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15 Best Bollywood Romantic Movies of all times

Bollywood or the Indian Cinema is full of masterpieces that have influenced millions over a period of 80+ years and have made names of its celebrities a very household name in the Indian Society. The Kapoors, The Khans, The Bachchans, The Roshans, and many other talented artists have become faces of Bollywood over the years by entertaining the Indian Audience. Many regional cinemas have also contributed to the worldwide success of many Indian Movies. So is the impact of these stars that artists like Superstar Rajinikanth are revered as a God in South India.

Bollywood comes from joining Bombay, where Indian Cinema took birth and Hollywood, the hub of American Cinema. Since the release of its first movie ‘Raja Harishchandra’ in 1913, Bollywood has aced the production of romantic movies to the extent that every 17 out of 20 movies in India today belong to the Romance genre.

And as the odds suggest, Indian Cinema has given some romantic masterpieces like Veer Zaara, Jab We Met, and Kuch Kuch Hota hai. Today we’d be discussing some of the best romantic movies of all time that Bollywood has given and inspires us even today to love. Here are our picks.



Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is a movie that incepted the idea of Shahrukh Khan as the king of romance. Our lead, Raj and Simran visit Europe and coincidently meet there and fall in love. But Raj has to go through the test of love to win Simran and her father who has promised her to a man of his own choice. This convincing and persistent love story is a must-watch especially with your fiancé or a life partner. This movie holds a record for being played on the big screen for five years after its release and thus was a perfect one to start our list.

2. Aashiqui 2


Aashiqui in English translates to the state of being in love. As the name suggests, this movie is about two individuals, Rahul and Aarohi who are in love with each other. Rahul is a singing sensation while Aarohi does so in the bar. Both are talented and start singing with each other while they fall in deeper. But Rahul’s alcoholism starts ruining their bond and thus the whole story is a tale of love woven through music. A must watch for the music lovers.

3. Raanjhanaa


Raanjhanaa is revered as a symbol of love in India. And it’s a story about a boy, Kundan whose called Raanjhanaa because he’s somewhat close to Ranjha when it comes to loving his crush, Zoya that belongs to the Muslim religion. But when he comes to know that she likes someone from her own religion, he decides to step back. Later on, he comes to know that she was lying about her fiancé’s religion and a tale of love, persistence, and bloodshed follows. It stars Dhanush and Sonam Kapoor.

4. Rockstar


Another musical romantic masterpiece, that made Mohit Chauhan a success overnight. Janardhan is an innocent gifted musician who seeks for inspiration desperately in all the experiences he has. But it isn’t enough for him as he’s been told that broken hearts are the best musicians. He falls in love, gets his heartbroken, and thus walks down the road of self-destruction, all while hoping to meet the true musician inside him. An amazing playlist and an Imtiaz Ali mind boggler. 

5. Kabir Singh


Many accuse this movie of glorifying patriarchy, toxic affection, and poor social behavior. But when it comes to romance in its raw form, this one does justice to the genre. Kabir Singh, the angry young man, is a surgeon who falls in love with Preeti, a first-year student whose father is an orthodox brown parent. He decides to marry her to someone else when he catches Kabir and her kissing. Follows a story of depression, anger, alcoholism but all for love. Happy watching.

6. Barfi


This movie is unique, real, touching, and true to its core. Barfi, the lead is a hearing and speech-impaired man. Shruti loves him but gets married to someone else. Years later, she comes to know that he now is in love with an autistic girl. She is so moved by the innocence of this disabled’s love that she starts rethinking her own marriage. This movie is known for addressing the section that often gets neglected, the disabled. 

7. Half-Girlfriend


Based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel Half-Girlfriend, it is a story of Madhav Jha, a villager who made it to St. Stephens, Delhi through sports quota and falls in love with a rich girl, Riya Somani. She appreciates him just as a friend and her basketball-buddy. She agrees to be his half-girlfriend. But his obsession with making her a girlfriend makes them drift away from each other. What destiny has in store for them is the story that follows. A must watch with your crush.

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8. Ae Dil hai Mushkil


Ayaan is an aspiring musician for whom singing is just another hobby. He meets Alizeh, a bubbles girl who is recovering from her breakup. They both form a bond of friendship that sails one-sided into love, heartbreaks, and helplessness. This movie is known to define the idea of ‘friend zone’ as a persistent aspect of romance. This movie is a roller coaster that goes through all the ups and downs of one-sided love.

9. 2 States


Another well-written plot by Chetan Bhagat takes us on a journey of how it actually is loving someone from another culture. Krish, a Punjabi boy meets Ananya, a Tamil girl while pursuing his MBA from IIM. They both fall in love but the hard part is yet to come. The journey from being in love to being married is a long one while their cultural differences being the biggest hurdle in their path. A story every college going student must watch.

10. Bareilly ki Barfi


An unsuccessful novel titled ‘Bareilly ki Barfi’ gets into the hands of Bitti, who relates so much to the protagonist of the story that she believes the author has written it after her. She meets the publishers of the book and asks them for the author. The book is written as a result of heartbreak results in bringing Bitti and Chirag close. But Bitti insists on meeting the author and thus a humorous romantic love-triangle unfolds. A perfect movie to watch with your family this Sunday.

11. Dum Laga Ke Haisha


Romance in its purest form. Prem, played by Aayushman Khurrana a school dropout owns a video cassette shop in Haridwar. He gets married to an educated overweight girl, Sandhya because he believes that he won’t be able to woo a girl with ‘Juhi-Chawla looks. But he isn’t happy with his marriage as he considers Sandhya to be unattractive. It follows a story of gaining respect, understanding, and romance into their relationship. A must watch movie for the insecure folks.

12. Ram-Leela


A Sanjay Leela Bhansali masterpiece that is known to give birth to Ranveer and Deepika’s off-screen romance that has turned into marriage today. Ram and Leela both love each other but can’t stay together as their families have been blood-rivals since generations. Both have to sacrifice a lot for their love to prosper and a take of romance, love, and sacrifice follows. A must watch for all the Deep Veer fans. 

13. Highway


A story of how love can find your freedom and dig deeper into the hidden meaning of life. Veera, a young bride-to-be is abducted by a local gangster, Mahabir, and his men a day prior to her wedding and while she’s kidnapped, she gets to see all the serene places with her abductor and falls in love with this newly discovered life. A very unique plot woven inti strings of romance and freedom. A must watch for Randeep Hooda fans.

14. Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani


An example of how loving someone doesn’t mean giving up on your dreams. Kabir, a guy who wants to make it big in the travel industry, meets Naina, his school time classmate at a trekking trip, and falls for her but doesn’t express it as he doesn’t want it to interfere in the chase of his dream. Years later he meets her again and rediscovers the meaning of work-love balance. A modern-day romance, a must-watch for the youth. It stars Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in the lead role.

15. Kal ho naa Ho


This movie taught millennials what love is. Aman is a fun-loving guy who comes in like a fresh breeze into Naina’s life and she falls for him. But he tells her that he is married. Aman, later on, helps Naina’s friend Rohit in wooing her and ships them as a couple. But deep down he loves Naina. Love, Romance, Friendship, and Joyfulness, this love story has it all. A family movie that’ll make you love Shahrukh Khan even more.

So, here were our picks for the best romantic movies Bollywood has given us. If there’s any name popping up in your mind by now, let us know in the comments section. Till then watch all these movies and stay safe.

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