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Download 9 Most Popular Lord Krishna Bhajans and MANTRAS

Who doesn’t knows about Lord Krishna? He is not just a supreme Hindu God but also one of the most popular and widely esteemed deities in many Western and European countries. He is worshipped as the eighth avatar of the God Vishnu. Krishna in Sanskrit amazingly means black or dark blue shade. And, somehow, his skin color is co-related to His name. He was the real son of Devaki (mother) and Vasudeva (father) but later Yashoda (foster mother) and Nanda Baba (foster father) took care of him and raised him to be a Dwarka King afterward. Lord Krishna is popular with various other names, like Vishnu, Govinda, Bithal, Gopala, etc. Krishna’s birthday is celebrated worldwide every year by Hindus and many of His followers on this day of Janmashtami.

Krishna scared chants, mantras and bhajans are very popular and powerful in its own terms. Those who believe in Him regularly meditate and spell all this magnificent mantra and bhajans. But what exactly are Mantras? According to Hindu Shastra, Matras are powerful words that are actually given by Satpurush (Divine Successor – True Master or Guru). Meditating while chanting mantras is one of the most powerful ways to know about oneself and even to know about the real motive of our existence. A mantra is an indispensable tool for the mind to meditate and concentrate (with all our awareness) into one spot and easily turn inward with practice and dedication. Whereas Bhajans is a singing form of love towards beloved god that helps us to always memorize Him in our hearts.

Below you can download 9 most powerful, popular and sacred chants, bhajans and Mantras of Shri Lord Krishna.

1.) Samast Paap Khandnam

Beautiful Bhajan of Lord Krishna in Sanskrit.

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2.) Baanke Bihari

Baanke Bihari is a soothing lord krishna bhajan and wonderful composition.

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3.) Narayana Kavacha

Love has no language, and this awesome bhajan depicts this all in this amazing prayer.

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4.) Jagajjalapalam

Most Powerful Bhajan and Mantra of Lord Krishna. You will only remember God while hearing this.

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5.) Purusha Sukta

Beautiful sung for Lord Krishna with Maha Mantras.

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6.) Vishnu Stotram

This is actual Lord Krishna Vishnu Stotram with Mantras

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7.) Achutam Keshavam

Extremenly beautiful Bhajan in Hindi

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8.) Vishnu Stuti

Beautiful Vishnu Stuti

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9.) Shriman Narayan Narayan

Shriman Narayan Narayan is an awesome Lord Krishna bhajan. Must listen!

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We have collected 9 unique bhajans and Mantras of Lord Krishna that are very valuable and precious in context with ‘Bhakti’ and devotion.

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