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12 Most Popular, Inspiring Indian Women who Made India Proud

Over the years women’s had set the benchmarks and also have made the world proud with their achievements. Women’s have been never less but always an example of being strength name. From a housewife to a professional young or older woman, all age group ladies have made their roles fulfilled with justification. It would be a wrong saying if we would still compare men and women, as women’s with equity has been contributed themselves to divergent roles in this world. And some of the admiring gem ladies we are going to take a look on who has been devoting themselves with tremendous achievements which proves that a woman is never being weak but the strongest and powerful souls across the world.

For Indian women maybe we have a myth set in our brains of being more or less they are good housewives, however with an old era to present we do have some bold character list with us which will prove that Indian women’s are being good at all roles, So let’s see the 12 powerful and Inspiring Indian Women who made India Proud (with their achievements)

Before moving further with some of the greatest achievers, let us once highlight the special day of women’s, which is celebrated with their social, economic, cultural and political achievements across the globe (8th March since the 1900s.)

1.) Rani Lakshmi Bai

Rani of Jhansi

To start with is one of the powerful and fearless Rani Laxmi Bai who was known as ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’, the leading warrior of India who fought for India’s independence against the British Raj. She was born in Varanasi on 19th November 1828, and at age four she started facing her struggling and most crucial phase of her life when she lost her mother.From that phase of life of her childhood, she grew to be an independent and courageous girl by her father. Being a fighter she was an unpredictable and surprising leader and showed British an extraordinary fighting spirit and valor in battles fought at Jhansi.

Achievement: Rani Laxmi Bai was one of the popular and major figures in Indian Rebellion of the year 1857 and became for the Indian nationalist a symbol of resistance to the British Raj. She was also famous for being a symbol of woman manhood where a famous line has been devoted in her respect “Khoob Ladi mardani wo to Jhansi wali rani thi”.

2.) Neerja Bhanot

The Indian model and was also a purser for the airline Pan America World Airways Neerja Bhanot was a young soul who was born on 7th September 1963 in Chandigarh. As at her young age she was shot and killed while saving the passengers from the terrorists during her duty where her board hijacked Pan Am Flight 73 on 5th September 1986, the disaster part she was killed two days before her 23rd birthday. Despite, of her cabin crew job she had a successful modeling career along with that.

Achievement: She saved the lives of the passengers and also the hostages during that hijacking of 5th September 1986; with her courage, she fulfilled a failure of that hijacking and also by preventing the plane gets off the ground. With her sharp and clever steps, she actively hides the passports of American passengers from the terrorists, as she became the youngest recipient of India’s highest peacetime military award of bravery, the Ashok Chakra. Also, she was being honored with other accolades from the Government of Pakistan and United States.

3.) Sunita Williams

Moving further, our next woman star is our Indian American astronaut Sunita Williams who was born on 19th September 1965, to Sunita Pandya Krishan an Indian Family in Massachusetts. She was graduated from Needham High School in Needham, Massachusetts, in 1983. And later she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical science from the United States Naval Academy in 1987, and also Master of Science degree in Engineering Management from Florida Institute of Technology in 1995.

Achievement: Sunita is very popular in NASA, who has set the record for the longest space flight by a woman; also she holds the record for the total spacewalk by a woman (seven) and spacewalk time for a woman (50 hours 40 minutes). She was honored with an award Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Vishwa Pratibha award by Gujarati society.

4.) Bachendri Pal

In every field, women are just growing from the tag of being normal housewives they have showed the worldwide that they are never less but more. With the next world of an achievement list, we have Bachendri Pal the first Indian woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest in the year 1984. She was born on 24th May 1954 in a village named Nakuri in the Himalayas in Uttarkashi. At the age of 12, she had an interest and taste of mountaineering thrill, along with her friends on a school picnic.

Achievement: She is the first Indian woman who became to reach the summit of Mount Everest; also along with this as young she was also the first women who graduate in her village. Currently, this mountaineer is promoting an adventure in Indian and being a role model for many adventure lovers. She had proved that a woman has the ability to excel in any field given she has willpower.

5.) Kalpana Chawla

From another scientific field, we do have a second name with a woman achiever who made India proud with her achievement Kalpana Chawla. With her broader smile, this astronaut was born on 1st July 1961, in Karnal. She was the youngest child of her four brother sister. In her academics, she obtained her degree in aeronautical engineering from Punjab Engineering College before immigrating to the US.

Achievement: In her achievement, she first flew on the Space Shuttle Columbia in 1997, as a mission specialist also primary robotic arm operator. During her Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, she died in 2003. She is one of the most encouraging women In Indian histories for many young girls.

6.) Kiran Bedi

An Iron lady, Kiran Bedi is a true icon of heroism. Kiran Bedi was born on 9th June 1949, in Amritsar Punjab. She did her schooling from Sacred Heart Convent school Amritsar and done her graduation with the English language from Government College.

Achievement: She is the first Indian woman who joined Indian Police services, as she has been made known for her strong decisions also she founded two NGO’s for the welfare and preventative policing in the year 1988 also she started India Vision Foundation for the prison information, drug abuse prevention, and child welfare. She has been also national junior tennis champion in the year 1966 during her teenage.

7.) P. T. Usha

Pilavullakandi Thekkeparambil Usha born on 27th June 1964 also famous with the name of P.T. Usha, she is a retired Indian track and field athlete. From the running sports world, she has been an achiever from the state of Kerala. She has been named with “queen of Indian track and field and also payyoli Express. In her initial career, she was first noticed in the year 1976 by O.M Nambiar, an athlete coach.

Achievements: In her biggest achievement she represented India in 10th Asian Games held at Seoul in the year 1986, with winning 4 gold medals and 1 silver medal in the track and field events. Also, she became the first Indian women to reach the Olympic event by winning her 400m hurdles semi-final. Presently this strong athlete is running a school named Usha School of Athletics at Koyilandy in Kerala.

8.) Shankutla Devi

Shankuntla device was an Indian writer born on 4th November 1929, Banglore. In spite of writer, she is a mathematical genius also as also known as “human computer”. One of the amazing facts of her life was being a daughter of a circus performer in southern Indian family; still, she was a genius with her effortlessly mathematical calculations results. She was also a successful astrologer and authored several books. Being a writer she wrote numbers of books also some great novels which were based on mathematics, puzzles, and astrology.

Achievement: This expertise of writing and the mental calculator was famous and known as the “Human-computer”. Also, she had earned a place in an edition of The Guinness Book of World Records.

9.) Bhakti Sharma

From the world of swimming, we have Bhakti Sharma who is the first Asian woman and youngest soul to set the record in open swimming in Antarctic waters. She was born in Mumbai and brought in Udaipur. With the degree of Communication management and commerce her passion made her lead her achievement.

At age of 2 she started swimming, and after crossing the various competitions, she succeeded to achieve her main goal.

Achievement: Her achievement made her India’s and (Asia’s) first ever woman to swim at 1.4 miles, in the Antarctic Ocean in 52 minutes which is an edge break world record, from then, has conquered all the five oceans of the world.

10.) Tessy Thomas

The “Missile Woman of India” Tessy Thomas born in the year 1963 in Alappuzha, Kerala, from the age 13 her father was suffered from a stroke which left his right side paralyzed. Still, she completed her studies in St. Michael’s Higher Secondary School and also St. Joseph’s Girls Higher Secondary school.

Achievement: She is an Indian scientist, also the Project Director for Agni-IV missile in Defence Research and Development Organization. As in her achievement record, she is the first woman scientist who has been to head a missile project in India.

11.) Priyanka Chopra

With all these achiever listings, how we can skip a strong and an amazing actress from entertainment world Priyanka Chopra. It won’t be justified is saying that she is a self-made star from Bollywood to Hollywood. As this star woman born on 18th July 1982 in Jamshedpur Bihar (Jharkhand), from her countless performances, she busies taking over the world.

Achievement: As she is an individual star who has been an achiever and just grown up her with career graph throughout and now scoring the lead role in a prime-time American TV show. Also, she has been winning the People’s Choice Awards for the ‘Favorite Actress in New TV Series’.

12.) Sindhutai Sapkalhas

The lady is affectionately known as the “Mother of Orphans”, as she is an Indian social worker and social activist. Still, with not being from strong background she is known for her particularly raising orphaned children in India. The lady born on 14th November 1948 in Pune, with her very early age of ten she was married to Shrihari Sapkal alias Harbaji. She bore three sons by that time she was turned twenty. Being on very difficult and crucial stage of her pregnancy time she had faced a lot of trouble and also not be getting a shelter.

Achievement: She devoted her entire life to raising 1050 orphan children. She was conferred a Doctorate Literature by the DY Patil Institute of Technology and Research in 2016.

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30 Best Ad Networks For Publishers in India | Adsense Alternate

It was the year of 2003 when webmasters from all around the world first focused a medium to generate online profit to make huge money using this intelligent platform today known as Adsense. It was a ray of light for all those newbie’s who was struggling to catch the attention of advertiser to post an ad on their website. Even if they grab, luckily, it was just for a few days or months. There was not a permanent technique or invention to make money and stay profitable all year long without fixing or approaching any advertiser. Fortunately, with the augmentation of Adsense it was all possible. And today Adsense is the number one choice for every Website Owner all around the world.

India is one of the largest online web publishers hub in the world. And inspite of that all popular ad networks in India are all from Western and European countries, for the simple reason cause we are not able to create stable and profitable affiliate network of our own.

Before we continue to make a list of 10 best ad networks in India, it is very much advisable to first concentrate more on website content and overall site features like visual appearance, ease of navigation, quick to load and interactive before applying to these networks. Why? because many ad networks thoroughly check these features to approve your website for monetization.  And one more thing to notice below is that all these ad networks pay you mostly based on impressions (also known as CPM) for every thousand people that visit your website. Websites that engage a lot of visitors, CPM ads can prove to be very profitable. So here’s a list of the most popular and best Ad Networks in India that you can choose to monetize your website and make great profit.

Adsense is best Ad network in India

1.) Google Adsense – is one the best ad network in India today for publishers, simply because their ads are targeted to site content and audience. Another great feature of AdSense is Search Engine Friendly Codes with high CPM rates. As per Indian audience and location, the average CPM earning is $0.5 to $1 per 1,000 impressions. Adsense pays you money once you achieve the benchmark of 100$,  whether in one day or 2 months. It is best CPM ad network for Indian traffic. But to approve your website in Adsense is not easy, they have many restrictions and conditions to match with their program policies. The best way to get approved is to follow Adsense Guidelines and plan your website accordingly.

Popular Ad network in India

2.) – is another best Ad network for Indian publishers and best alternative for Adsense as well. It’s a contextual ad network by Yahoo and Bing search engine that offers lofty paying ads. Their ad format and sizes are similar to that of AdSense. And only if you have a quality site, you are more likely to get approval otherwise they too reject the application if not as per their terms and conditions. Many big brands these days started using to increase their revenue. And this may be a reason that its revenue is the second largest (contextual ads) globally. They pay publisher minimum with $100 income generated. shows Real Time reporting i.e. you can check how ads are performing with real-time in your account dashboard.

Amazing Ad network in India

3.) Infolinks – is the third largest and popular ad network in India for the small publisher. It is so much popular that every third or fourth site you saw will find infolinks ad on it. It provides and shows innovative ads banners with all different sizes based on user intent. You can easily monetize your every webpage very well with its advanced and unique ad units. Why infolinks got popular in India is because of text links ads which turn distinct keywords or text links into advertisement links and displays it as an advert when your user hovers their mouse over the link. Some of its other popular ad types are InText, InFold, InTag and InFrame. You can also find it the Google Adsense alternate as well. Minimum Payouts is of $50. Their CPM/PPC rates are not that much when compared to Adsense or is popular ad network for publisher

4.) BuySellAds – is an Ad Marketplace where one can sell or buy Ad directly from publisher to advertiser or vice-versa. It acts more like an intermediate that charges 25% as a commission. Besides selling direct Ad spaces they have lots of other features that will help you monetize your blog effectively and more smartly by offering a range of Monetization options like Email Monetization, Tweets Monetization, Apps Monetization, Ross Monetization and mobile Web. Nevertheless, it’s very tough to get approval from BuySellAds. You need to have a high quality and good quantity of traffic to get approval. A piece of advice, if you are struggling to get AdSense approval, don’t try to approach BuySellAds. Getting BuySellAds approval is little harder than AdSense. But it could be a good exchange for AdSense if you have great traffic.

Best CPM Ad network in India

5.) Amazon Native Ads – Today many bloggers with niche blog are missing out great Amazon monetizing progression through its native ads. These Ads are analogous to AdSense in terms of showing contextual ads. It shows pertinent ads based on the content of a page where ads are being displayed. Once you place the codes on your webpage it automatically scans the content of the page and starts displays products based on the keywords used within the article. If you a lot of traffic from the USA and Europe then this new ad monetization network can do wonders for you. Amazon has always been (and still is) a popular choice among publishers because of their Affiliate program. There are 2 advantages of this program. First, you are making the commission as per Amazon affiliate program and above that, you are getting extra income with for each 1,000 viewable ad impressions (CPM rates).

Other 25 most popular Ad Network in India

Our above list includes ad networks that are successful for almost a decade now. And there was a reason to include them in detail because of their popular demand among Indian users. But it doesn’t mean that there is no other good network you can approach to. We have made a list of other 25 very popular ad networks for publishers in India. They are equally good interms of CMP rates and other payouts.

  1. Taboola –
  2. Tribal Fusion –
  3. –
  4. Doubleclick Ad Exchange –
  5. PopAds –
  6. Criteo –
  7. Bidvertiser –
  8. AdsOptimal –
  9. Adversal –
  10. VigLink –
  11. Chitika –
  12. GumGum –
  13. Vibrant Media –
  14. Clicksor –
  15. Conversant –
  16. Adblade –
  17. Ad-maven –
  18. Revenue hits –
  19. AdAttract –
  20. Propeller Ads –
  21. Skimlinks –
  22. Adsterra –
  23. RevContent –
  24. Xapads –
  25. Optimise –

10 Most Popular Indian Ad Networks

In addition to above list we have further highlighted some of the best Indian ad networks like SVG which has a good Indian advertiser base and runs well with all Indian web publishers. So here is the list of 10 popular Indian Ad Network you can join to monetize your website:

  1. Tyroo –
  2. SVG –
  3. AdChakra –
  4. InMobi –
  5. DGM –
  6. MonsoonAds –
  7. Ybrant Digital –
  8. Pubmatic –
  9. India Vigyapan –
  10. Komli –

5 True, Serious Suggestion for New Publishers:

  • Indian traffic isn’t considered much more profitable compared to Western or European countries traffic (advertisers don’t pay much for traffic coming from India). So don’t dream or expect to make fast money without having good traffic.
  • Don’t create a blog only to earn money. Nearly 92% or more of the people who create online business or blog never even make a single dollar (as they can’t figure out how it all works). Money is only possible for only those who are skillful, hardworking and passionate.
  • Choosing wrong ad networks might drop your income (adblocker) or even drop site rank on the search engine (with bad codes).
  • Have great patience! Google Search Engine takes upto 3-6 months (seldom upto a year) to index your website.
  • And most importantly, if you want to rank well and fast on all search engines (and attract visitors to your site to earn money) simply follow and practice good SEO.
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10 Largest and Most Populated Cities of India

The world cannot be imagined without beautiful invention by the almighty being called Humans. The global human population has been counted approx 7.6 billion in December 2017 and highly encouraging this population part with developing world is India – a federal union incorporates with twenty-nine states and seven union territories (the total of 36 states including union territories). These states and union territories obviously are filled with it increasing population as the current charts show India reached 1,349,391,292 this 10th March 2018 based on United Nations estimate. As country ranks number 2nd in the list of countries by population.

If we see a bit highlighting with the population part India during the year 1975- 2019 the population doubled to 1.2 billion, as the mark of being reaching the billion was in 1998 although it is being projected that India will be the world’s most populous country by 2024. India has more than 50% population with below the age 25 and 65% below the age of 35 as it is also expected to be in 2020, the average age of Indian will be 29 years as compared to 37 for China and 48 for Japan by 2030.

With more than two thousand ethnic groups and every religion in India is represented, as four main families of languages (Indo-European, Dravidian, Austro-Asiatic and Sino-Tibetan Languages) also two isolated language Nihali, that spoken in Maharashtra and the Burushaski language in Jammu & Kashmir.

Endlessly Indian is a country with numerous cities, towns, and villages and a great diversity of people with divergent cultures, languages, religions, etc. With the population chart let’s have a glimpse of 10 largest and populated cities of India.

1.) Mumbai

Largest & Populous city

The city Mumbai is one of the most populous cities in India, as the city is also known as Bombay and capital of Maharashtra. Mumbai considered the top metropolitan of India with increase ratio of 2.5 million populations in last 5 years. With the various religious groups in Mumbai according to the year, 2011 includes 65.99% Hindus, 4.85% Jains, 20.65% Muslims, and 3.27% Christians also 4.10% Buddhists, 0.58% Sikhs and Parsis making up the remaining of the overall population. The city has experienced fast growth over the past twenty years, which has led to an increased number of residents living in slums. Mumbai has raised the growth of its largest slum, Dharavi, as Malad- Dahisar region of west and Chembur- Govandi region in the east have grown the fastest growing in last 10 decades. The density in Mumbai is assessed to be approximately 20,482 persons per square kilometer, whereas the other side for its high population is most of celebrities and personalities reside permanently in the city like Mumbai.

With the chart graphs Mumbai has an estimated population with 28 million by the year 2030, which means that the current ranking 6th in the world would move up the city to 4th in the list of world most populous city. As area wise 4355 sq km Mumbai stands at first in the list with the largest, also the city of dreams is one of the wealthiest, busiest and the most populous city in India

  • Estimated Population statistics Mumbai 2018 = 22.05 million

2.) New Delhi

Largest & Populous city

Moving to the next in the list with the second populous city, New Delhi our capital city of India, itself has a population of 257, 803. The city official language is widely spoken is Hindi. Being a capital of India New Delhi play an important role in government and commercial business, as it is expected to continue to grow. The NCR includes neighboring cities such as Baghpat, Alwar, Sonepat, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida etc.  Whereas Delhi has a rapidly growing population, which was 16.7 million in 2011, and the city has a population density of 29, 259.12 people per square mile which is one of the highest in the world.

With an old past data of this city the time period 2012-2016, the capital has perceived an increase in a ratio of 5 million over half decade with high figures from 400,00 in the year 1901. It is being expected by the year 2020 Delhi would be the third biggest metropolis after Mumbai and Tokyo in the world. As religion wise the city is most commonly followed with Hinduism, with 89.8% of the residents following this religion also has residents with Muslims, Christian, Sikh, Jain, Jewish. The city increased population reasoned because of it is capital of a country which appeals and attract to more opportunities for job, politics, and livelihood from all parts of the country.

New Delhi is ranked 3rd in this list with largest 1484 sq km, as the city is rich with history and vibrant culture also with numerous exceptional tourist destinations.

Estimated Population statistics New Delhi 2018 = 18.6 million

3.) Kolkata

Largest & Populous city

Our next city is our traditional, commercial and educational center of East India and one of the oldest operating ports in the country, Kolkata. The city is capital of the Indian state of West Bengal and located on Hooghly River. With an estimated population of 4.6 million, Kolkata is the largest urban area, includes the suburbs having a population of more than 14.3 million, this makes the city India’s 3rd most populous metropolitan area. Kolkata has a very high population density of 24,000 people per square kilometer. If comparing the literacy rates it’s higher about 87% in the city, whereas Indian average rate is of 74%. The city has a lower sex ratio as a whole with 899 females for every 1,000 males.

In another fact Kolkata also a very critical role in the economic part as well as military activities in the eastern region of India since it is the only international airport in the area, the city represents the cultural hub in the country with deep roots in art, drama, theatre, film, and literature.

With the growth prospectus, Kolkata is no longer the fastest growing urban area in Bengal, as Asansol has now taken this title. It has been predicted that the city urban area will have an estimated population of 20.1 million by the year 2025.The city is 2nd with the largest city in India with 1851sq km.

  • Estimated Population statistics Kolkata 2018 = 14.3 million

4.) Chennai

Largest & Populous city

Tamil Nadu capital, Chennai is the next city also voted the safest city the year 2015. With the larger Chennai, the metropolitan area covers 459.07 in an area with it home about 8,653,521 people. The population in Chennai is maximum are Tamils and few south Indians, as Tamil is the essential dialect spoken in major part of Chennai. The city also, formerly Madras, located near the Coromandel Coast near the Bay of Bengal. The estimated ratio population of 4.9 million people Chennai ranks 4th in India.

The city has an approx population of 4.9 million with an area grown from 176 square kilometers. With a stable factor, the city continues its growth pattern, as many of its people are categorized as “slum people” who reside far below the poverty line. As city Chennai is also stated the health capital of India, also it is expanded in the total area of 1189sq km. Chennai is also famous for its traditional culture, cosmopolitan lifestyle, classic art, historic monuments, latest technology and fast-growing economic growth at one place. The city has more than 33% of India’s automobile industry.

  • Estimated Population statistics Chennai 2018 = 8.7 million

5.) Bangalore

Largest & Populous city

The IT hub called, Banglore the city comes in 5th in position with an area 742 sq km. The capital of state Karnataka, Banglore is located in the southeastern region of the state on the Deccan Plateau. If we have a look on about the population set then about 79% of the population is Hindu, which is line with the Indian national average, whereas the Muslims account for 13% of the population and also followed with Christians 6% and Jain 1%. Over just ten years of graphs, the city has increased in population with 47% only in ten years, which has been assets the growing opportunities and growth that are bringing people from across the country.

Over this city more is vibrant and especially famous for its moderate climate, throughout the year, also it is the second fastest growing economies in India with an average economic growth of 10.3%.  The city female-male ratio is much skewed as 908 women for every 1,000 men, with the also lowest work participation rate among women, with just 24% of women working.

  • Estimated Population statistics Banglore 2018 = 8.5 million

6.) Hyderabad

Largest & Populous city

As in list with the largest the city of pearls Hyderabad is ranked on 9th, about 650 sq km the city is the capital of state Telangana which is located on the bank of River Musi. In the year 2014, the estimated population of Hyderabad counted 8.7 million which makes the city that year city of 4th most populous in India. With an estimated population 8.7 million the density of 18, 480 people per square kilometer has been recorded.

On other graphs with the religion; Hinduism is the most common religion practiced in the city with 55.5%, Muslims 41%, Christians 2.5%, Jains 0.5% and very few with Buddhists and Sikhs. Around 13% of the population in Hyderabad city lives below poverty line, with at least 1,476 slums, and with 1.7 million lives in the core of the city that made the Hyderabad up before the expansion in 2007. The growth rate of the city is counted as one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in all India.

The city is also the economic powerhouse of Telangana.

  • Estimated Population statistics Hyderabad 2018 = 7.75 million

7.) Ahmedabad

Largest & Populous city

Ahmedabad is the largest city of Gujrat state is still a judicial capital since Gujarat High court is located there. In a year, 2016 the estimated population of Ahmedabad is over 7 million in the urban agglomeration, though that makes the city as largest metropolitan area. Ahmedabad was the former capital city of Gujarat state. As the approximately 31,000 rural families living in Ahmedabad with 1,700 of them living poverty line. Ahmedabad has a ratio of sex with 897 women to every 1000 men. Ahmedabad is the 2nd oldest stock exchange market and the 2nd largest cotton industry as well.

With the growth of population chart the area where Ahmedabad is located has been populated since the 11th century. The city majorly grew by about one and a half million people by the last census in the year 2011, as it is predicted by the year 2021 there could by nearly 9 million people residing in Ahmedabad.

  • Estimated Population statistics Ahmedabad 2018 = 6.3 million

8.) Pune

Largest & Populous city

Our next in list with the ranking of second-largest city of Maharashtra, Pune is 9th on the list as largest area wise. Pune is located on the Mutha River and it was once the power center of Maratha Empire. The city covers about 281 square miles of area. In Pune, an estimated 50% of its total population is of international students. Pune has also appeared as the manufacturing and IT center with the 6th higher capita income in India. With an average age, 62% of the population is under 30 with a sharing an average age people 25-34. Religion-wise the most common Pune by far is crowded with Hinduism, although there are many Jewish synagogues, churches, Buddhist Viharas, Jain temples and other religious centers in the city.

With the fastest growing cities Pune, the year 1991-2001 the city grew by the 40% increase from 1.6 million to 2.5 million. The estimated population will hit 5.6 million by the year 2031.

  • Estimated Population statistics Pune 2018 = 5.0 million

9.) Surat

Largest & Populous city

Surat is our next in the list with fastest growing in the world and on eighth in the largest city of India. With the majority sets people in Surat associate themselves with Hinduism, with 87% in total with the following religion. Surat is a port in India and the capital of the Surat district. With a coverage area city is on 126.068 square miles of land, and is home to around 4.5 million residents 65% of the city’s population is connected to the internet, also city has set to become India’s first smart IT city. The literacy chart shows that the city is higher than the national average at 89%, where the male has been recorded at 93% while it is 84% for females, also there is a high rate of young people with 13% of the total population being under the age of 6.

As a point in population growth wise in recent times, the population has jumped to over 4.5 million in the city. The city has earned a reputed one of the best cities in India.

  • Estimated Population statistics Surat 2018 = 4.5 million

10.) Jaipur

Largest & Populous city

Over with the list of cities, we cannot skip our Pink city Jaipur as one of the most consistently growing cities in the country.  As with each year passing the population of Jaipur grows by steady 3% ratio and the current population remains strong at 3,653,927. The city is densely populated, with 598 people for every sq. km of land, as according to 2011 census states there 909 females for every 1000 with an exact ration of females 1,454, 070 compared to 1,619, 280 males.

You will have primary Hindu religion in the city, other religions represented Jaipur is Islam, which practiced by 7% of the population and remaining 4% with Christianity, Jainism, Sikh, and Buddhism.Our Pink city Jaipur is the largest city in state Rajasthan and also a capital of it. As an area, it is built on 187. 12 sq of land and it is to home 3.1 million people.

  • Estimated Population statistics Jaipur 2018 = 3.1 million
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5 Best Selling and Popular LED TV Brands in India

A trend of television is unstoppable, as TV is an unavoidable part of modern culture, where we depend on with various entertainment sources such as news, education, culture, weather, sports, and music also music videos. TV is both of the good’s and bad factors and has a key to provide our all generations with guiding view and to model and teach the critical thinking skills etc. We cannot deny the fact of how necessary TV has become to our trend lives. It is a technology which provides content with divergent flavors, and equipment which relates worldwide, we also have to accept that TV’s are the next world to us and where we can see updated world besides sitting in our living zones.We should be thankful to the inventor who just created this entertainment box with the technology and set a benchmark. TV set were introduced by Scottish Inventor John Logie Baird in 1920’s, whereas In India TV defines its history with the Terrestrial television experiment which was started in Delhi on 15th September 1959 with a small transmitter and makeshift studio, with 1965 Daily Transmission began a part of All India Radio and later the upgrading DTH services was launched by Dish TV ON 2ND October 2003. Taking the fact of being the imagining world without TV is like nothing, as we cannot have the sources of being aware of such particular as serials, news channels, games etc.

Doordarshan has evolved over the years, however, today we have many channels compare to Doordarshan, experiments with the years now we are relying in the world on new channels, set-ups, cable networking through the Satellite. Developing TV industry is now structured with the sleek model with latest features in LCD’S and LED’S and with latest trends and model we are going to provide the list of 5 Bestselling LED TV Brands in India which can definitely work for years with multiple uses:

1.) Sony Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV

Triluminos Display
Sony KD

To begin with the list the very first we have brand Sony (with model No KD-49X8200E) which is known for its amazing magical features, a totally upgraded LED which just need a voice command and your wish is granted. This LED Android TV is advanced and developed voice control which enables to connect and access contents with multiple functions simply by using voice command. With design Triluminos, Display screen makes the picture powerful and sharp with the 4k HDR technology.

Function & Design of Sony KD-49X8200E 49 inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV:

  • A feature of sharing smartphone screen with smartphone image mirroring Miracast technology.
  • Additionally designed with an Ethernet port which ensures internet connectivity via Bluetooth 4.1 thus furthering connectivity options all the time.
  • Plug-in facility for headphones for superior audio output.
  • Also, have HDMI inputs which allow gaming freaks to connect the gaming consoles and BD players to it with ease.
  • Lastly, its boasts of slender and sleek design which is just going to add a charm to your home space.
  • Price: approx Rs. 119, 990

2.) Samsung Full HD LED TV (Black)

Samsung UA49K5100AR 49-inch Full HD LED TV
Samsung full HD LED TV

Moving into next tech latest LED model which can be your favorite with its tremendous features and functioning, Samsung 49 inches 49K5100- SF Full HD LED, with its amazing visual quality and the clear sound effect it’s ranking on 2nd accordingly.

Function & Design:

  • Easy connecting facility of USB drives, pen drives also external hard disks for soulful melodies, movies, photos and more.
  • With DTS code sound and 2 channels for superior sound quality.
  • This LED is designed with sleek and sturdy VNB bezel which will complement the decors of your living space, also have four metallic legs that you can change within a matter of seconds.
  • The quality of visuals will make you feel like you are live watching the sports in the stadium, with its analog clean view automatically eliminates noise from TV signals.
  • Price: approx Rs 48,500

3.) LG 40 inches Full HD LED Smart TV

LG Smart TV’s Smart Share

Everyone needs a worth and best-featured TV set-ups at their homes as we cannot consider the risk of taking these at low costs or the cheapest, however, we always consider the facts and compare it with both the costing factor and functioning. When if we are discussing the best five than how we can skip from the box with LG Brand, LG 40LF6300 40 inches with full HD LED Smart TV is one of the favorite ones from the list.

    Function & Design:

  • This LED is designed with its sleek and powerful screen which makes you fall for this while watching a favorite movie on this LG LED delight.
  • Featured with an easy to browse and share the files from external devices with wirelessly or with an alternative option even watch TV on any of your smart devices.
  • Price: approx Rs 46,400

4.) Micromax 32 inch HD Ready LED TV

affordable price LED
Micromax LED TV

Next on the list is the Brand Micromax with its 32-inch screen and especially the brand known for proving technology akin the best international brands, however an extremely affordable pricing.

Function & Design

  • With 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB’s make it totally compatible with all external devices, the LED can be wall mounted like a painting.
  • It has the feature with consuming extremely low electricity.
  • With its functionality, the Zero Dot LED panel sharpens the images.
  • Price: approx Rs 11,999

5.) Kodak 32 inch HD Plus LED TV

Kodak LED TV

Our list next best brand LED is Kodak 32 inch, specially designed for Indian homes, with the ultra thin bezel which takes little space.

          Function & Design

  • The LED has inbuilt WiFi and multiple HDMI and USB ports which allow connecting your devices on a large screen.
  • We can also easily share our small gadgets screen via Miracast.
  • Price: approx Rs 18,000

With this above list of the best selling, top and popular 5 LED TV brands, just pick your favorite for your living space.