India, the country which once contributed to 23% of the global GDP, the country that was invaded many times by foreign oppressors, the country that gave the world Zero and mathematical geniuses like Ramanujan, the country known for contemporarily best in the World universities like Taxila and Nalanda, the country whose culture, people and pride were exploited again and again.

But the greatness of this Nation can be easily calculated by the fact that even after the oppression of hundreds of years, after getting independence from the British Colonialization in 1947, in less than a decade, India has emerged again as one of the world powers and at present is famous for a lot of things, personalities, places, stories, etc. that hold a special place in the World’s Cultural Inheritance. We today have the wettest inhabited place in the world, we were the first ones to discover water on the moon, other countries celebrate their National science day dedicating it to our geniuses, We have the most English speakers in the world after the USA, we have the most vegetarians in the world, we mined the diamonds first of all countries, we produce the most milk in the world and many more such achievements where we ace the respective field. 

Of all these ambitions we are masters at, there are specifically a lot of other things that represent India today on the world’s stage. We’d be mentioning 15 such entities, the world today knows India for. We’d be mentioning all the personalities, structures, sports or cultural reverences in order to create a better and frank picture of what actually represents India.

1.CEOs of Biggest Global Businesses


Leadership is something India is known for ever since. A visible example of that would be the CEOs of many big firms today are Indians. Satya Nadella leading Microsoft, Sundar Pichai leading Google LLC and Alphabet INC, Arvind Krishna leading IBM Group, Shantanu Narayan leading Adobe Inc., A.S. Banga leading Mastercard and Rajeev Suri leading Nokia Inc. are some examples of leaders that India has given to the world leaders in Business. 

2. Food and Culture


Indian Food and Indian Culture are what makes us distinct. India has a rich culture spiritually, religion-wise, health practices-wise(yoga), and fashion-wise. We were always considered as the bravest sheepdogs this world ever saw other than Spartans and the Vikings. Even today after being an armed superpower we haven’t yet attacked a country first and that says a lot about how peace-loving we are. Food-wise as well we have some of the best cuisines all over the world. In London alone, there are more Indian Food Restaurants than Mumbai and Delhi combined. We have more than 5000 Indian Food Restaurants all over the world. 

3. Democracy


India is the biggest democracy in the world. India has a population of 135 Crores which is lead by one representative figure known as the Prime Minister which is chosen by the people of the nation themselves through voting every 5 years. The only country with a bigger population in China is a communist practitioner. After its Independence itself, India has been practicing democracy without any threat of a coup to overturn the leadership which is a feat very few countries today are proud of.   

4. Big Cats


India is home to Asiatic Lions, Royal Bengal Tiger, Snow Leopard, clouded Leopard, and Indian Leopard. India’s Big Cat population is impressive which is a result of the various conservation programs being run by the Indian Government. India today has approximately 70% of the world’s population of Big Cats. So next time don’t think about an African reserve when you see Big Cats on the TV. They might be in your backyard.

5. Cricket Stadiums


India boasts the best Cricket stadiums in the world. We have the biggest cricket stadium as Ahmedabad’s Motera with a seating capacity of 1,15,000+, highest cricket stadium in Chail, Himachal Pradesh, and the beautiful most as proclaimed by many including Adam Gilchrist, Mathew Hussey, and Allister Cook is the HPCA, Dharamshala, HP, India.

6. Taj Mahal


The famous monument made out of Marble, a symbol of Love, the Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the World. This beautiful piece of architecture is what the World knows India for.

7. Holy City of Varanasi


The shrine of Hinduism, Varanasi is popularly known as Kashi or Banaras, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the World. This city is the spiritual capital of India and also is one of and the holiest seven sacred most cities in Hinduism as a Religion. It also played a major role in the upbringing of Buddhism as a religion as their spiritual leaders’ hail from Varanasi itself.   

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8. The Golden Temple


As the name suggests, it’s a temple made of Gold and is considered as the Holiest site for the Sikhs. Located in Amritsar, Shri Harmandir Sahib known as the Golden Temple. It was completed in 1589 and the Adi Granth was established in 1604. This holy cite of Sikhs makes India proud of a rich culture. 

9. Diversity

There is no country in the World that has diversity in every aspect as much as India has. So much is the existence of the stated fact, that every 100 km you’ll see the culture-changing and still people living with each other in Harmony. While most of the countries don’t have to worry about the issues that come with diversity, Indian tolerance and law establishments are well known for maintaining the peace in such a demographic.   

10. Forts of Rajasthan


Rajasthan is ever famous for dynasties and the royal families that live there. India has one of the best pre-industrialization architectures in the form of these forts. Rajasthan has more than 100 different forts, some of which are on hills and are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites

11. Beaches of Goa


Goa is worldwide famous for its beaches. Hollant Beach, Velsao Beach, Vagator Beach, etc. are some of the beaches that Goa is famous for. The famous Sunburn Music Festival is also held in Goa. Many foreigners land in Goa every day to have some of the best holiday experiences for themselves. It’s popular worldwide for the aura it carries. 

12. Ellora Caves


It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. These caves are the biggest rock-cut conclaves that feature Hindu, Buddhist and Jain holy Monuments dating from 600-1000 CE period. There are more than 100 caves cut out from basalt material. These are the best caves for any retro-lover in the World.

13. Architectural Marvels

With the highest Railway Bridge under construction, India boasts a lot of Architectural Marvels like the Taj Hotel, Statue of Unity, SVBP Cricket Stadium, Gateway of India, Red Fort, many holy shrines and much more. India is famous worldwide for its mesmerizing architecture.

14. Narendra Modi


Yes. You read that right. India is famous worldwide for Narendra Modiji. The Prime Minister of India is the new face amongst the World Leaders that the educated youth all around the Globe Recognises India by. He has become the face of the new, young, energetic India that the world is impressed and inspired by.

15. Dhyan Chand and Sachin Tendulkar


The GODs of their respective sports, both belong to India. Sachin Tendulkar is revered worldwide as the God of Cricket while Dhyan Chand is considered as the God of hockey. These athletes have made India proud and famous around the world by showcasing the pure Indian Talent. 

So, these were our picks for the 15 different things, India is most popular about, worldwide. What out of these are you proud about, let us know in the comments section.

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