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Adsterra Publisher Account – Makes Money!

We all have that one desire in mind to make easy money with our website. However, web monetizing is not that simple from what it seems, there are many factors involved to earn well. One of which is choosing the performance based Ad network. Here, we are going to emphasize on one of the hottest and top ad network in web industry, known as Adsterra. It’s a complete advertising network serving over 10 billion geo-targeted ad impressions per month with its sharp optimization technologies for online marketers and web publishers.

With Adsterra you can create Free Publisher Account for instant approval. No need to wait! The best part about Adsterra is very simple to implement on your website. Once you sign up, it will ask you to place a simple code on your webpage that will recognize the content of your site and start displaying related advertisements. For example, if your site is related to Travel Agency (Hotels, Travel & Flights), Adsterra will start showing your visitors ads for Premium Hotels, Best Travel Packages, Cheap Flights and more.

As a Publisher Account you will get:
  1. SEO Friendly Code Script.
  2. Committed Publisher Services Manager to assist you at any juncture.
  3. Maximum CPM Rates with High eCPM (automatically optimizes your income through all Pricing Models).
  4. Your own personal and Dedicated Account to help you monitor all your Analytics and Income Reports.
  5. The vast variety of Web and Mobile ad formats.
  6. Great range of withdrawal options to choose from.
  7. All that, with no hidden Charges or Commission.

Thousands are already earning well with Adsterra. This is what one of the publishers remarked: “Adsterra is a good alternative for AdSense. After using Adsterra for 4,5 months now I finally think Adsterra is the network that can challenge AdSense monopoly.”- Steve Patrick

Below is a latest earning report from Adsterra: (Click to enlarge)


Increase Web Traffic  with Adsterra

Adsterra platform is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic that converts instantly. It provides everything you need to grow your business, increase website traffic, builds awareness and simultaneously to achieve your goals. They transform digital advertising for the web, mobile and social platforms and make it creative, unique and engaging with the help of their modern technology.

Adsterra Advertising Network enables your business to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click the ads. Their ad service is largely focused on keywords. In short, if you want to reach to fresh customers online, then advertising with Adsterra is just right for you.

Sharp Web & Mobile Ad Formats

From Popunders to Banners, from Push Ups to Interstitial Ads, Adsterra boost high impression ad formats to engage users and drive better revenue. Below are 7 major Ad Formats that makes impact on sales:

  1. Display Banners – effective banner formats for desktop and mobile, ranging from: 160×300, 160×600, 300×250, 320×50, 468×60, 728×90, 800×440.
  2. Video Banners – based on CPM model, video banners can be integrated into any website placement both for mobile and desktop users, to increase your audience’s engagement.
  3. Direct Link: Direct Link is a specific format designed for advertisers who are looking to drive the high volume of traffic where they need it most. CPC based, this format is fully created by publishers and is very effective.
  4. Popunders: appear hidden behind the main browser window, and are shown to users after the window is closed. This ad is nondisruptive and has a high impact on the desktop and mobile users.
  5. Push up Ads – An ideal and most popular non-aggressive ad unit that doesn’t interrupt web browsing and is similar to mobile OS notifications.
  6. Sliders – Non-intrusive ad element, which appears on the sides or the bottom of the website and provides high CTR and conversion as it brings visitor’s attention to the ad.
  7. Interstitial Ads – taking a full-screen of the mobile device this ad format can be displayed either horizontally or vertically and typically generates a higher CTR.

All Adsterra advertisers are provided with an instant access to their campaign detailed statistics in real time to track ad performance. Not only this, you can even integrate with mobile tracking system which gives you detailed tracking of all traffic sources through HasOffers, Voluum, Tune, Cake, AppsFlyer, and others.

Advertisers PAY only for performance

In this form of advertising, Adsterra allows the Advertiser to pay only when there are some measurable results (real time measurement of a marketing campaign’s ROI – return on investment). You can even meet your campaign objectives by reaching the right user with the most suitable payment models, like:

  • CPM: fixed or impression-based pricing,
    allows getting high volumes of traffic and
    increasing your brand awareness.
  • CPA, CPL: gain exposure while paying
    for performance: lead or sale.
  • CPO: perfect conversion tracking model
    for e-commerce businesses.
  • PPI: pay per install of your product
    (Apps, add-ons, software, etc.)

To join, click on Adsterra Advertisers Sign up Form or simply watch the video below to get more catchy information on this:

To sum up, If you are looking for an ad network that is powerful, versatile, active and engaged, Adsterra could be an awesome choice without any doubt.