Online Dating or techno-sexual dating means using the Internet in order to find someone who has the potential to be our Love and a perfect dating mate. Gone are the days when you could date only a girl from your class or place. Techno-sexual Dating has made it possible to date all across the globe. Mobile apps like Tinder and Bumble and Dating Sites like and are thriving having a turnover of Billions of US dollars.

A right swipe or a click on the follow button now could be understood as a flirt giggle. A DM is the new ‘I need to know you better’ clause. So much has the trend of Techno-Sexual dating grown that according to Online Dating Magazine, more than 7500 dating sites exist on the Internet today. More than 3 million messages are exchanged on a day. And if the present conditions exist, it’s predicted that by 2040, 70% of us will have met our Soulmates online.

The trend hasn’t grown with the curve is expected to be. According to SB Research Institute, One out of every ten, who start online dating quits within the first three months, because of not having found that perfect partner. According to a poll conducted by Pew’s research Institute, 59% of people are happy to date online while 23% think that those who opt online dating are super-desperate and can’t find someone worth offline. According to reports by, 53% of people lie on their dating profiles. 43% of men lie about their earnings and the job they do, while 21% of women use photos from their younger days.

But all this can’t overshadow the fact that online dating is very popular these days and many prefer it more than the normal dating. So today we’d be talking about the top 10 dating apps in India followed by discussing the ground report of dating apps in reality. Here are our top ten picks:

1. Tinder


Tinder has been revolutionary in terms of propelling online dating to a whole new level. Launched on 12th September 2012, it was the first dating app with the swipe feature i.e. Swipe right if you find the person appealing otherwise swipe left. This feature gave people the advantage of being straight forward with their potential partner but was misused by many to go for more than 30-40 right swipes a day. With such easeful features, Tinder grew immense and in the year 2013, it received the Crunchie Award for the Best Start-up of 2013. And in just two years, by 2014 it was receiving two billion swipes per day.



As promoted by Priyanka Jonas Chopra, this app comes with a twist. Once you are matched on this app, the females are required to break the ice while challenging the stereotype of only boys texting first. For the same-sex matches, either one of the matching mates can start the conversation. Rules are strict and hence this app is safe for the women. In this app, you have to make the match permanent by text within 24 hours of the match.

3. Happn


This app gives a very real-world experience by presenting to you the accounts only that cross paths with you. This is inspired by the fact that you both have already been around each other and if accidentally you like them, you can look for them on this app. But this app works in the favor of urban residents as they have way many options than someone from a small town. It was launched in 2014.



Inspired by the name of God of Love and Intimacy, ‘Cupid’, this app is unique in itself as instead of relying on photos and bio, this app makes you know someone’s about by a set of questions they would’ve answered while signing up. Then a compatibility Score would be given which in turn helps you in matching with your ‘type’. This app also comes with a virtual Dating feature.

5. Truly Madly


This app is somewhat like a replica of Tinder but what makes it different from other apps is the feature that allows you to be the wingman or wing-woman to help your best friends find their desired matches. So, this one’s a helping one if you want to go on a double date with your friends. This app comes with an incognito mode. It also has referrals that help you increase your score and no screenshot thing from Snapchat has also been imbibed.

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6. Hinge


This app is famous for its tagline which itself says ‘designed to be deleted’. This app is also like a replica of Tinder. This app works on a feedback feature in which once you’ve been on a date, you give feedback about the date so that the app can give you better recommendations for your next date. The questions to have an idea about someone’s personality on this app are unique and thus it’s also a good alternative to Tinder which is now considered as the hub for hook-ups.

7. Coffee meets Bagel


This app is very unique in itself. The app sends you a number of accounts from the other gender, calling them the bagels of the day which you have to swipe on within 24 hours. If the swipes are similar, it’s a match. Women outnumber men on this app, respond better because they aren’t fed tons of accounts a day and is a good choice for those who want to limit their range.

8. Aisle


This app was recently launched which focuses upon making Indians meet people from all around the World. This app is inspired by the idea that online dating isn’t confined to the boundaries of a province or a state. This one’s a good option for the Indians who are looking forward to becoming an NRI.



The unique most feature of this app is that you can call your match without actually getting their number. The UI is very professional with a plethora of options like voice introduction, tag search, QA, and DM. This app is a bit woman-centric and is a perfect option for the women who aren’t comfortable using other apps because of the overwhelming secrecy out posting.

10. Tantan


This online dating app is designed by the Chinese developers and is yet not banned, so you can still use it. Its UI is somewhat similar to Tinder and when it comes to being unique, this app recommends you some questions to ask once the match has been made. Unlike most of the Chinese apps, this app is strict in protecting a user’s data.

So, these were our top ten picks for the best dating apps in India. But before you practice online dating, we’d like to share some cons of online dating. Firstly, too many dating choices decrease commitment. According to the feedback of Tinder users, In April 2017, 84% of users are there for romantic relationships, 43% are there for friendly contacts while 24% are there for sexual encounters. The cons don’t end here only. Romance scam victims in many countries of the world have reported losing nearly 1 billion $ i.e. approx. 6900 crore rupees. It’s a huge number. On average there are more than 25,000 scammers online with victims at any one time. According to the FBI, Romance scams are the second most common after Investment scams.
Hence, we’d recommend using these apps carefully while finding your love online. Let us know in the comments section which apps you are looking forward to using.
Till then. Stay safe. Stay Healthy.

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