List of Official Languages of India According to Indian Constitution

Language History of India: The concept of verbal communication in India started late back in Indo-Aryan time from 1500 BCE to 600 BCE. It was a period of Indus Valley civilization. In this era, a Dravidian Language is supposed to exist for speaking and communicating. Soon after, Devanagari script was introduced for writing Sanskrit and later … Read more

History of Ancient India Civilization in 8 Brief Stages

Ancient India Was not the same from what its look now. It was an undisputed vast land and amalgamation of 7-8 countries of today’s Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka, Bhutan, and Burma (explore map of Ancient India). And history of our country – India can be outlined from the human activities that existed since 75,000 … Read more

Current Local Time In India

India Standard Time is five and a half hours advance of the Universal Time standard, written as time zone of UTC + 5:30. It means you must add five and a half hours from Coordinated Universal Time to find the standard time in the zone. India Standard Time falls under nonstandard time zone because it … Read more

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