List of STD Codes of Major Cities and Town of India

This article lists distribution of STD Codes of major cities of India.  Allotments of these codes are mainly looked upon by Department of Telecommunications. The full form of STD is ‘Subscriber Trunk Dialling’. In India, while placing a call outside your domicile region you have to prefix an STD code. For example, to place a call from … Read more

List of all the latest Samsung Mobile Phones in India (with price)

Samsung in the beginning started it operation as a manufacturer of electronic apparatus such batteries, chips, semiconductors, flash memory and hard drive devices for its clients such as Nokia, Apple, Sony, HTC, etc. But, now, the company is world’s biggest manufacturer of mobile phones and Smartphone’s with its popular Galaxy Series of devices. Not only … Read more

List of All Latest Nokia Mobile Phones in India (with price)

Nokia is celebrating its last 15th year of existence in India. As Microsoft now takes control of Nokia’s phone business. It is said that Nokia brand name will change to Microsoft from all existing Nokia phones. Nokia network is well renowned in the world for its supremacy in mobile industry. Initially, Nokia was India’s top most mobile phone selling brand … Read more