With the increasing standards of living conditions of people across the globe, the rise in the cost of living is an everyday occurrence. This increase in the cost of living is called ‘Inflation’. But one of the living factors which when getting a hit of inflation cause a lot of serious issues with the overall earning and other living factors. Thus, getting to know all about the most expensive cities around you is a very important step. Before you decide to move to any new place, it is best to know how expensive it is and especially the cost of housing.

India is among the cheapest countries in the world. The most expensive cities in India lie very low on the list of the most expensive cities in the world in terms of housing. The average rent costs for expensive houses, average size, is 30,000 to 40,000 rupees in the cities and in the lesser costly cities have rates ranging up to 20,000 approx. It is important to know more about the cost of homes among the other aspects compromising of the overall cost of living. The facilities in big cities like Mumbai and Delhi are world-class but still have a very low-cost in comparison to countries like America and Australia. The average rents in New York, USA are 396.85% higher than in Mumbai. So, if you are interested in knowing more about the cities which are the most expensive for building, buying or renting homes, we have the following list for you.

12 Most Expensive Cities in India to live:

1. Mumbai

City of Bollywood

The most expensive city in India is none other the city of dreams, the city that is better known as the home of ‘Bollywood’, Mumbai. It is the capital city of Maharashtra and it is also the economic capital of India too. Though it has less area for building many homes, because of a lot of beaches and sea areas, it has very tall buildings and thus very little space to breathe. Since it has a lot of posh people, the cost of expense is higher than all the other cities in the country.

2. Delhi

capital of India

The next city which is the most expensive is the capital of India, Delhi. If we don’t take the nearby regions of Delhi, such as Noida, Ghaziabad, and Gurgaon, there are many posh and luxury areas in Delhi which make it very expensive. It is the centre of the country and thus attracts many job seekers. Thus, adding to the population and the increase in the demand of homes, food and transport. Delhi is the capital of India.

3. Chennai

the unexplored treasure

The next name is of the city Chennai. Though many people may be surprised to know that it ranks higher than many other Indian cities, it has very high rates than others. There are many expensive areas in the city such as the Boat Club, Poes Garden and many more and thus contribute to the higher cost of living. Also, Chennai has some very beautiful beaches adding to the worth of the city.

4. Bengaluru

Silicon Valley of India

The next name is of Bengaluru, also known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’. Although it ranks lower than cities like Mumbai and Delhi in terms of its rents and buying prices of homes, food and transportation, it has a higher rank in the cost of living grading than famous cities of Cape Town. The cost of living has been affected because of the booming businesses. These prices can go higher depending upon location.

5. Kolkata

Metro city Kolkata

Among the top 5 most expensive cities in the list of the most expensive cities for homes, Kolkata is in the lower end of the range. The prices are higher than most cities but still comparatively reasonable. The city of Kolkata has a very high population and thus it has contributed to the rise in prices of almost all things. Also because of the high population, the government has expanded the transportation system.

6. Pune

busy streets of pune

The city of Pune is an ideal location for those who love subtle weather and great shopping locations. In terms of its size, Pune is the seventh biggest city, but because of the extensive transportation and business opportunities, it ranks higher in the cost of living. With the rise in the IT sector and strong economic growth, the population has bloomed and thus creating more demand and higher prices.

7. Lucknow

City of Nawabs

The city of Lucknow, also known as the land of Nawabs, became one of the most expensive cities in the country because of its rich history and food culture. Also, as it is the capital of U.P., one of India’s largest states, it has a very high population and thus the demand for work and living space. Lucknow is also a very popular tourist destination and thus the expensive cost of living.

8. Chandigarh

The city beautiful

The next name is of ‘The City Beautiful‘, Chandigarh. It is the capital of both the states of Haryana and Punjab. Since it is the nearest big city from Himachal Pradesh and the centre for Punjab and Haryana, it has seen a rise in the cost of living. The booming population has caused the demand for space and the central Chandigarh has been through the heat. Also, the cleanliness and nature add to the buzz.

9. Jaipur

Pink City

The majestic city of Jaipur is among the most touristic and rich cities in India. It is also called the ‘Pink City‘. Because of its popularity, Jaipur saw an overall increase in the cost of living. It is also an expensive city because of the amount of tourist, there has been an increase in the competition in the local businesses and thus an increase in economic growth and thus the inflation.

10. Ahmedabad

Biggest city of Gujarat

The biggest city of Gujarat, Ahmedabad, is the last name on this list of the ten most expensive cities to live in India. Though it is the fifth most populated city in India but ranks at number 10 according to the overall cost of living. It has very good educational institutes like Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad which adds to the city’s popularity. Also, being the home state of Mahatma Gandhi, attracts many people to this city.

Top Expensive Cities in India

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