Tattoos on everybody’s tongue; this is something what our new generation fashion, trend sense screaming about, tattoos have become more famous as the artistic value among people these days is more. We live in a world with beautiful talents, artistic people where we are more influenced and motivated by them to see them creating and setting new trends in the world.

Tattoos are one of them which born about the 18th century and have survived till becoming a fashion. Foreign artists or an Indian the work get famed of every individual artist who holds that great skilled factor. For hundreds of years, tattooing has been a part of Indian culture, tradition and even today considered as an integral part of so many tribes and communities.

Tattoos are indelible ink, pigment or a dye which is an insertion of the skin dermis layer.

A Style Statement itself“. The learning and researchers made tattoos more creative and a notable art form today and It isn’t a surprise that some of the best tattoo artists in the world come from India such as famous tattoo artist in Indian tattooist worlds are Kevin Andrade (Mumbai), Lokesh Verma(New Delhi), NiloyDas(Kolkata), Alex Shimray(Manipur) and much more. Tattoos do have types, yes you heard it right very few of us knows that tattoos have types as well as we are more influenced by the craze and fashion but sometimes we forget to know the types of tattoos. As in a quick manner mentioned are the types of tattoos so further any of from crowd will know the theme and style of a particular tattoo design.

Below mentioned are Popular Tattoos types:

  • Traditional
  • Realism
  • Watercolor
  • Tribal
  • New School
  • Neo-Traditional
  • Japenese
  • Blackwork

Recreating and get reformed tattoos resettled about 20 years ago and came back to Indian Fashion, and now this fashion holds a list of  Top ten Indian popular Tattoo designs holding their meanings, which we going to explain for the tattooist lovers.

1.) Bird Tattoo Design

  • Birds, those who only fly with freedom with no borders.
  • A hopeful desire we have when we see them in the sky. We have around 10,000 birds in the whole world, different bird tattoos we can insert to our preferable body part.
  • Those are the messenger of God which flies with no ends.
  • It’s quite difficult saying that which is the top one but yes it seems like it’s popular to us of all.
  • Mostly selected and prominent among women, as women’s always wish to be fly like a bird with their dreams and hopes.

Bird tattoo design mostly can be insertion on the wrist, back, shoulder and stomach and also can be combined with other designs as well.

2.) Feather Tattoo Design 

  • Feathers correlate to bird’s characters where we found truth, courage, bravery, freedom, travel & more. Some of we believe feathers are a message from the spiritual world.
  • Each of feathers believes to have its own definition, as we know feathers play an important role for every single bird fly, let’s have an example for our peacock feather which reflected to be a pure soul and cannot be corrupted.

For both women and men can be implemented. Mostly prefer by women’s and can be made into different size and colors.

3.) Flower Tattoo Design

  • Being a tattoo lover we surely get confused which design we should get on. A lot of designs with their different meanings exist.
  • Everybody does have a different taste while going on ahead the third popular best tattoo can you get on your favorite body part is our flowers, flowers with different mingling collage we can insert to our preferable part dermis.
  • As above everything has a meaning flower does also have the same things carry with them.
  • As per selecting the flower design, we can choose our best-loved one.

Feminine favorable and best to the placed back neck, back, ankle side.

4.) Animal Tattoo Design

Vector tribal style wolf totem tattoo with ornaments
  • Animal lovers get awakened you got a great way to show your affection towards your animal, pets. We have seen when we in deep love we get insertion of our loved names to show them our love for them so why not for the animals we can do that.
  • Each animal represents its own meaning, so here we do have options such as for tiger for the braveness, Lion for great emperorship as we call him a king.
  • Animals are loyal, love and more, so have a tattooed for your best-loved animal and show the affection.
  • We can combine animals and flowers tattoo design to have a unique and extraordinary look.

Preferable for men, can have on their back, neck, shoulder.

5.) Astrology Tattoo Design

  • Going further with the best popular Indian tattoo among Indians is Astrology Tattoo Design.
  • Astrology defines itself some zodiac signs which suppose to use for to know our future, past, present and with that not to end also believe to predict the up comings of our life parts like in money, health, love life etc.
  • So this is the next you can have on your list to be tattooed and even can get accordingly your zodiac sign and preferred by your astrologer.

Both women, men can have this on their selected part of the body, comes within ink with black and grey mostly.

6.) Religious Tattoo Design

  • If you have seen above I have mentioned about the traditional Tattoo type, yes the assumption in your head is right traditional tattoo does reflect the Religious Tattoo Design.
  • With the popularity with this, a religious person can have this tattoo according to his religion whether it’s Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Muslim, a tattoo lover can have.
  • It purely means that person is loyal to his/her religion.
  • Having tattoo like this will show your image to be a religious and cultural oriented person.

Both men and women can have on their preferred body part, Mostly to be designed on shoulder, neck.

7.) Sun Tattoo Design

Moving to next popular design for tattoo lovers is Sun Tattoo; Sun is also included as in traditional tattoo type.

  • We Indians worship sun although we believe it’s a symbol of positive energy.
  • We also correlate sun to religious factor, so being an Indian and devotes to our culture this design of sun reflects your image to be a True Indian.

For both men and women can be an insertion, the highlighted area can be the neck.

8.) Text/ Sanskrit Tattoo Design

Texting is something we write, written. Text can be a word to a line or a paragraph.

  • So the new fashion begins with today’s generation is Text Tattoo. It’s quite mysterious and attention seeker tattoo design.
  • Text tattoos can be for loved ones to show the love towards an individual; from Ma to (Daddy’s girl), Fear, and hope are some of popular.
  • Sanskrit tattoo texting is in demand these days, whether you want to show the affection towards your parents, lovers, friends, religion, pets, etc. This cultural showing text tattoo will definitely look great on any part of your body and with its texting style and meaning.
  • And the most amazing thing about Sanskrit tattoo that people do ask you the meaning behind those insertion words.

Both male and female can have this trendy text tattoo design with different style, fonts, language.

9.) Henna Tattoo Design

  • It’s also named as Mehendi Design as it’s a temporary one. Those who want a temporary or look like a tattoo can go with this Henna Tattoo Design.
  • It’s popular among the women’s, and also it is used for auspicious occasions like Indian weddings and religious functions.
  • Whether it’s from any above-mentioned tattoo designs in henna we can have a temporary basis.

For those girls or women’s who willing to get a temporary tattoo can go with this best-suited option. It’s a pure Indian traditional, cultural based home made a tattoo.

10.) Star Tattoo Design

Last but a tattoo which shines like a star, well I am going to add and commonly popular among all girls a Star Tattoo Design.

  • This is purely a symbol of dreamer’s who want to shine like a star.
  • Moreover very worthful to those who had some tough times and gone through a struggling life throughout their lives.
  • So don’t get hopeless and have this beautiful star design on your body to get motivated for your future goals and shine like a star.

Stars on hands and arm will look very attractive.

So get not too much confused and just select your favorite from these Top Ten Popular Indian Tattoos design. And become a fashion setter.



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  2. These are unique and best design. You update your designs.

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts regarding tattoos. I will definitely apply it to my next project.

  4. I love indian tattoo design specially lord shiva and ganesha and om tattoo design. i my self tattooed indian design to my customer. thanks for sharing such wonderful design.

  5. Loved to see your work, it is very detailed and the designs are unique and meaningful

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