10 Famous Olympics Medalists of India

Three medals that are presented to olympic event winners

If we talk about bringing honour to any country, well one word that expresses it all is Olympics! Ever since the beginning of the human race, sports have been important to scale the skills of an individual, they help not only to improve health but also to improve the overall personality. And Olympics is where … Read more

4 Popular Indian Astronauts that are World Renowned

view from space station

The outer space is said to be the world of infinite possibilities and there are very few humans who have achieved the privilege of going out to that space, millions of miles away from earth. The experience of zero gravity and no air is beyond a lay man’s comprehension. Astronauts are those trained humans who … Read more

10 Biggest Movie Theatre (Multiplexes) In India

beautiful ambiance of PVR

Films are considered one of the most influential entertainers of today’s life. Be it Hollywood or Bollywood, the film culture is part of our everyday routine. All celebrations whether it is Diwali, Eid or Christmas comes with some filmy entertainers around the corner and with it comes the culture of Multiplexes. These are the movie … Read more

12 Popular and Major Sea Ports in India

12 Popular and Major Sea Ports in India.

India has a very long coastline that measures 7,516.6 km in length. This coastline has all the kind of terrains that you would expect on a seashore. It includes Sandy Beaches, Rocky Coasts, Muddy Flats and Marshy Coasts. These terrains are spread across 9 states that are Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra … Read more

10 Oldest and Major Tribes in India

India is a country with a history dating back to 5000 years. During these years India has witnessed many geographical, cultural and political changes accompanied by many technological advancements too. But there is also a population of India that still lives in the forests. These are primitive tribes in India. These are the people who still believe … Read more

10 Largest Forests in India

floating forest

Decades after becoming a world of forest degradation, India stands tall at a growth rate of 0.7% in its forest cover; because of this India has shown its prowess in the list of top 10 nations in the world with the largest forest cover! As of 2015, India had a forest cover of over 7,06,800 sq km which … Read more

Top 12 Famous Indian Poets (Hindi and English)

Indian Poets

Poetry, since time immemorial, has been a specialty of Indian people. India has produced so many awe-inspiring poets that have told us about our history in form of poems, stories, songs and so on. Their poetry is the anchor that has made us stick to our roots and provided not only with the knowledge of … Read more

Top 12 Highest and Tallest Waterfalls in India

hot water waterfall

Isn’t it beautiful to see how beautiful the works of mother nature are? India is very gifted with such sensational artworks of nature, and surely Waterfalls are one of its best spectacles. It is amazing how Waterfalls are formed by water rushing down from a steep edge and creates beautiful showers. The water flows from … Read more

Best 12 Online Affiliate Marketing Programs in India

affiliate page of hostgator

The buzz of Online Affiliate Marketing has come to India and is spreading really fast. If you know what Online Affiliate Marketing is, you would know how powerful its growth is, and if you don’t, do not worry! We are here to tell you all about it and also the best programs available for online … Read more

10 Most Popular Fighter Jet Plane (Aircraft) in the Indian Air Force


The Indian Air Force officially came to effect on the 8th of October, 1932 with a strength of 6 Royal Air Force trained officers and 19 ‘Hawai Sepoys’ which literally translates to Air Soldiers. Since then, the Indian Air Force has become the world’s fourth-largest air force in terms of assets. The Air Force Academy … Read more

Top 10 Most Popular Indoor games played in India

Pro-Kabaddi League

Humans have always opted for entertainment and if it can be achieved in the comfort of their homes, it is even better. Indoor games can be played and enjoyed by children and it can be an easy and great activity for younger kids and toddlers. Indoor games and sports are thus the solutions of this … Read more

10 Biggest and popular Deserts in India

10 Biggest and popular Deserts in India.

India is a very large country, hence there is a lot of types of landscape you see here. A large portion of the Indian landscape includes deserts alongside grasslands and forests. Desert is the barren land where a very low or no amount of greenery is present. India’s large landscape has a lot of different … Read more

12 Longest Tunnel of Railway and Road in India

Sarvade Tunnel of the Konkan rails

The Railways and Roadways form the lifeline of transportation in India. Here we are discussing the longest tunnel of railway and road. But as you all know that railways in India are not only the biggest employer in the world but also a very important act of transportation method for long distances. It employs over … Read more

8 Popular Nobel Award Winners in India

Alfred Nobel on the Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is an honor which is among the highest privileges which can be presented to anyone for any work of excellence. It is presented to those who have significantly contributed in six particular fields which are Nobel Prize for Physics, the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine, the … Read more