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Top 10 Free Classified Ad Websites in India

Brief History: Advertisement business in India started with Hickey’s Bengal Gazette (the first major newspaper in India started in 1780) in which ads appeared as simple messages today known as classified. B. Dattaram’s was the first Indian advertising agency, from Girgaum, Mumbai, to open a business in this sector. In early 1920s, other agencies like Gujarat Advertising and Allied Advertising emerged as an endearing ad marketing bureau. All India Radio accepted commercial ads in the middle of 1960s with their most booming ‘Vividh Bharati’ channel. In 1970’s Lux and Pears toilet soaps were the first international brand to advertise in India. Dalda Ghee, Bajaj Auto, Gold Spot were among first Indian Brands to launch themselves as a successful advertisers in that era.

Online advertising is most flourishing business in India. All through the financial year 2013, the gross advertising pay out in India is anticipated at Rs 380 Billion and is expected to grow at 21.3% reaching at Rs 500 Billion by fiscal 2015. As business grow up advertising grows too. Online advertising have contributed very much to the growth of online shopping in India. Many online advertiser pay good amount of money to showcase their business in enhanced approach.

In India, free online Classifieds are extensively frequent over the Internet. Today, there are over thousand of websites where you could place your ads for free. You can not only publish free classified ads for selling products or service but you can even post ad for some important news or events. Some of the other benefits of free ads are:

  • They are completely free.
  • Free ads offer speedy and effortless access to frequent users of Internet.
  • Classified ads can be submitted to various search engines.
  • With right logo and keywords your ad might appear on top of the search result allowing you to brand your products without any expenditure (equivalent to paid ads).

Below, you will find online free classifieds business advertising service in India. Moreover, you can post for example, free classifieds ads in India, free business advertisement in India, post local free ads India, post any ads at anytime from anywhere in India. By posting Free Ads you can get targeted customers for your business. All listing is absolutely free for all and provides easy access to find yours needs. Also provides podium for sellers and services provides to advertise for free in best classified ads website from all over India. Post your free classified ads now. Below are top 10 free advertising and free classified websites in India.

Best Free Classified Site

1.) – is number one free classified site in India. The site was launched on 12 July 2008 and just in 7 years it marked its presence in 900 cities across India as the most successful classified portal. This free ad site offers people a gratis platform to help them sell, buy, rent and find something across 140 categories ranging from mobiles, job, real estate, cars, services, electronics, entertainment, furniture, etc. The company is supported by Omidyar Network, Matrix Partners India and Norwest Venture Partners. Quikr was previously known as

Other Details:
Founded – 2008
Headquarters – Mumbai, India
Co-founder & CEO – Pranay Chulet
Services – Free Online Classifieds Listing
Alexa Global Rank – 312

Top Free Classified Site

2.) – Is number two free local classified ad portal in India. The company was founded in March 2006 and today exists in over 106 countries. India is of them where company is working under the domain OLX is owned by global media and digital company Naspers. This classified portal includes listing of jobs, auction service, housing, goods & services, personals, events and community forums. It’s fast, easy to use, good SEO implementation and with many categories.

Other Details:
Founded – 2006
Headquarters – New York, US
Co-founder & CEO – Alec Oxenford, Fabrice Grinda
Services – Free Classified Service
Alexa Global Rank – 360

Free Classified Site

3.) – is a yellow page directory providing free search services all across India, over the telephone, Web, Mobile and SMS. Consumers are required to call a toll free number and merely tell the sale person what service they are looking for. It is also considered as one of the most popular free classified site in India. Justdial was founded by V.S.S. Mani. The Company started providing local search services over the phone in 1996 under the Just Dial brand but launched their Internet and mobile Internet services in 2007.

Other Details:
Founded – 2007
Headquarters – Mumbai
Founder – V.S.S. Mani
Services – Yellow Pages Directory, Local Search Engine
Alexa Global Rank – 460

Famous Classified Site

4.) – Is another very famous place to post free classified ad in India. Satya Prabhakar is the Founder and CEO of the company. The sub domain provides free local classifieds and forums for events, jobs,  business, real estate, etc. You can even add business location by google maps so that user may easily find your business location.

Other Details:
Founded – 1998
Headquarters – Chennai
Founder – Satya Prabhakar
Services – Free Classified Site
Alexa Global Rank – 460

Free Classified Site

5.) – It’s a very famous free classifieds for real estate, jobs, automobiles, services, education, travels and many more. is a service of Greynium Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. They started their operations on Jan 1, 2006. B.G. Mahesh is a Founder & MD of the company. Another famous website under this brand is In this classified site you can buy & sell things easily in India.

Other Details:
Founded – 2006
Headquarters – Bangalore, Karnataka
Founder – B.G. Mahesh
Services – Free Listing and Classified Portal
Alexa Global Rank – 2460

India's top Classified Site

6.) – is a global online classifieds group with categories dedicated to jobs, real estate, vehicle, personals, services, community, pets, etc. Locanto Classifieds is available in more than 50 countries worldwide, and India is one of them. Locanto was launched in July 2006 under the brand Yalwa. First local classifieds site was designed for New York.  All Locanto sites are operated by headquater in German.

Other Details:
Founded – 2006
Headquarters –  Wiesbaden, Germany.
Founders – Yalwa
Services – Online Classifieds
Alexa Global Rank – 3460

Post Free Classified Site

7.) – is one of the leading Indian Local Search Engines in which almost anything from any Indian city can be found with complete information. Grotal is registered under Moogle Consulting Private Limited. The site collects data physically of businesses whether they have a website or not. Grotal gives you short, exact and accurate data which can be used directly.

Other Details:
Founded – 2009
Headquarters –  Mohali, Punjab
Founders –  Anil Kumar Khanna
Services – Local Search Engine and Free Classified Network
Alexa Global Rank – 4250

List Free Classified Site

8.) – is a website pioneered Free Ads in France , created in 2005 by a French entrepreneur Jean Yannick Pons. The site operates across Europe, Latin America, North America, North Africa and Australasia – in total 19 countries across the world including India.

Other Details:
Founded – 2005
Headquarters –  France
Founders –  Jean Yannick Pons
Services – Free Classified Ads
Alexa Global Rank – 7350

Free Ad Site

9.) – The site works under the trademark – Dainik Jagran which is run by Jagran Prakashan Ltd. – India’s leading media and communications group, with its main interests across Newspapers, Internet, Outdoor, Magazines, etc. The site allows you to Post free classified ads to publicize your product or services, upload resume, sell or buy house, and lots of other stuff.

Other Details:
Founded – 2005
Headquarters –  Mumbai
Founders –  Jagran Prakashan Ltd.
Services – Free Classified Ads
Alexa Global Rank – 19350

Best Classified Site In India

10.) – offers free search services that enables users to locate and view classifieds online. You can find diverse fields ranging from Beauty and Domestic Services to Pets & Pet Care and Tours, Travel & Transport, the site also includes a provision for regional specific ad placements.

Other Details:
Founded – 2008
Headquarters –  Chennai, TamilNadu
Founders –  India List Pvt. Ltd.
Services – Free Online Classified Ads
Alexa Global Rank – 24350

Below are 80 other Free Classifieds Sites in India


Personal opinion: If you are serious to uplift your business than only free advertise methods shouldn’t be your prime focus. As it will not catch your target audience and sometimes may appear to your customer as a spam.

Best Free Classified Sites in India

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14 Most Searched and Important Maps of India

Brief Intro: The first contemporary maps of India were produced by Survey of India (which was established in 1767 by the British East India Company). And from that period Survey of India is still today administrative mapping authority in India. Like in other parts of the world, India too conducts photographic surveys and employs the latest digital printing as modern map-making techniques. In this Satellite imagery, aerial photographs and video surveying techniques are also used. The Indian IRS-P5 (CARTOSAT-1) was outfitted with a high-resolution panchromatic device to enable it for cartographic purposes. And with the help of such techniques Maps of India are drawn to a scale (expressed in the form of a ratio or any unit of measurement by physically measuring with that entity).

You are at the perfect place, if in case you are looking for maps of India. We have selected the top 14 most important maps of India. All below Maps are based upon the Survey of India Map and every internal and external boundary including coastline are also according to the Survey of India Map. These maps are most hunted on Google for educational or entertaining purposes. For example, Political Map of India is required mainly by the students of School or College and Road Map is essential for a Tourist Guide. We have sorted and made a compilation of all vital maps for you in one place.


1.) Road Map of India

This map is specially planned for motorists, tourist guides and for other travel adventure seekers, showing the roads of a country or any region. Click to enlarge Map below.

India Road Map

2.) India River Map

The India River and Lake Map depict various rivers, lakes and water bodies present across the country. Click below to view the Larger India River Map.

Indian Rivers and Lakes Map

3.) Sex Ratio Map of India

This map shows human sex ratio for the total population in India. Sex ratio is basically the number of males for each female.

Sex Ratio Map of India

4.) India Wind Zone Map

This Map tell us about the wind and cyclone risk areas in India. Click the figure below to see the enlarge map.

Wind Zone Map of India

5.) Population Density Map of India

The map highlights the state-wise population density in India. Enlarge the map to see and find the least and highest population density states.

This is a Population Density Map of India

6.) India Literacy Rate Map

Below map shows the total Literacy Rate in India. Moreover, it depicts the state-wise Male and Female Literacy Rate in India.

Literacy Rate Map of India

7.) Physical Map of India

The map basically show an interpretation of the geographic area of India. It provides the physical location of Indian subcontinent. It also highlights bodily features, such as lakes, rivers, mountain ranges, and other land-forms. Below is the Physical Map of India. You can click on the map below to see it in large image.

Physical Map of India

8.) Political Map of India

The Map show us the boundaries defining neighbouring countries and states or territories within India. In simple terms, this map purpose is to show borders (imaginary lines that divide two places). Below is the Political Map of India. Click on the map below to see it in bigger resolution.

Political Map of India

9.) Earthquake Zone Map of India

The below map shows all five seismic zones given in the earthquake-resistant design code of India.

Earthquake Zone Map of India

10.) Flood Zone Map of India

The map below depicts us as the most flood-prone areas in India. You will notice major flood zone areas in India are the river banks and deltas.

Flood Zone Map of India

11.) Indian Disputed Map 

There are several disputed territories of India, Pakistan and China. And the map below shows the entire disputed length of the frontier.

Indian Disputed Map

12.) Climate Zone Map of India

India has a large variation in climate from region to region. And Map below is showing climatic zones in India.

Climate Zone Map of India

13.) Annual Temperature Map of India

Map showing average annual temperature map of India.

Annual Temperature Map of India

14.) Annual Rainfall Map of India

The map shows the distribution of annual rainfall over India indicating the volume of rain different regions in the country receive.

Annual Rainfall Map of India

Top 3 Websites to Search for Indian Political Map and Physical Map.

Maps of India are often either Physical or Political. The most significant principle of the Indian Political Map is to show Territorial Boundaries of States or Major Cities (with or without names) and the purpose of the Indian Physical Map is to show geographical features such as rivers, mountains, soil type, crop production or terrain use including infrastructures such as roads, railroads and buildings. There is also one Topographic map and Geological map. Topographic maps show elevations and relief with contour lines or shading and are mostly used by the Indian Army Corps of Engineers. Geological maps show not only the physical surface, but characteristics of the underlying rock, fault lines, and subsurface structures and are mostly used by Indian Navy.

A variety of features shown on an India Map are represented by Conventional Signs or Symbols. For Example, colours can be used to point out a classification of rivers or roads. Those signs are typically clarified in the margin of the map, or on a separately available characteristic sheet. Here, It is essential to identify that even the most accurate maps forfeit a certain amount of correctness in scale to deliver greater visual usefulness to its consumer. Below are the top 3 websites where you can see the most accurate India Map.

1.) Google India Map – – Google Maps is one of the best and most accurate desktop and mobile web mapping service application and technology provided by Google. It offers satellite imagery, street maps, and Street View perspectives, as well as functions such as a route planner for travelling by car, foot, or with public transportation. Google Maps provides a route planner under “Get Directions” making this world’s most popular app for Smartphones. Google Maps uses JavaScript extensively and users can easily take out prints.

Google Indian Map

2.) – is a top leader in premium-quality digital map data, Navigation, Tracking and LBS products, and GPS & GIS-based systems integration services. The Company has IP ownership for the largest, most comprehensive, accurate, feature-rich and updated digital map data of India which forms the bedrock for the various services and products offered by MapmyIndia. Even after the entry of local and multinational competitors, MapmyIndia remains the preferred source of digital map data for consumers, industry and government, given their superiority in terms of quality, coverage, comprehensiveness and freshness.

3.) – is one of the largest online storehouses of maps on India since 1998. The site provides business mapping solutions and thematic map images of India, its states, union territories, districts, and cities in form of Political Map, India Outline Map, Distance Between Cities Map and Physical Map. It is an established brand, servicing businesses, institutions and individuals across the globe. It is a free site to download Indian Maps from a directory of over 6,000 pages of maps and content.

Maps of India: Includes Political & Physical

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Top 10 Web Hosting Sites in India

Brief history: In India, web hosting services started in the year 1999 and was the first web hosting company in India which was later shut down due less profit and large investment in the business. At that era people were less concern about website development. Many big Indian companies used to host their site in foreign land mainly in US. But now, all is opposite. Maximum African and European Countries today host their websites in India because of cheap and reliable hosting. Web hosting industry has given a lot of job as well as business opportunity in India.

Shared web hosting service is very common in India in comparison to dedicated hosting service. It is cheap and works well for small business sites. Here, it is important to note that whichever web hosting company in India you pick just see that it provides affordable web hosting solutions to your business, backed by 24×7 customer support with 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. It is recommended that for your business always choose best quality hosting services and don’t think to save few pennies.

We have tried our best to make a list of best web hosting sites in India that are reliable and offers low price for hosting. We have rated them according to the price, consistency, features, load time, support and accessibility. Moreover, you can compare the rates of all these various hosting companies and choose the best that suits you. The list below is also the best guide in case you are searching for the top web hosting companies in India. So let’s get started with the top 10 most popular and reliable web hosting sites in India. Best of Luck!

Web Hosting in India

1.) – is a privately held company that is primarily an internet domain registrar and web hosting company. They started working in India in beginning of 2009. Godaddy is now India’s top most web hosting company.

Other Details:

  • Founded – 1997
  • Headquarters –  Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
  • Founder – Bob Parsons
  • Key people – Blake Irving (CEO)
  • Industry – Domain Registrar, Web hosting, SSL certificates, small businesses
  • Revenue – US$1.14 billion (2011)
  • Employees – 4,000 (2014)
  • Website –
  • Alexa Global Rank – 67

Famous Web Hosting in India

2.) – started operations in India as by setting up a support office and data center in its head office in Maharashtra. As of 2014, HostGator hosts over 10 million domains.

Other Details:

  • Founded – in 2002
  • Founder – Brent Oxley
  • Headquarters – Houston, Texas, United States
  • Industry – Domain Registrar, Web hosting, SSL certificates,
  • Revenue – $74.2 million (2011)
  • Owner – Endurance International Group
  • Website –
  • Alexa Global Rank – 120

Web Hosting Site in India

3.) – Founded in 1998, is a web hosting company owned by the Endurance International Group. The company claim to serve more than 2,000,000 web sites. The company recently (just 2 years back) setup their office in India.

Other Details:

  • Founded – 1998
  • Founders – Thomas Gorny
  • Headquarters – Burlington, MA, USA
  • Industry – Web Hosting, Cloud computing service, Domain Registrar
  • Revenue – $64.2 million (2010)
  • Website –
  • Alexa Global Rank – 1089

Web Hosting Site in India

4.) – is an ICANN-accredited registrar and a part of The Directi Group. BigRock provides domains at the most competitive rates, up to 80% less than other domain registrars, with their prices aimed at small businesses, professionals, and individuals.

Other Details:

  • Founded – in 2010
  • Founder – Bhavin Turakhia
  • Ownership – Directi
  • Industry – Web Hosting, Cloud Services, Domain Registrar, Web development, etc
  • Headquarters – Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Country – India
  • Website –
  • Alexa Global Rank – 1809

Web Hosting in India

5.) – It is one of the 15 largest web hosts company in the world, collectively hosting well over 2.9+ million domains with its sister companies, HostMonster, FastDomain and iPage. They recently opened their web page with .in domain for Indian users

Other Details:

  • Founded in – 1996
  • Founder – Matt Heaton
  • Headquarters – Provo, Utah, USA
  • Key people – Dan Handy (CEO)
  • Industry – Web Hosting
  • Owners – Endurance International Group
  • Website –
  • Alexa Global Rank – 350

web hosting website in India

6.) – is one of the leading domain name registration and web hosting company in India and is the only hosting company in India provides supports in regional languages. They provide high-speed, responsive, fully-featured domains and hosting at an affordable price.

Other Details:

  • Founded in – 2009
  • Owner – Mani Dhanasekhar
  • Headquarters – Bangalore, India
  • Industry – Web Hosting and Domain Booking
  • Website –
  • Alexa Global Rank – 18300

Popular hosting site in India

7.) – The Company has recently launched its office in India in a partnership with blue host and is under process to give cheap hosting plans with their upcoming website.

Other details:

  • Founded in – 2009
  • Founder – Chris Phillips
  • Headquarters – USA
  • Industry – Domain Registrant and Web Hosting
  • Owners – Endurance International Group
  • Website –
  • Alexa Global Rank – 3567

Amazing Web hosting site in India

8.) – is a Los Angeles based web hosting provider and domain name registrar company with an under construction office in India. They allow customers to choose shared hosting to host unlimited domains with unlimited email accounts which make it a very popular choice for developers and web design agencies.

Other details:

  • Founded in – 1996
  • Headquarters – Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Owner – Dallas Bethune, Josh Jones, Michael Rodriguez & Simon Anderson (CEO)
  • Industry – Web hosting service, Cloud storage service, Domain name registrar
  • Website –
  • Alexa Global Rank – 3690

Web hosting site in India

9.) – is an internet domain registrar and web hosting company based in New Delhi. The company has 7 Internet Data Centers (IDCs) and 15 Network Points of Presence across India.

Other Details:

  • Founded in – 1985
  • Headquarters – New Delhi, India
  • Industry – Domain Registrar, Cloud Hosting and Network Services Provide
  • Founder – Jasjit Singh Sawhney
  • Website –
  • Alexa Global Rank – 8980

popular web hosting site in India

10.) – provides managed hosting solutions that combine best-in-breed technology, a 100% uptime guarantee, and amazing customer service we call LiveSupport.

Other Details:

  • Founded in – 1997
  • Headquarters – Mumbai, India
  • Industry – All Web Hosting Solutions
  • Founder – Bhavin Chandarana
  • Website –
  • Alexa Global Rank – 50900
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Top 10 free mobile phone recharge (topup) sites in India

We all get excited to see something coming free in our life with ease. The below list will surely make you happy if you are searching for free mobile recharge websites in India. Do you know how much of mobile recharge people across the country do in single day? Millions of daily recharge, from Rs 10/- to Rs 1000/- are done in this nation which gives us tentative figure of Rs 250 Cores. Yes! Even more amazingly, India is the second biggest telecommunications market and has 939.37 million mobile phone customers. Mobile phones are very common in India and for a moment don’t get shock to see such phones in the hand of beggars on the streets of India.

Below are the top 10 free recharge sites where you can easily get your free topup online. Click on the link below to get your free recharge coupons. Enjoy!

  1. – through this site, customers recharges their prepaid mobile phones, DTH connections and other data cards and get rewarded (by way of discount coupons) with every single recharge.
  2. – is India’s largest mobile commerce platform. They offer mobile recharge and utility bill payments. In a short span of time Paytm has scaled to more than 15 Million orders per month.
  3. – offers a unique and innovative platform to the users across India to send FREE SMS at lightning speed and rewards its users with FREE mobile recharge in return.
  4. – is the smartest instant incentive marketing program that offers free mobile recharge for doing activities such as, uploading funny pics, playing contests, using cooupons etc. on their website.
  5. – is incentive marketing based program that offers free mobile recharge (recharge of Rs. 10 is guaranteed). At FreeTalkie you can get a free mobile recharge within 15 minutes.
  6. – this is another incentive based site that gives their customers free topup while playing a kind of game (offer 3 attempts) to win free mobile recharge.
  7. – is a free recharge portal offering great offers for customers, including free mobile phone recharge.
  8. – They give their customer free mobile topup by using some gaming techniques such as guess submission, games, and rewards based activity on their site.
  9. – provides free mobile recharge as reward to its users since Dec 2011 and is a free website, where users are not charged for anything.
  10. – Give you a free mobile recharge in a form of discounted coupons that you can use later to do your mobile phone topup.
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Top 10 Best Selling Cars in India

Car industry in India is one of the biggest automotive markets in the world. According to current reports, India’s passenger car and commercial vehicle manufacturing industry is the fifth largest in the world, with an annual production of more than 4.1 million units in 2013 (as India overtook south korea to become the fifth largest passenger vehicle producer in the world). As of 2014, India is home to 50 million passenger vehicles. More than 4.1 million automotive vehicles were produced in India in 2013 (an increase of 33.9%), making the country the second, after China, fastest growing automobile market in the world in that year. According to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, annual vehicle sales are projected to increase to 5 million by the end of 2015, (no longer 6 million as in the past projected).

Presently, India is home to 330 million cars of all segments. Chennai is biggest India’s car manufacturing industry and is on the way to becoming the world’s largest Auto hub by 2016 with a capacity of over 3 million cars annually. And Maruti Suzuki is the first, and the most successful company to promote the automotive industry in India. There were 3,995 factories producing automotive parts in all of India. Below are the top 10 best selling cars in India.

Maruti Alto 800

1.) Maruti Alto 800 – is the top most selling cars in India. This small segment car is designed by the company Suzuki. Low price and fine fuel economy is the reason for its top sale in India. There have been several changes in the model of this car and finally Alto 800 has all-new bodywork and interiors. There are 7 variants of this car (4 petrol and 3 CNG Model). CNG can provide one with a huge 30.4 kmpl mileage. The car comes with a truly amazing power steering with good control. There are power windows in the car, AC (air conditioning) feature is also available, storage space for the driver side, and a digital clock with Airbag choice. AC also comes with a climate control option in the car. In short, the Maruti Alto 800 is a car that is quite cheap and with good mileage.

Other Specifications:
Price – from Rs.2.38 – 3.49 lakhs
Mileage – 22.7 KM / litre
Displacement – 796 cc
Fuel Type – Petrol
Power – 48 PS
Torque – 69 Nm
No of Cylinders – 3
Transmission – Manual
No of Gears – 5

Maruti Swift

2.) Maruti Swift – was launched in India in May 2005 by Suzuki and revolutionized the Indian automobile market. In April 2012, it became the top most selling car in the country. Today, it appears in all new third generation models with 1.2 L K-series petrol and 1.3 L DDiS engines (come in diesel and petrol version). The petrol version comes with a K series engine with a displacement of 1198 CC. And the diesel variant of the car comes in a DDiS engine with a displacement of 1248 CC. The petrol version gives a mileage of 18.6 kmpl and diesel version gives a 22.9 kmpl mileage. The car comes in 6 variants- Swift LXI, VXI, LDI, ZXI, VDI and ZDI. The car is packed with some great features like an ABS system, drum rear brakes, ventilated disc brakes, etc. Even interior are surprisingly good. It’s a must buy subcompact car.

Other Specifications (Diesel):
Price – from Rs 4.4 – 6.7 Lakhs
Mileage – 22.9 KM / litre
Displacement – 1248 cc
Fuel Type – Petrol/Diesel
Power – 74 bhp @ 4000 RPM
Torque – 190 Nm @ 2000 RPM
No of Cylinders – 4
Transmission – Manual
No of Gears – 5

Maruti Dzire

3.) Maruti Dzire – Company Suzuki launched its Maruti Dzire in India on 26 March 2008. It is a sedan version which is based on the third-generation Swift. It replaced the long standing Maruti Esteem and shared its engines with the hatchback. The car has always been in great demand all over the country. And that is a reason that it’s a third most selling car in India. The car comes in Petrol as well as diesel engine. The K series petrol engine is able to give mileage 19.1 kmpl and DDiS diesel engine is able to give 23 kmpl of mileage. The car comes in 7 colors (Beige, White, Silver, Grey, Red, Blue, and Black.) and 7 variants, namely – LXi, VXi, VXi AT, ZXi, LDi, VDi and ZDi.

Other Specifications (Petrol):
Price – from Rs 5.2- Rs 7.63 Lakhs
Mileage – 19.1 KM / litre
Displacement – 1197 cc
Fuel Type – Petrol/Diesel
Power – 85 bhp @ 6000 RPM
Torque – 114 Nm @ 4000 RPM
No of Cylinders – 4
Transmission – Manual
No of Gears – 5

Maruti Wagon R

4.) Maruti Wagon R – was launched in India in 1999. The R in the name stands for Recreation. It is one of the foremost cars to use the “tall wagon” blueprint, in which the car is designed to be unusually tall with a short bonnet and almost vertical hatchback. The company has made a lot of changes to the interiors and the exteriors of the car. The car has a really separate look and it can easily be seen from far away. The car comes in Petrol and a CNG variant. The petrol engine comes in a 5 speed transmission and VXi variant comes in CNG fuel version. The car comes with dual SRS airbag for the front passengers and includes security and safety features as well.

Other Specifications (Petrol):
Price – from Rs 3.76 to Rs 4.58 Lakhs
Mileage – 20.5 KM / litre
Displacement – 998 cc
Fuel Type – Petrol/CNG
Power – 67 bhp @ 6200 RPM
Torque – 90 Nm @ 3500 RPM
No of Cylinders – 3
Transmission – Manual
No of Gears – 5

Hyundai i10

5.) Hyundai i10 – car is produced by the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai. The first generation i10 had its world premiere on 31 October 2007, in New Delhi. At present, it is produced in India at Hyundai’s Chennai plant for the domestic and foreign markets. The 2nd generation of the car was presented in August 2013 and released in early 2014. i10 has redefined the company’s status in the automobile market, especially in India. Car comes in 1.2 litre capacity Kappa2 petrol engines. There are 5 variants, namely, i10 D Lite, Era, Magna, Sportz and Asta. This car gives a mileage of 20.36 kmpl. The car has nice looking interiors with chrome used. The car has features like ABS, Dual Airbags, Power Steering & windows, etc.

Other Specifications:
Price – from Rs 3.69 – 6.16 lakhs
Mileage – 19.8 KM / litre
Displacement – 1086 cc
Fuel Type – Petrol/LPG
Power – 68 bhp @ 5500 RPM
Torque – 99 Nm @ 4500 RPM
No of Cylinders – 3
Transmission – Manual
No of Gears – 5

Mahindra Scorpio

6.) Mahindra Scorpio – is a four-wheel force SUV manufactured by Mahindra & Mahindra Limited under the flagship company of the Mahindra Group. It was launched in India in 2002 and in April 2006, the company launched an upgraded Scorpio version giving it brand logo of ‘All New’ Scorpio. The car has received ‘Best SUV of the Year’ and the ‘Best Car of the Year’ awards, from BBC World Wheels. The mHawk Diesel engine holds a power of 2.2 L with 4 cylinders that delivers 120bhp. There are 8 variants, namely, Mahindra Scorpio S2, S4, S4 4WD, S6, S6 Plus S8, S10, S10 4WD. There are some other great features like, automatic transmission gearbox, dual airbags, ABS and 4WD.

Other Specifications :
Price – from Rs 8.4 – 11.96 lakhs
Mileage – 15.4 KM / litre
Displacement – 2179 cc
Fuel Type – Diesel
Power – 120 bhp @ 4000 RPM
Torque – 280 Nm @ 1800 RPM
No of Cylinders – 4
Transmission – Manual
No of Gears – 5

Honda City

7.) Honda City – was first launched in 1981 in Japan and came in Indian market in 1995. Honda City is the foremost car behind the success of the Honda brand in India. Especially, when its new variant was launched in India in November 2008, the City became the best-selling model of the company in the country. The new Honda City 2012 model was again launched in India in seven variants. All variants are installed with a 1.5 liter competence 4 cylinder i-VTEC engine which delivers 118PS of power with 146Nm of maximum torque. The car is loaded with several number of safety features. It has glossy exterior finish that makes it look awesome among the other host of sedans.

Other Specifications (petrol):
Price – from Rs 7.30 – 11.6 lakhs
Mileage – 17.7 KM / litre
Displacement – 1497 cc
Fuel Type – Petrol/Diesel
Power – 117 bhp @ 6600 RPM
Torque – 145 Nm @ 4600 RPM
No of Cylinders – 4
Transmission – Manual/Auto
No of Gears – 5

Chevrolet Beat

8.) Chevrolet Beat – this city car was launched on January 2010 in India, under the Chevrolet brand of General Motors. Car is known for its distinct dual-port grille design with high-quality interior and some funky and vibrant exterior finishes. The car comes in both in petrol and as well as in diesel version. The 4-cylinder 16V DOHC petrol engine comes in 3 models explicitly PS, LS and LT. Its Diesel variant uses a 1.0 XSDE Smartech Engine. The Chevrolet Beat gives strong competition to car in its segment like, Hyundai i10, Honda Brio, Ford Figo, and Tata Indica eV2. This car comes within a range of 3.8- 5.83 lakh. There are some other features such as central locking, Power Brakes, Dual Front Airbags, front power windows, full wheel covers, etc.

Other Specifications (petrol):
Price – from Rs.3.9 – 5.8 lakhs
Mileage – 18.6 KM / litre
Displacement – 1199 cc
Fuel Type – Petrol/Diesel
Power – 79 bhp @ 6200 RPM
Torque – 108 Nm @ 4400 RPM
No of Cylinders – 4
Transmission – Manual
No of Gears – 5

Ford Figo

9.) Ford Figo – was launched in March 2010, in India. It is basically a subcompact automobile manufactured by Ford India in Chennai. This car has a bigger hexagonal grill and redesigned head and tail lamps. The Ford Figo is available in both petrol and diesel versions, all with five speed manual transmissions and power steering as normal. It is equipped with the same 1.4L engine which is currently powering the Ford Ikon and Ford Fiesta. The Figo’s petrol version deliver a mileage of 12.3 kmpl and diesel variant can deliver upto 17 kmpl. The maximum car speed is around 170kmph. There are 4 variants available in this car. Some other features such as Dual Front Airbags, central locking, front power windows, full wheel covers, etc are also there.

Other Specifications (petrol):
Price – from Rs.3.8 – 5.9 lakhs
Mileage – 15.6 KM / litre
Displacement – 1196 cc
Fuel Type – Petrol/Diesel
Power – 79 bhp @ 6250 RPM
Torque – 102 Nm @ 4000 RPM
No of Cylinders – 4
Transmission – Manual
No of Gears – 5

Tata nano

10.) Tata Nano – On its opening on March 2009, Nano received major worldwide media attention due to its low price. The car announced as the most affordable and cheapest man-made car in the world. The car comes in 10 colors and in 5 variants. It is basically a low budget car that runs well with the budget of middle class families in India. Some of the salient features of the new Nano car are sportier decals, glove box, new alloy wheels, car audio system, body graphics, etc. The second-generation model of Nano is expected to be sold in the United States by 2015.

Other Specifications:
Price – from Rs.1.8 – 2.4 lakhs
Mileage – 25.7 KM / litre
Displacement – 624 cc
Fuel Type – Petrol
Power – 37 bhp @ 5500 RPM
Torque – 51 Nm @ 4000 RPM
No of Cylinders – 2
Transmission – Manual
No of Gears – 4

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