was reluctant to keep on pushing its luck with Windows OS after being acquired by Microsoft. Thus it paid as it made a historic loss for Microsoft and thus was shut. Now, it’s playing its second innings with a new parent company with releases like Nokia 6.1, Nokia 8.1, etc but it is still not been up to the mark lately but still, it has shown some growth in the market.

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Top 10 Popular Fruit Varieties Found in India

India is very diverse in terms of both flora and fauna. The main reason for this is the various climatic conditions that are prevailing in India. Almost, everything can be found in different regions and different states of India. Out of all the fruits, India is famous for producing mangoes, which is also its national fruit. In different regions of India, we could find different fruits which are due to the change in the geographical and climatic conditions prevailing all over the country.

Geographical Indications of India under Agricultural also includes Himsagar Mango, Eathomozhy Tall Coconut(south), Laxman Bhog Mango, Navara Rice, Kangra Tea, and Kinnauri Apples. Right now, India is the second-largest producer of fruits in the world. China is still number one in this category.

1) Mahabaleshwar Strawberry ( Maharashtra)


Mahabaleshwar is a very small town present in the district Satara of State Maharashtra. Strawberry is one of the fruits that are famous in this place. There are many strawberry farms in this place and people often visit these farms. Along with strawberry, we can also find fruits like raspberry, mulberry, and gooseberry. These are also quite famous. It got its indication tag in the year 2010.

2) Ganganagar Kinnow ( Rajasthan)


It is a citrus fruit just like an orange. It is very beneficial for health as it contains many vitamins and nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Fiber, Calcium, and Potassium. Not only in Rajasthan, but it can also be found in hilly states like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and plain states like Punjab and Haryana. These fruits are mainly harvested in the months of December and February. This fruit has not been given the indication tag. In terms of production, it occupies third place after the fruits like mango and banana.

3) Muzaffarpur Litchi ( Bihar)


Muzaffarpur is a city in the Bihar state of India. It is famous for producing litchis. It is also known as Shahi lychees and it is known as the Lychee Kingdom. It is going to be the fourth product from the state after jardalu mangoes, Katarni rice, and Magahi paan to get the GI tag which stands for Geographical indication.

4) Chestnut (Uttrakhand)


These are basically edible nuts. These belong to the family Fagaceae, which also includes oaks and beeches. Britishers were the ones who started planting these nuts in India. These are grown in hilly areas especially in the MIddle Himalayas of Uttarakhand and other North-Eastern started. These are quite costly.

5) Kashmiri Apple (Kashmir)

Kashmiri Apple

Apples are grown in the northern part of India like Kasmir, Himachal Pradesh and north-eastern states like Sikkim. When it comes to the largest producer of apples in India, Kashmir occupies the first place. There are so many varieties of apples in Kashmir but the most famous are Kashmir Golden Apple.

6) Kiwi Fruit (Arunachal Pradesh)


When it comes to the largest producing Kiwi state, Arunachal Pradesh is on top. It is also known as Chinese gooseberry and it is grown widely in countries like Japan, China, Iran, Spain, New Zealand, Italy, and the USA. It is not only found in hilly areas like Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, J and K, Meghalaya but also in southern parts of India like Kerala, Karnataka and Arunachal Pradesh. Abbott, Monty, Tomuri, Hayward are some of the varieties that are cultivated in India. Abbott is an early flowering and early maturing cultivar. It requires comparatively more chilling hours.

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7) Malihabad Dasheri Mango (Uttar Pradesh)

Dasheri Mango

After Alphonso, the most loved and popular variety of mango is Dasheri mango. Dasheri is found in many parts of India but the Dasheri mango of Uttar Pradesh is top-notch. If we talk more specifically, it is found in the Malihabad village of Uttar Pradesh. It is also the largest producer of this kind of mango.

8) Plums (Aloo Bukhara) (Uttrakhand)


Uttarakhand is one of the hilly states in India like Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, and Assam. Many fruits can be found in Uttarakhand like chestnuts, apples, apricots, plums, plums, pears, etc. Plums are also known as Aloo Bukhara in some parts of India. It is a quite famous fruit in northern India.

9) Apple Ber (Maharashtra)


Apple Ber is a new variety of fruit, which is grown in some districts of Maharashtra and the famous Ballari district of Karnataka. Normally, all kinds of soils are suitable for the cultivation of this kind of horticultural fruit. Maharashtra is one of the biggest producers of such type of ber. Other types of ber are also found in many parts of India but this is a special kind of ber.

10) Dahanu Gholvad Chikoo ( Maharashtra)


Gholvad is a village present in the district Plagar of Maharashtra state. It is very famous for producing chikoos. Even a festival of Chikoo also takes place during January each year. This festival is also known to be a Chikoo Festival. This special type of chikoo has been given a special geographical indication (GI) tag from the Government of India that is GoI.

11) Persimmon Fruit – Japani Phal


Japani Phal is quite famous in the country of China. But if we talk about our country, it is also grown in some hilly states like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Nilgiri Hills. Indian Persimmon is also cultivated in places native to coastal West Bengal and better known for uses in folk medicine.
It is also known as Persimmon fruit. This is quite a lesser-known fruit because of fewer consumptions in most of the states as it is consumed in the states where it is grown.

12) Jamun (Syzygium cumini)


Jamun is native to the south-eastern countries like India and Sri Lanka and it is also one of the most regularly grown fruit trees in our country India. This species is considered to be invasive in Hawaii and it is also found in some places of Guyana and in some places of Trinidad and Tobago also regarded as T & T.

These were the special kind of varieties of fruits famous in India. Some other fruits that are consumed in different parts of India are Tezpur Litchi in Assam, Vazhakulam Pineapple in Kerala, Allahabad Surkha Guava in Uttar Pradesh, Nanjanagud Banana, Nagpur Orange in Maharashtra, Gir Kesar in Gujarat, Apples of Himachal Pradesh. Thus, there may not be any kind of fruit variety that is not found in India. Even, India offers different types of varieties of a particular fruit which is mainly grown and sold in local markets. Such varieties may or may not be used for the export purposes for selling them to the international markets.

The northern parts of India are famous for growing fruits like apples, chestnuts, oranges and some types of mangoes. The same goes for the north-eastern states because the climatic conditions are quite the same because there are hilly areas just like northern hilly states. When we travel down to the south, the kind of climatic conditions these places have been somewhat changed and mangoes, chikoo, apple ber are quite common in such places. India ranks second in producing fruits in all over the world. Only China ranks above India. It is also one of the biggest exporters of fruits all over the world. Hope you find it informative.

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Top 10 Most Popular Smartphone Companies in India

With the advancement of technology, our life is getting so much simpler. Before the era of smartphones, everyone used those phones with keyboards in them but then came the smartphones which taught us a new way to use them. Players like Nokia, HTC and Sony were the first companies to try capturing the Indian market. They tried hard but they failed in upcoming years to come as they were not able to lure the Indian buyers and their condition became difficult when the Chinese company Xiaomi begun its operations in India during the year of 2014.

Xiaomi’s tie-up with the e-commerce giant marked the dawn of the new smartphone era in India as it focused on providing cheap smartphones with a lot of features. Sony phones were expensive and they had only one specialty that is they offered water resistance up to large limits but no up-gradation in design took the company out of competition, Nokia used to operate on Windows OS which offered only some apps as compared to the Playstore and the apps were not even timely upgraded and Indian companies like Micromax didn’t show any up gradation in their product and finally lost to Chinese companies which offered new and better features and were cheap. Today many companies are running successfully in India like Realme, Samsung, Huawei, Oneplus, etc. So, if you are going to buy a smartphone, we are going to give you a list of most preferred smartphones which will come handy for you all-

1) Xiaomi


The year 2014 marked the arrival of this Chinese giant in India and from that year this brand has surprised its rivals. Initially, it tied-up with e-commerce giant Flipkart to sell its smartphones. Nobody thought what followed next. The whole Mi 3 smartphones were purchases within seconds. The total number of users who logged on to Flipkart was around 5,00,000. This crashed the website. It was kind of a match made in smartphone heaven. According to sources, Xiaomi still leads the race of winning the smartphone race in India. It owns 27% of the total market in Q4, 2019share as compared to the earlier 26% in Q3, 2019. Some recent smartphones are Redmi Note 9, Xiaomi Poco X2, Redmi Note 9 Pro, Redmi K20, Redmi K20 Pro, Xiaomi Mi A3, etc. Not only in smartphones, but Xiaomi is also a leading manufacturer of fitness bands like Mi Band 4, Mi Smart TVs, earphones, bags, power banks, speakers, etc. Manu Jain is the current CEO of Xiaomi India.

2) Samsung


Samsung is one of the most reputed brands all over the world. In terms of share, it occupies second place in the Indian market. It has a share of 19% in Q4, 2019 according to the reports, this is less than 20% in Q3, 2019. It is a South Korean company. It manufactures products like digital signage, refrigerators, SIM Card, IC, display, drivers IC, fitness bands, TVs, etc. B. D. Park is the current CEO of Samsung India. The latest Samsung phones are Samsung Galaxy M31, Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, Samsung Galaxy A50, Samsung Galaxy M30, etc.

3) Realme


It is also a Chinese company and it has gained a lot of popularity in the previous 2 to 3 years of entry in the Indian market. It has launched various products in the Indian market to dethrone major brands. It has launched fitness bands, wired and wireless earphones, etc. They are also going to launch new smartphone series named Narzo. According to the reports, in Q4, 2019 it has a share of 8% which is less than 16% in Q3, 2019. Realme has launched a lot of budget and mid-range smartphones recently but still, it has lost its market share by a large margin. Madhav Sheth is the CEO of Realme India. It also comes under BBK electronics.

4) Oneplus


As its tagline says “Never Settle“, it has never compromised in its quality and aggressive design that too with less price as compared to other premium phones. Oneplus started giving tough competition to Apple and Samsung in the premium segment and now holds a share of 42% in the Indian market. Slowly, this brand has moved to the ultra-premium segment with the release of Oneplus 7 Pro which is placed nearly around 45,000 INR. Earlier, Oneplus used to keep the price around 30,000 INR but it has adopted a new strategy to increase the total profit and turnover. It is also going to launch its TV in India soon. Pete Lau is the global CEO of Oneplus. It also comes under BBK electronics.

5) Apple


Apple can be defined as a brand that is all luxury. In a country like India, if you own an iPhone this means you live a luxurious life. It will not be false to say that Apple is the ultra-premium brand of India. Every year, the sales remain the same no matter the cost decided by the company. It has products like Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro, Apple iPhone 11, Apple iPhone 11 Pro and Apple iPhone X recently. It has a share of 3% in the Indian market. Tim Cook is the worldwide CEO of Apple, INC.

6) Vivo


It is the first company to unveil under-screen fingerprint back in CES 2018. It also comes under BBK electronics. In India, this company is known for budget smartphones and it appointed Sara Ali Khan as the brand ambassador. Kent Cheng is the current CEO of Vivo, India. Recently launched smartphones are Vivo S1 Pro, Vivo Z1 Pro, Vivo V15 Pro.

7) Huawei


It is also a Chinese company that was recently in news following a ban in the U.S. But in India, it is one of the only brands which have given a tough competition to Xiaomi in the low and mid-range segment with its Honor series. It has also launched many premium phones but they are not as successful as other brands. It has a 10% share in the smartphone industry. Jay Chen is Huawei’s CEO in India.

8) Oppo


It also comes under BBK electronics. In India, this company is known for budget smartphones and it appointed Kartik Aryan as the brand ambassador. It has also launched some high priced phones like the Reno series. Some newly launched list of phones is OPPO F15, OPPO Reno3 Pro, OPPO A31 2020, OPPO F11 Pro. Tom Lu is the CEO of Oppo, India

9) Nokia


Nokia was one of the most trusted brands in India for many years. However, it made a huge loss in the early 2010’s due to not switching over from Windows OS. Now it finally came back but it has only performed average in the Indian market. Some smartphones launched by Nokia are Nokia 5.1 Plus, Nokia 6.1, Nokia 8.1, etc. Rajeev Suri is Nokia’s CEO in India.

10) Asus


It is a Taiwanese company known for the built quality as well as good budget phones. Recently, this company has only launched two smartphones that are Asus ROG 2 gaming phone and Asus Zenfone 6Z. The company released Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 back in 2018 which sold pretty good but after that, there has been almost no phone apart from the above two phones. Jerry Shen is Asus India CEO.

We hope, you have enjoyed our article and got what you have been searching for.

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Top 10 Popular Brands of Women Clothing in India

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”

Miuccia Prada

As we are moving forward to live a life influenced by the western world, it is becoming necessary to dress like in that particular way too. Earlier, in India dress sense didn’t matter as much as the world recognized us by the saying “simple living, high thinking”. But as we came under the colonial rule, they taught us the western culture and how the dressing has been an integral part of life. Nowadays, our life is not happening if we don’t have the range of some good clothes. And from good clothes, I mean some really expensive clothes. Now, clothes have become a symbol of your status. let it be men or let it be women, everyone wants to dress well. India has so much variety in terms of clothes from Punjabi Kurtas to Dhotis to Jeans and for women, it can be saree, palazzo or suit.

These traditional clothes are now influenced by the western culture which makes it an urban trend. Women have been influenced by social sites and they try new dresses to make their profile look more gorgeous. Nowadays, a lot of companies have entered the Indian market are competing for the first place. With e-commerce sites like Myntra, Jabong, Club factory, more varieties have been introduced to the Indians and women seem to be enjoying the most benefits from it. Here, we are going to mention the top 10 amazing brands for women in India.

1. BIBA Apparels:


This brand is famous for ethnic clothing among women. This brand was started by Meena Bindra in the capital city of our country that is New Delhi in the year 1998 from her home. The fusion of Indian and Western clothes will just blow your mind. These Indo-western outfits are quite popular among all the age groups. From gorgeous Kurtis to mind-boggling salwar suits, this brand has a lot to offer. To date, it has around 150 brand outlets and around 225 multi-brand outlets. It made a profit of around INR 600 crores in the year 2014-15. You can visit them on this site

2. H&M:


It stands for Hennes & Mauritz. This is a Sweden based clothing-retail company with its presence in around 74 countries. It has around 5,000 outlets in these countries. It occupies the second position after Zara in the world and in recent times it has increased its online presence and recently it tied up with Myntra to increase its reach in India. This brand is famous among youngsters. It was founded in 1947. They launch products based on the likes of teens. In India, it has now taken the number one spot after displacing Zara as the fastest-growing clothing brand. One can visit them on

3. ZARA:


It is a brand which offers you nearly everything from casual clothes to formal clothes. It is one of the expensive brands as well. If we talk about its position it is no. 1. It is the world’s largest apparel retailer. This company is based in Spain and it was founded in 1975 and it has 10,000 stores worldwide with a total revenue of $18.9 billion per year. You can find its products on this site In India, it offers trousers, jumpsuits, knitted t-shirts, etc.

4. W for Women:


This brand offers you a stylish range of Kurtis and other clothing accessories like palazzos. This brand is a little expensive but it is worth buying. This brand was started by Mr. Trilok Chand and Mr. Narender Singh in the year 1972 but now it has become a household name. It is a famous fashion brand between the ages of 20 to 50. You can visit them online on



This is a brand that is quite good for a medium budget. You can get some good quality clothes in an affordable budget. It was founded back in 2009 and it is a subsidiary of TCNS CLOTHING CO. LIMITED which is run by Mr. OS Pasricha and Mr. AS Pasricha. This brand truly re-defines the Indian Ethnic by mixing or fusing the realm of traditions with modern ideas of fashion. The work culture of Aurelia is all about inclusion, collaboration, high prioritization. It is a great experience with a consistently good quality product with great fit and sharp pricing. One can visit them on

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6. Global Desi:


Global Desi is a very catchy name and now it has become quite a famous name in every household and it is one of India’s Original fashion brands. It was started by Anita Dongre in the year 2015. She is an Indian fashion designer. She makes gorgeous ethnic wear, especially bridal clothes. This is one of the brands you would never miss on to. It is a very different kind of eastern fashion style of clothing. You can find it on this site

7. FabIndia:


Their collection consists mainly of Neer Collection, Fabels, Tops & Shirts, Jacket & Coats, Dupattas and Stoles, Saris. It is also one of the largest brands in India. You can visit them at They are even popular outside of India. Many tourists from abroad keep on visiting their stores. This brand will give you that local desi touch in their clothes as well as accessories. This brand was founded in the year 1960 and it generated average revenue of around $64 million. It was founded by John Bissell. The company sources all of its products from rural places to increase employment from villages. They have an estimated 40,000 craftspeople across the whole country.

8. Madame:


This is an Indian brand of clothing. It was founded in the 1980s in Ludhiana which is in Punjab state. Today, it has become one of the finest Indian clothing brands for women. In 2009, they had 64 stores in total and around 600 multi-brand outlets. Their first exclusive store was opened in the city of Dreams that is Mumbai (earlier Bombay) in 2002. They also have four exclusive stores in Saudi Arabia. They have consistently expanded their empire. Basically, this brand targets teenage girls and young women. You can visit them online on They are known for their amazing work with the fabrics and within some decades they have been one of the most desired bridal clothing brands. They are continuously expanding their stores across India.

9.Bombay Selection:


They offer great products like Bridal lehenga, Traditional Casual, South Indian Lehenga Saree, Ethnic Royal, Indo Western, Cotton Suits, Kurtis. They are simply the best when it comes to bridal fashion and accessories. You can visit them online on They provide you with a wide range of colorful and vibrant products with rich Indian taste.

10.Pepe jeans


They are famous for making trendy jeans, shorts, Printed Tees, Slim Jeans, Knit and sweatshirts, Skirts & Shorts. Their denim collection is also very famous.

When it comes to women, they always need a large choice of clothes to make decisions until they completely know what would be best suited for them. For different occasions, they require different types of clothes and the brands we have mentioned are one of the most demanded brands not only in India but in the world also.
I hope you would have loved the content. So, there you go, ladies, happy shopping!

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